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1881 Heritage

1881 Heritage
1881 Heritage
#About the British Colonial Police Complex

The 1881 Heritage complex lays in a fancy building from the past. A visit here will remind you of Hong Kong from the Victorian Era. From 1880 to 1996, the length of the imperial colony, for here is the headquarters of the naval police.

Here a few historical buildings were preserved and renovated, built in the Colonial Victoria style, neo-Classical. The complex today includes a mall, boutique hotel, and an impressive show hall.

At the place, on Salisbury Road, you can see a few cannons left from World War II, and take your photo with them. Notice the sort of chicken coop on the yard fences. Here pigeons lived, that in the past were used to send messages to ships in the harbor, in the era of the pigeon mail, before radio communication.

In the building, you will be able to see the stalls where pirate and smuggler prisoners were held, who were caught by the naval police. It is entertaining to think that in a place that in the past criminals were held, and ships left for long and dangerous journeys, today international fashion labels are sold and people dine in fancy restaurants.


An easy tour around the entrance will give you a chance to take a picture with the background, that changes here according to local holidays.

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