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#About the Garden

Begijnhof, is a green and quiet compound, which, when you enter it, leaves behind the busy city. This is one of Amsterdam's most interesting escape spots. The rainbow arch, made of oak, will bring you into an ancient courtyard. This courtyard is surrounded by ancient houses, some of which have existed here since the 15th century. Although most of the original buildings have not been able to survive, the courtyard will still provide you with a historical sense.

The courtyard was built in 1346 for the women of Begijnhof. They were fraternal societies that devoted their lives to the sick and the needy. The Begijnhof lived a life that was very reminiscent of the life of the nuns, but instead of dedicating their lives to God, as nuns do, they devoted them to the poor. They had their own rules, which they were careful to keep. In 1578, with the religious revolution, the Protestants confiscated their Catholic Church at the end of the courtyard. Having no choice, the women were forced to continue their worship in secret, in improvised prayer houses.

In most of these housing units, single women still live today. Their apartments usually have one large room. Since the entire site is defined as a historic preservation asset, it is forbidden to demolish walls or one apartment here, which is the reason for the restrictive conditions. Do not forget, although the place is very interesting, it is a private compound and the quiet should be maintained.

A Closer Look at Begijnhof:

#About the Pedestrian Mall

The Kalverstraat pedestrian mall is one of the most popular shopping places - it does not allow vehicles to enter, so it is very popular and full of shops and stalls. You will find almost everything - international brand stores, Dutch stores, clothing, souvenirs, music, books and much more.

Another name for the pedestrian mall is the "Calf Market," thanks to the market that stood here in the 16th century. The market operated since 1486 as a cattle and sheep market and was originally called the "Bull Market." In 1629 this name was changed to the calf market. Today the name is Kalverstraat pedestrian mall. Throughout history and to this day many visitors and tourists have come to this area.

The length of the pedestrian mall is 750 meters, starting at Dam Square and ending in Montorn (the Mint Tower). You will find stores of companies and brands such as: Zara, Crocs, H & M, Vans, Mango and more. The stores are open seven days a week.

#About the "Stille Omgang" Parade

Sometimes you can hear people calling Amsterdam "The City of Miracles." It was not by chance that the city gained its name, for there had been quite a few miracles in history. One of the most striking examples of such a miracle is the Stille Omgang procession. The procession is conducted once a year, it is festive and special, but is conducted under exemplary silence.

So what's the whole story about?

The story took place here in 1345. A sick man was lying in the bed of his house on Kalverstraat (yes, the one where you are now) and dying. While counting his last days, feeling that he was going to die, the man invited the local priest to conduct his final ceremonies including the blessing sacrament. The Catholic priest came to greet the dying believer at his home and gave him the sacrament. But the patient vomited the bread, straight into the fire. Surprisingly, the bread was not digested. The next day they took the bread to the city's big church, but, surprisingly, later in the day, the bread was again found in the sick man's house. Since then, the Catholic community in Amsterdam has marked the miracle in the Stille Omgang parade, which takes place every year on the night of March 15th. Thousands of people march together, with candles in their hands, and pass through the city.
The Amsterdam Dungeon
The Amsterdam Dungeon
#About Amsterdam's Dungeon

Most of us like experiences, especially those that raise the adrenalin. Amsterdam's dungeon is actually a route consisting of walking through a maze, riding a roller coaster, touring water canals and more.

During the course you will encounter a team of masked actors who will appear in front of you as various characters related to the history of the Netherlands. The purpose of the place and its staff is to make you feel the darkness and the cultural darkness, the fear and the fears that the local inhabitants lived during the Middle Ages. You can go back 500 years, to the days of the Christian Inquisition and torture in basements, a time of pirates and witchcraft tricks and intrigues. Dark history comes to life in eleven live performances and in a breathtaking experience.

The tour is 80 minutes long and is a fascinating, if somewhat frightening, a way to learn about the history of Amsterdam. The visual, vocal and interactive effects will create for you one of the most extreme but interesting experiences in Amsterdam.
Vleminckx Sausmeesters
Vleminckx Sausmeesters
#The Best Fries Stall in Amsterdam

It is not easy to find great fries in Amsterdam. Fries, or "Pata" in Dutch, has become a secondary name for Amsterdam. The city has hundreds of well-known places to get fries. Some offer fish and chips, and some sell fries alone.

But when you talk about the best fries in Amsterdam, everyone knows exactly where it can be found. It is a small, and even hidden, stall, nearby Kalverstraat, called Vleminckx Sausmeesters, which has for years held the title of best fries in Amsterdam. This is not just Amsterdam's most famous fries stand - it is also very old. Since it was founded in 1887, it has been operating continuously for the long line of service that is used to stretch out in front of it. It has been located in its present location since 1958.

The reason the fries are so good is the Belgian frying system here. Here, they fry the potatoes and let them rest, so that once before they are served, they dip them again in the boiling oil. They serve the fries here in a rolled paper cup, in the shape of a paper cone, and sprinkle sauces as desired.

The fries sold here can be served with dozens of sauces, with a huge variety of flavors. Among the 25 sauces offered here are exotic flavors, such as peppermint mayonnaise or cheese-based sauces, and some that seem just irrational, such as satay, a kind of peanut butter sauce mixed with chili, delicious with the fries.

The result is indeed very tasty. This stall, perhaps hard to believe, has already been imitated around the world. Enjoy your meal!

Amsterdam Pleasure Tour

Van Stapele Koekmakerij
Van Stapele Koekmakerij
#About the Best Cookie in the World

It is said to be the most delicious cookie in the world, and it is in Amsterdam. Van Staple's bakery is so confident in their "merchandise" that they sell only one type of food here - the cookie. That's it.

In a bakery that bakes Walrone chocolate brown chocolate cookies, filled with white chocolate, they are served hot from the oven, directly to the happy buyers. Each cookie costs something like 2.5 euro, but the taste is incredible...

Well, opinions are divided by those who say that this is the best cookie in the world and it's worth every bite, and those who think it is very good, but only if you are already in the area. Decide alone and bon appetite!
#A Market for All Flower Lovers

Even if you are not an avid flower fan, the Bloemenmarkt at Singel, is a must see sight in Amsterdam. This is the only flower floating market in Europe. On small boats on the Singel canal, there are hundreds of flower stalls, you will see endless colors, smells, and smiles here. You will see every flower you love, from tulips, daffodils, roses, to tropical plants, which were acclimated to the Netherlands.

More than just flowers, there is everything here to do with gardening. Plants, seeds, fertilizers for nurturing plants - everything gardeners need in Amsterdam.

Holland has been known for hundreds of years as the flower growing empire, where the largest flower exchange in the world is located. Every year there are different flower exhibits in the city.

The Amsterdam lower market is open daily and the entrance is free. The Singel canal, where the market is located, is placed between Koningsplein and Muntplein, only a ten minute walk from Dam Square. It is worth to walk around here, another unique and interesting place in this city.

A Closer Look at the Flower Market:


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