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Max und Moritz
Max und Moritz
#About the Restaurant that is named After the Mischievous Couple

The Max and Moritz Restaurant, located in the Kreuzberg borough, is long standing, and has been operating for 100 years. Customers can taste a variety of German dishes – meats, potatoes, interesting salads and dressings. The restaurant is designed nicely, the whole place decorated with characters from the story of Max and Moritz. In the menu is also decorations with their characters.

Take special care, at the time of this writing the restaurant was not accepting credit cards.

A Closer Look:

#About Berlin’s Indonesian Restaurant

During a visit to the Umami Restaurant, one can sample traditional Indonesian food made from fresh ingredients.

From the outside the restaurant will already attract your attention, mainly thanks to the colorful plants and lighting. If you decide to sit outside, you will have a view of the Prenzlauer Berg Watertower.

The interior design of the restaurant is well thought out, reminiscent of the 1950’s in Indonesia, whether you decide to sit at a table or choose to take off your shoes and sit at the small tables and cushions lying on the floor.

Please note the restaurant has plenty of vegetarian dishes.
#About Berlin’s Austrian Sestaurant with the Excellent Schnitzel

This small and popular Austrian restaurant is owned by an Austrian man named Schneller, who decided to name the restaurant after the village where he was born in Austria.

Here you can eat good food, and in some cases even rub shoulders with celebrities. There is a wide selection of wine, and friendly service. Many of the dishes are made from organic ingredients. The restaurant is known for its excellent schnitzel, but no less recommended dishes are the ‘zachar torte’ or the ‘apple strudel.’
#About the Restaurant with the Best Turkish Culinary Tastes

If you are one of those people, that when someone mentions "Turkish cuisine" near them, they right away think of bourekas or shawarma, the Defne restaurant will prove to you that Turkish cuisine contains more pleasures and flavors you have yet to know. The restaurant, is named after the Greek goddess Daphne.

Here you can sample dishes such as tomato or lentil soup, Albanian lamb liver, homemade spinach dumplings, hummus, cheese dishes, vegetarian dishes and much more. Prepare yourself for an adventure of flavors and smells.

Our recommendation?
Let the staff surprise you with the recommended dish of the day.


Good Friends
Good Friends
#About the Most Recommended Cantonese Food in Berlin

Despite the modest façade and simple interior design, "Good Friends" is the best Cantonese restaurant in Berlin. Here you can taste plenty of authentic homemade Cantonese dishes.

The restaurant has a wide variety of dishes, from "Peking Duck" to Cantonese home-cooked food. If the choice of sea cucumber and fish belly is too challenging, you can always choose standard dishes like sweet sour pork or fried rice with shrimp.

The restaurant is loved by locals as well as by Chinese immigrants.

Worth a visit to lovers of Chinese and Asian food in general.

A Closer Look:

Muret La Barba
Muret La Barba
#About the Unnoticeable Restaurant with Great Food

One could pass the Muret La Barba restaurant dozens of times without even noticing it. From the outside, it is difficult to understand whether it is a pub, wine store or café. To many people’s surprise, inside is hidden one of the most delicious Italian dinners you can find in Berlin.

The menu combines dishes from all of Italy. Lunch menus differs from the dinner menu, and both change weekly. Recommended dishes to try here include the pasta and risotto dishes, considered to be the restaurant’s finest food.

Small warning, service here is not top quality, however the food, will probably be top notch.
Yakup 2
Yakup 2
#About the Local Buffet Restaurant Liked by the Local Bohemian

Yakup 2 is a bohemian restaurant frequented by local artists and celebrities in Istanbul. But it's also a good and delicious place, which you're likely to connect to.

This restaurant is "Meyhane," which is something between a tavern and a Turkish taverna, which means it is based on a meal of mezze, small portions called Meze, and less on main courses.

The dishes at the mezze restaurant here are large and satisfying, allowing you to give up on the main dishes and base a meal on small plates of different dishes.

#What Do We Eat Here?

