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Parcul Tineretului
Tineretului Park
#About Tineretului Park

Tineretului Park (Parcul Tineretului) is spread across an area of ​​80,000 square meters. Construction began in 1965 and lasted until 1974. The main goal of the architect Valentin Donose was to create a large green area suitable for leisure and recreation, for the local population and tourists. In 2013, the complex was upgraded and new pubs, recreation areas and other attractions were opened.

The park, located not far from the city center, is dedicated to cultural activities, sports competitions and recreational activities. Apart from the extensive lawns, long paths, fountains and wooden bridges, there are playgrounds and an amusement park, which includes everything the children want: roller coasters, a Ferris wheel, trampolines, bumper cars and more. There are also various sports fields here, such as tennis courts, football, volleyball and basketball.

The park has an artificial lake, where children can sail in a waterway and sail rubber boats. Alongside the park is also an excellent restaurant, but of course, in such a park you should bring in groceries and just grab a quiet corner for a family meal or a romantic couple meal. You can also use the barbecue stations scattered throughout the large garden.

In the center of the park is the Sala Polivalenta, used for concerts, exhibitions and large sporting events. To enjoy the whole park, the children can also board small trains that will take them around the park.

A Closer Look at the Park:

Zoo Bneasa
Zoo Bucharest
#About Bucharest's Zoo

A visit to the Bucharest Zoo is an excellent and educational choice for anyone wanting a little nature and fresh air in the bustling city.

There is a large variety of rare animals, birds, reptiles, and fish. You can see over 4,200 animals, some are near extinction, and it is rare to see them in nature, and even in such places. At the zoo you can learn about them and get to know their stories and history.

Zebras, camels, monkeys on trees, elephants, lions, and tigers - all these you can see in the Bucharest Zoo. While wandering around the area, you can rest under trees and feel a little bit of nature.

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A Visit to the Zoo:

Unknown Soldier Mausoleum
Unknown Soldier Mausoleum
#About the Monument to the Unknown Soldiers

If you have come here, you are inside Carol Park, named after the important Romanian king. Notice that above the park there is a tall monument on a hill. This is the mausoleum of the nation's heroes (Memorialul Eroilor Neamului), formerly the Communist Mausoleum. Behind the monumental monument, 48 meters high, are two buildings that form an arch.

Since the establishment of this monument in 1963, it has commemorated the "heroes of the struggle for freedom and socialism." It was used for this purpose until 1990. But shortly after the Romanian Revolution and after the overthrow of the Communist dictator Ceaușescu, the purpose of the monument and the mausoleum in which Dr. Petre Groza, the first Communist leader of Romania and Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej, the dictator of Romania until 1965, it became, as noted, the commemoration of the simple soldiers.

This magnificent building is a monument to the soldiers who fell in wars. It is a monument to the "unknown heroes," the unknown soldiers that each army perpetuates, because they are soldiers who have never been buried because their remains were not found on the battlefield and in general.

The monument leads to a wide, high staircase. Pay attention to the eternal fire burning alongside the monument and the two sentries, who are soldiers standing by it at all hours of the day. The place was indeed kept by soldiers from the Romanian army, both for the honor of the fallen and to avoid vandalism.

Sometimes, there is a chance to see the nice ceremony of the changing of the guard.

A Closer Look at the Carol Park Monument:


Exchange of the Guard in the Mausoleum:

Antipa Museum
Antipa Museum
#About the Museum of Nature and National History

One of the oldest museums and research institutes in Europe in the natural sciences is the Museum of Nature and History of Bucharest. It was founded in 1834 and is located in the north of the city, near the train station. In the museum you will find a large and impressive collection of exhibits, of about 2 million exhibits in the field of biology and zoology.

In the various permanent exhibits you will see models and exhibits of the different oceans in the world, the Black Sea and its seals, the variety of animals in the jungles of Malaysia, an exhibition of birds of paradise and more. In between, in temporary exhibitions, the museum's collection of artifacts - zoological collections, paleontology, minerals, rocks and ethnographic collections - are exposed to the museum.

The zoological collections teach about biodiversity in Romania and abroad. The geological and paleontological collections on the continuous changes in the earth's crust and the climate and ethnographic collections show the cultural and social diversity of the world.

The museum has 3 main objectives:

1. Preserve, rehabilitate, and display the collections - to researchers, teachers, students and more- to anyone who is interested and wants to learn.

2. Scientific expeditions, taxidermy, scientific works in the fields of history and nature, and acceptance of advertising.

3. Education, higher education, doctoral studies, conferences, public relations, publication of documents, books, booklets, CDs and websites in the various natural areas.

Between the stuffed animals and models, your children and probably you too, will spend a couple hours of interest and curiosity.

A Closer Look at the Museum:


Attractions for Children in Bucharest

Grdina Cimigiu
Cișmigiu Gardens
#About the Green Gardens

Need a little break during the trip? A relaxed walk in the evening in a natural space?

Bucharest's oldest public gardens are located in the center of Bucharest. These are the Cișmigiu Gardens (Grădina Cişmigiu), 160,000 square meters in size. They were built in 1845 and were designed by the German architect Karl Mayer. Cișmigiu Gardens are decorated in a well-kept English style. They offer large and rich expanses in lawns, flowers, sculptures and more than 30,000 trees scattered in the surrounding green space.

Children will find a lot of interest here in the various attractions. There is a cruise in the lake, chess on special tables, playgrounds and places where birds can be fed. Also note the sculpture area, where the greatest Romanian poets and writers are sculpted.

In the park there are also various monuments, dedicated to the French and American soldiers who died during the liberation of the city from the occupiers, during World War I and again in World War II.

In the center of the garden you will find a large artificial lake, where you can sail in boats, between swans and pelicans. In the winter, when the big lake freezes, it becomes an ice skating rink.

A Closer Look at the Gardens:

Therme Bucureti
Therme Bucharest
#About Bucharest's Special Baths

Balotesti, a 10-minute drive from Bucharest, has Thermal Baths (Therme Bucureşti). This is a huge and exotic paradise, a pampering and enjoyable place where you can wash and swim in 8 pools of thermal water, which is constantly heated to 33 degrees Celsius.

Apart from the water experiences, you can stroll through the huge gardens, internal and external, one of the largest in Romania, with hundreds of thousands of plants and trees.

In 3 spa areas, you will get a relaxing experience, spa, and entertainment. The first is called the Center, which has the largest swimming pool in Romania, with a bar within the pool and toboggan slides. The large pool has a revolving door that can be passed through to the outside of the pool. In winter, the experience is stunning, when you are in the cold and the snow, immersed in the hot water.

In the Elysium complex you will find a pampering spa with thermal saunas and massages, while in the palm area, the third one, you will discover the 500 palm trees, the relaxation and meditation experience.


Bring your own towels, otherwise, you will need to buy some here.

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Swirl Pool:


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