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Arche Scaligere

Arche Scaligere
Arche Scaligere
#About the Tomb of the Family of the Rulers of Verona

Near the Piazza dei Signori in Verona you will see Arche Scaligere. It is a stylish Gothic burial complex, where the graves of the Scaligere tombs are located. This family is the famous della Scala family, whose sons ruled the city of Verona, in the late Middle Ages and especially in the 13th and 14th centuries.

The complex features 5 designed tombs, built in Gothic style. This noble family tomb was set up at the entrance to Santa Maria Antica, the small church they used to visit and confess their sins. This Romanesque church was established in the 7th century and renewed in the 12th century.

Notice the structures of these tombs, covered with embroidered cloth, built in Gothic style and reminiscent of small temples. Many say that these impressive tombs overshadow the beautiful church next to them, which was completed in the 12th century and became the family church of the princes of della Scala.

By the way, those who want to know about the strength of the Scaligere family, who ruled Verona in the years 1260-1387, can visit the Castelvecchio Fortress built by them.

#What Will You See Here?

You are standing in the family estate of the Scaligere, in the courtyard of the ancient Church of Santa Maria. The five princes of the della Scala house are buried in the pointed iron buildings in front of you. These princes are all noblemen who ruled the city during the 13th and 14th centuries and brought Verona in the Middle Ages to the height of its glory.

Above the church door is the sarcophagus of Cangrande della Scala, who died in 1329. Nearby you can see a replica of this noble statue. The original is found in Castelvecchio Fortress.

On the left are the painted monuments of Giovanni, who died in 1359 and the sarcophagus of the First Massino of 1277.

Under the canopy, in the railing, you can see the sarcophagi and statues of Mastino II and Cansignorio, who died in 1351 and 1375, respectively.

Above them you will see the remnants of the armor, with a ladder - the family symbol. This is the symbol of this strong lineage, a symbol often repeated in the iron railings of the compound.

Apart from sarcophagi decorated with reliefs, you will see three burial boxes in the compound, topped by stylish marble canopies, carved and decorated with sculptures. Pay particular attention to the replica of the Cangrande II della Scala, mounted on his horse.

#Detective Activity for Kids

Try to find as many examples as possible, on the molded iron grilles, with the repeating example of the ladder, the family symbol. Who found the most?

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