As with any meyhance, you can eat cold (Suak Mizel) and Hamim (Sigach Mezler) plates. Alongside them will serve fresh and refreshing vegetable salads. In the first courses, it is worth eating the Albanian style roast or fried liver, the wonderful octopus salad and the stuffed peppers. Enjoy your meal!


In meyhance, it is customary to rely on a meal of mezzes. If you are satisfied with them, there is no obligation to continue ordering more!

The meal here will be accompanied by quite a bit of Rakı, a the Turkish liquor, but please pay attention to the amount of alcohol you drink.
Set Balık Restoran
Set Balık
#About the Fish Restaurant in the Sarir

Set Balık Restoran is a fish restaurant offering traditional cuisine combined with innovative and creative dishes.

The restaurant is located on the Bosphorus, in the Sarıyer neighborhood on the northern European side of Istanbul.

Every month the food will change slightly, because the cuisine here is based on seasonal fish only. But the meal begins when the waiter serving a large trophy of hot, cold pastries at the table, with an excellent raki.

Among the cold pastries stand out the delicious plates with dishes such as Cold Palamida, vegetable salad with shrimps, pickled bonito and baked eggplant in pomegranate sauce.

In the hot meat section stand out the wonderful bass beans and falafel version of sea fish. There are also main dishes and delicious desserts.


It is worth arriving at lunch and ordering a table by the window with a view.

Can't decide what to order? - Try to let go, and let the waiters serve you what the chef recommends from the kitchen today with their recommended mezzes. There is little room for error here!

Filled up on juices? - Ask for only tastings from main dishes and they can be served to you.

Only cash is available at the restaurant.

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#About the Traditional Thai Restaurant

Let us first say that the meticulous dishes of the Bussaracum restaurant are real works of art. The serving, design and appearance of the trays are presented uniquely.

Bussaracum focuses on traditional Thai food and is very generous and tasty. The intention here is to give an experience of the Royal Thai cuisine and they do a great job of it.

If you order the Set Menu, you will get huge, beautifully designed trays. With the best dishes of Thai cuisine in particular, and the regional kitchen in general, these trays will offer excellent food, generously and in a quantity that will satisfy two diners.

A Closer Look at the Dishes:


The Restaurant:

Thang Long
#About the Traditional Chef Restaurant with a Twist

Thang Long Restaurant is an excellent place for fusion, mixing of kitchens, between the best of Thai and Vietnam dishes. You will not be disappointed for a minute from the quality of the seafood, the juiciness of the meat, and the delicious salads.

The pride of the restaurant are the chef dishes, designed for the customers. You can see them in the menu photos. Their beauty is only the exterior, but the wonderful flavors in every bite or sip of the wonderful soups that will be served to the table will explode in your mouth.

Thang Long is located in Lung Suan Lane. From the outside it looks interesting, in its western and modern design and in the very elegant look, which compliments the diners.

Above all, except for the excellent food and the wonderful flavors, there is a great atmosphere, pleasant attitude and service here at Thang Long.

A Closer Look:

Taling Pling
#About the Authentic Local Restaurant

Excellent and cheap, Taling Pling is a restaurant worth finding in Bangkok. This is an authentic Thai restaurant, where lunch is served side by side, office workers of the Silom area, alongside tourists and foreign businessmen, for whom pictures of the dishes were added to the menu.

Leaving behind the restaurants for tourists traps, here there are also families of locals, which indicates that the food is authentic and always tasty.

Try the baked duck Panang and beef in green curry sauce. Also baked chicken with pandanus, fish cakes, and an excellent catfish salad if you like being surprised.

The desserts here are not from the Thai or Asian cuisine, but they are also tasty. It's worth coming here!

A Closer Look:

Pagoda Chinese Restaurant‬
#About a Fantastic Chinese Restuarant in Bangkok

The Pagoda Chinese Restaurant at the Marquis Hotel is an excellent old-fashioned restaurant offering a mix of Chinese and Asian cuisines. Many claim it was the most delicious Chinese restaurant they have ever eaten at.

