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Art in Bucharest

Palatul Mogooaia
Mogoșoaia Palace
#About the Mogoșoaia Palace

About 10 kilometers northwest of Bucharest is the Mogoșoaia Palace (Palatul Mogoșoaia). It was built between 1698 - 1702 in the Romanian Renaissance style by the Prince of Wallachia, Constantin Brâncoveanu. The purpose of the palace was a summer home for his family, however in 1714 the prince and his 4 sons were murdered in Istanbul, and the palace changed ownership.

During World War I the palace was bombed, and this is when the palace began being used as a place to bury Romanian nobility. It was hidden by German Communists, and almost all the furniture inside was stolen, and disappeared.

In 1957 the palace was transferred to governmental ownership, and today it is a museum. The palace is surrounded by a wall, and around are nice gardens. The architecture of the structures is impressive, and the art gallery located here is equally as impressive.

A Closer Look at the Palace and the Gardens:

Muzeul National de Arta
National Museum of Art of Romania
#About the National Museum of Art

The National Museum of Art of Romania (Muzeul National de Arta) was opened in 1948. It is small and not very prominent, but is a point of interest for people who are interested in fascinating art from around Romania, and the world. Like many others, this museum is made of exhibits that are both permanent and temporary. There are about 70,000 different works of art, from all different artistic styles, periods, and artists.

The items in the gallery are divided into 3 sections: Middle Age Romanian art, modern Romanian art, and Lapidarium - an entire section that displays archeological finds. There are paintings, statues, prints, documents, decorative art, Oriental art, Islamic art, as well as Chinese and Japanese art.

In the museum you can see art pieces by artists like Bruegel, Renoir, and Dimitrie Paciurea. There is a great statue collection by the known Romanian artist Constantin Brâncuși. The Royal Romanian family transferred to the museum their private art collection.

Want something interesting? Notice the gallery in the Throne Room. There are extraordinary ceiling decorations, and portraits of the royal family from earlier periods. Very interesting.

An Impressive Light Show on the Building:


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