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#About the Most Modern Home in the World of the 1960's

The House of the Chemosphere, is without doubt one of the most interesting houses in Los Angeles. It is a futuristic house and it resembles a flying saucer, in a style that looks like a spaceship, or like flying saucers that seem to have come to Earth.

The famous house is built on a hillside, surrounded entirely by glass walls and overlooking the city of Los Angeles.

The house was designed by renowned architect John Lautner during the 1960's. The house is built on top of one pillar on which sits a complete platform, which is the foundation of the house. A brilliant design by Lautner, which cost barely $80,000 to build, but created one of the special structures.

In 1961, the Chemosphere House was declared by the Britannica Encyclopedia as "the most modern house in the world." The film and television world also liked this futuristic house, and it appeared more than once in television series, such as the fascinating series Mystery Within, and in films such as Charlie's Angels and Body Fantasies by director Brian de Palma, as well as in commercials and video clips.

The Chemosphere, In a Clip That Was Made Recently:


The House in a Deleted Scene from Charlie's Angels in 2000:

MOCA Grand Avenue Museum
MOCA Grand Avenue Museum
#About the Museum of Contemporary Art of Los Angeles

The MOCA Grand Avenue or Museum of Contemporary Art is an important museum designed by architect Arata Isozaki. This is one of two branches of the MOCA Museum, located in downtown Los Angeles.

The museum focuses on the display of works of art created after 1940, from all fields of art, and their preservation for future generations. In addition, the museum supports the creation of new art, whether by presenting the works of the artists or by means of assistance and scholarships.

The red stone building was inaugurated in 1987. Among the artists whose works are displayed are; Jackson Pollock, Jasper Jones, Andy Warhol, Mark Rothko, Robert Rauschenberg and Klaas Oldenburg and many others.


Admission to the museum is free every Thursday from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm and for children under the age of 12.

Closer Look:

Walt Disney Concert Hall
Walt Disney Concert Hall
#About the Concert Hall

If you are Disney or music fan - this is the place that perfectly combines the two. The Walt Disney Concert Hall is the home of the Philharmonic Symphony of Los Angeles and is a part of the complex for stage arts of Los Angeles.

Here you can see many different concerts - starting from classical music, and jazz, and other worldly tunes. Many times there are special showings here of movies with live music, performed by very talents musicians. There are also free concerts that take place here.

The hall itself is incredible, with outstanding acoustics. It is well designed, and impressive inside and out. The hall itself looks like a huge sailing boat. It was established in 2003, after 16 years of planning by architect Frank Gehry (the same man who designed the famous Guggenheim Museum).

You are welcome to come for guided tours that the hall offers, however, if you want to see the main hall you will need to purchase tickets to one of the shows.

A View from Above:

Getty Museum
Getty Museum
#About the Getty Museum

The Getty Museum is one of the city's most impressive museums. The museum opened in 1997 and bears the name of philanthropist Paul Getty, who loved art and wanted to allow the public to enjoy and experience the pleasure of it. It is located on a mountain peak, which can only be reached by trains carrying visitors from the bottom of the hill.

The Getty Museum opened in 1974 in a house known today as "Getty Villa" and is still a museum in its own right.

Getty was one of the richest Americans and established quite a few important institutions, including the Research Institute and the Conservation Center and the Foundation in his honor. In his lifetime he collected many diverse items, including antiques and paintings, photographs, sculptures and prints that are still exhibited in the museum. In 1982, after receiving $1.2 billion from the Getty Heritage, the place became the richest museum in the world. About 1.3 million people visit the museum every year and it is one of the most popular museums in the United States.

#What Do You See Here?

Today you can see a variety of artworks in the museum. Among them are ancient Roman and Greek works, classical and modern art, medieval and Renaissance paintings and sculptures, 18th-century European furniture and paintings by well-known European painters.

In 1983, the museum purchased 144 illustrated medieval manuscripts from the Ludwig collection in Aachen, which was in financial trouble. The collection is said to be "one of the finest collections and certainly the most important of those that were privately owned." You can still see it in the museum.

#The Structure of the Museum and its Surroundings

The whole place is also an architectural masterpiece, at the head of a hill overlooking the spectacular views of Los Angeles. It was designed by architect Richard Mayer, commissioned by the foundation that received Getty's estate.

More from the museum is the educational center located in Malibu, dedicated to the culture and art of Greece, Rome and ancient Arturia. In addition to conventional art in museums such as paintings, sculptures and architecture, the museum also offers musical performances and concerts. Many do picnics in the surrounding lawns and gardens. The museum building is very impressive and it is recommended to stroll through the sculpture garden next to it. Also note the landscaped gardens surrounding the museum.


Entrance to the museum is free.

A Closer Look at the Museum:


Activity at the Getty Center:


Architecture in Los Angeles

Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels
Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels
#About the Modern Cathedral of Los Angeles

Unlike the other cathedrals you have probably encountered, the Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels is a new addition to the landscape of Downtown Los Angeles and does not have a history for decades.

The building was designed by Spanish architect Jose Rafael Moneo and built to last 500 years. It was opened to the public in 2002. Moneo combined traditional European motifs into a modern and new structure.

It caused quite a few controversies due to its interesting design, the high costs required to complete the building, and the Archbishop's decision to store over 1,200 corpses on shelves in the church basement.

Inside the cathedral is a natural light that enters through the large windows and above the altar is a bright and impressive cross. If you go down to the Crypt Museum, you can see the city's previous cathedral, built in 1876 and damaged by an earthquake in 1994.

The large bronze doors at the front of the building were created by the sculptor Robert Graham, who also sculpted the statue of Our Lady with the angels guarding it from above.

The Cathedral from the Outside:

California Science Center
California Science Center
#About the Popular Scientific Center of the State of California

The California Science Center is a free museum that displays hundreds of exhibits that engage visitors to get to know technological innovations and scientific inventions as well as life, space, aviation, and ecology. This is done through a variety of interactive and innovative displays, fascinating both young and old.

Here you can explore the wonders of science with simulations and experiences such as the Hurricane simulator, a 10-minute "flood", biking in the air, exploration of the depths of the sea, the circle of life, lightening and thunder or babies emerging from eggs.

There are also live demos, interactive exhibits and fascinating inspiring 3D movies. In some of the exhibits you will be asked to act and try things, such as exhibitions dealing with different processes that drive the earth, or study scientific principles and inventions that affect our lives dramatically.

At the California Science Center you can explore the forms of survival of the various forms of life in nature, understand the scientific principles of aviation or experiment with the scientific side of spaceflight. All these and many other things make your stay here a perfect refuge and excellent balance for children and parents, from all the Hollywood abundance and theme parks that this city offers in abundance.


Admission to the Museum is free throughout the week.

A Closer Look:


Kids Having Fun at the Museum:


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