With excellent food and excellent service, supreme dim sum, fried shrimp salad and rice with crabs and mango pudding - you're going to enjoy it here for sure!


Order a table ahead of time at 02-0595999

A Closer Look:

Cabbage & Condoms
#About the Best Traditional Restaurant in Town

At Sukhumvit 12, popular among foodies, is a restaurant with the curious name, Cabbage & Condoms. With two floors and a large garden in the entrance, this is a very pretty restaurant, with excellent Thai food, with statues of condoms, at various sizes. There is some sort of strange message being sent from the owners...

Either way, Cabbage & Condoms is an old-time restaurant, popular among visit tourists, who are a large percent of the customers, mainly foreigners living in Bangkok.

But please don't miss understand, this place is not a tourist trap. Cabbage & Condoms are experts in Siam food, traditional Thai cuisine, and it does a great job. There are those who say this is the best place in town. At the end of your meal you'll receive a condom instead of a mint, what will make this experience unforgettable.

The atmosphere here is nice and prices are not too high.


We recommend the seafood dish in green curry sauce, and the Pad Thai with seafood.

Every day between 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm a live band plays classic Thai music.

The restaurant is open from 11:00 am - 1:00 am.

A Closer Look:

#About the Best Hamburgers in Prague

The meat restaurant Dish, boasts about having the best hamburger in Prague, which is probably true. It is one of the best restaurants in Prague, and is constantly full of customers. It seems this place is definitely a place meat lovers will enjoy.

The menu here contains hamburgers of all styles, along with steaks, and good vegetarian dishes as well. The highlight of the menu is the "Omlotz" hamburger, the loved Czech version of a hamburger. Dish offers hamburgers, with cheese from Moravia, all eaten here while drinking a good beer and having a good time.

If you add the incredibly soft zucchini fries, a meal here will be perfect.


Dish is full most hours of the day.

It's recommended to order a table in advance - either online or by phone.

A Closer Look:

Al Duomo
#About the Restaurant with Surprising Dishes

Austria Osteria Trattoria Al Duomo is a restaurant that the people of Verona love, which is evident in the menu which is in Italian only.

The menu here includes interesting dishes such as steak made of horse meat, or spaghetti with meat sauce (bigoli pasta sugo d'asino) and even ravioli with swordfish. Familiar or simpler dishes are goat cheese coated with bread crumbs, served with grilled vegetables. The wine section has a selection of wines that you can order in the glass.

The restaurant is decorated here with Mandolins and other stringed instruments that hang on its walls. For those who love this style, on Wednesdays you can also enjoy live performances of mandolin players here.
#An Excellent Restaurant in the City of Chania

Portes Restaurant is an excellent restaurant, perfectly located on the Chania Port. The enjoyable restaurant includes excellent food and family service. Many return to this joint several times during the vacation in the city and testify that it was their favorite.

The woman behind the excellent kitchen and the welcoming restaurant is Susannah, a great mother who is afraid to count the number of delicious, not to say amazing, flavors that flow from the kitchen to the table. The amount of love she lavishes on the food here adds to the chain of wonderful flavors that are experienced here during the meal.

Great salads, excellent fish, ribs and grilled squid and a host of delicacies - it is here you will experience a mother's kitchen from Crete. You will surely pay their price willingly, but the embrace, warm hospitality and the kind eyes are on the house ...
#About the Oldest Operating Restaurant in the World

In Madrid you will be able to dine in the oldest operating restaurant in the world. Botin restaurant (Sobrino de Botín) has been continuously open since 1725, and it is recorded so in the Guinness Book of World Records. The official Guinness certificate can be seen in the restaurant's window. The authentic atmosphere in the place and the ancient building it sits in, will be a true experience.

The menu here is perfect for carnivores. The kitchen offers typical Spanish dishes, like fillet, grilled lamb, pork in the oven, fish, and seafood like fried shrimp. Botin is a little less friendly to vegetarians, unless you can do with only starters, cheeses, and a side dish.

Beyond its long years, the pride of the restaurant are the famous authors that used to come here, among them Green, Scott, Fitzgerald, and Ernest Hemingway. Hemingway wrote about the restaurant in his book "The Sun Also Rises," what made this place a must-see site for the author's fans, who come here from afar.


Order a table in advance, Botin is a very popular restaurant.

When ordering a table, ask to sit in the main hall on the ground floor, or in the basement, to really get a sense of the place, and not be seated in one of the more secluded corners.

A Closer Look:


Antonio Sanchez Taberna
#About the Oldest Tapas Bar in Madrid

If you are in Madrid, at a certain point during your trip, a local will ask you if you have already eaten tapas at Antonio Sanchez Taberna. Because this is no ordinary place, but the oldest place in the city for tapas, with a history of about 200 years.

Antonio Sanchez Taberna (Taberna de Antonio Sánchez) is a restaurant, but first of all it is a tapas bar, the best tapas bar in the city.

The Antonio Sanchez Taberna is not outstanding in its quality in Madrid. The tapas bars in Madrid have long become a sort of national culinary snack for national gourmet restaurants. Antonio Sanchez Taberna holds a central place in the city, thanks to the legacy of the Madrid locals that have been coming to this restaurant for years.

Antonio Sanchez Taberna was built in the 19th century, and since 1850 it has been a popular tapas bar, the favorite in town. Bullfighters especially come here, and their excited fans. They gather here to meet these cruel Spanish entertainment idols, which are being abandoned by cultural pressure from all over Europe, but still exist here.

This place has long ago entered the Spanish Pantheon. About Antonio Sanchez Taberna, even a Spanish writer has written about, the Nobel Prize winner for Literature, Camilo José Cela.


Though the love towards Antonio Sanchez Taberna, we recommend not eating tapas in one place, but to eat a few tapas at the first place, then go to another, and go on and on - until you are full.

A Closer Look:


Receive a Local Tour on How to Eat at a Tapas Bar:

Katz's Deli
#About the Most Famous Jewish Deli in the World.

Katz's Deli has become an establishment, serving food here since the 19th century, a Jewish style deli from Eastern Europe. Katz's Delicatessen is especially known for its pastrami, considered the best in the city.

The pastrami sandwich from Katz's is not cheap, but when you take a bite between the two pieces of bread, filled to the brink with pastrami and mustard, you will understand everything.

Apparently, the pastrami has brought this Deli to the big screen again and again. The most famous among them is "When Harry Met Sally," with the famous scene where Meg Ryan fakes an orgasm in front of Billy Crystal. So when Estelle Reiner asked "I'll have what she's having," she means the sandwich the two were holding.

#About Bibenda

If you enjoy a place with small and interesting plates, tapas and refreshing Polish beer - this is the perfect spot for you. The menu is short and precise, and is completely seasonal, with great cocktails and great dishes. The kitchen is open until midnight and is perfect for a relaxing dinner. The food is unique and delicious, great drinks and the place is fun, young, and trendy.

Be sure to reserve a table in advance.
Solec 44
#About Warsaw's Creative-Traditional Restaurant

Solec 44 is one of the best restaurants in the gastronomic map of Poland. It is also a place where you can eat, drink and play board games, but about that later.

Chef Alexander Baron makes sure to create exceptional dishes here. It combines Polish tradition with modern creativity. Only fresh products are used here.

Even the bar of the place knows the work. Mixing great cocktails, made from natural ingredients with high-quality alcohol, such as clean vodka from potatoes or berries.

Interestingly, in this bar-restaurant, you can also play many board games. The diners and drinkers are invited here to choose a game, drink or eat while playing and passing a social and pleasant evening.

A Closer Look at the Restaurant:

To Maridaki
Paralia Tavern
U Fleku

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העולם הוא צבעוני ומופלא, אאוריקה כאן בשביל שתגלו אותו...

אלפי נושאים, תמונות וסרטונים, מפתיעים, מסקרנים וממוקדים.

ניתן לנווט בין הפריטים במגע, בעכבר, בגלגלת, או במקשי המקלדת

בואו לגלות, לחקור, ולקבל השראה!

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