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Gyermekvasutas Tornaterem
Gyermekvasutas Tornaterem
#About the Real Train that Kids Can Drive

In Hungary, since 1948 a train has been operating that is driven by kids between the ages of 10-14. The children's train rides along the 11-kilometer track and has passengers of all ages. The children's train was established in 1948 for a communist youth movement, as part of an educational procedure. From then and up to today, the scenic train rides along the green hills of the Buda area, the area near the capital Budapest. Actually, children do everything - operate the train, drive the train, sell tickets, and check the passenger's tickets.

Train passengers can exit at any stop and walk around the walking trails around the forests. At the last stop, at János Hill (János-Hegy), most of the passengers get off for a wonderful view of Budapest.

Some of the train carriages are open-aired, and the atmosphere in the train is special, for all the roles for operating the train are conducted by children. For worried parents - adults supervise the safety of the train, and ensure that the kids are correctly fulfilling their jobs.


Bring food with you, as there are no places to buy.

At the end of the train, there is a bus to the city center, near Margaret Bridge and Margaret Island.

A Closer Look:

Budavari Siklo
Budavari Siklo
#About Budapest's Funicular

The funicular train that brings people from the hillside to the hilltop, and returns them to the bottom, is called the funicular Budavari Siklo. The nice part of the funicular is that during the entire way it affords travelers a glance to the breathtaking view around.

In Budapest, mostly tourists use this funicular, from the Clark Adam Square to the King's Castle on Citadel Hill (Budai Várnegyed).

Of course, there is a way to get to the castle on foot, with many stairs, but most tourists prefer the more expensive and faster option.

A Closer Look:

Sir Lancelot
Sir Lancelot Medieval Restaurant
#About the Knight Restaurant of Budapest

The Sir Lancelot Medieval Restaurant is labeled as a Knight's Restaurant. The atmosphere here is of the Middle Ages, in a protected castle, with Knight customs around and armor decorating the wall. Sitting by heavy wooden tables, it is recommended to eat with your hands. Silverware, of course, has not yet been invented in the Middle Ages, only the spoon.

Around dinner there will be performances of acrobatics, fire and torches, and even amusing belly dance and in a spirit that, although not always medieval European, can be understood from the entertainment of knights in the Crusades to medieval jokers.

A visit might not provide you with a gourmet dinner, but the food is good and the experience is fun for the whole family, especially for children who love fairytales and stories about Knights.

A Little Experience at the Resturant:

The Sweet
The Sweet
#About the Great Confectionery in the Jewish Quarter

The Sweet is a great confectionery located in the Jewish quarter in Budapest, that offers a great variety of cakes and cookies, wonderfully flavored and not any less pretty.

You will find fantastic cream cakes, Mille-feuille and layered cakes of all kinds and flavors, different mousses, and mini cakes, with an endless variety. You can eat in the shop, and there is excellent coffee as well, or look for a nice spot to sit in the park nearby, and devour the cakes like there is no tomorrow...


Attractions for Children in Budapest

#About the Great Confectionery in Budapest

The Gerbeaud Confectionery is a temple of cakes in Budapest. The atmosphere in this place belongs to a different period. Though it was opened in 1858, it reminds a little of the Communist rule.

The European decorations, heavy and rich, including silk curtains, crystal chandeliers and expensive gold decorations. The place was popular among the Hungarian nobility until the 19th century. Empress Sisi, the wife of the Emperor of Franz Joseph, loved to dine here, and until today there is a drink on the menu named after her, the wonderful Sisi coffee, an espresso with a peach liquor.

The place is named after Emil Gerbeaud, one of the most famous confectioneries and most celebrated in the history of Hungary, the one who invented the Gerbeaud cake. Order the cake with the Sisi Coffe and you will be almost royal!

Today, Gerbeaud offers many cakes and baked goods, but the specialty here is without a doubt the Dobos torte- a layered caked with many layers, loaded with buttercream with chocolate between each layer of dough.

Of course, you don't have to stuff yourself with such cakes. There is a huge variety of baked goods, of all kinds and flavors. During nice weather, you can sit outside, on the terrace, and enjoy the dozens of cakes and baked goods.

Bon Appetite!

A Peek into the Confectionery:

Szchnyi Spa
Széchenyi Thermal Bath
#About the Popular Thermal Bath of Budapest

Want to bath in thermal baths just like in olden times? The thermal baths are an experience, and part of the experience in visiting Budapest. After all, this is the "Spa City" of Europe. In every corner there are thermal baths, whose water comes from hot water springs located under the city. These baths are known for helping to heal skin, digestion, and nerve problems.

Széchenyi Thermal Bath (Széchényi Spa) is the most popular bath in Budapest. These baths are located in the eastern part of the city, in Pest. This is a large site, and popular, thanks to its location in the public park. If you do not require total silence, then this place is pretty nice, even with the large crowds.

Nothing can be done - to here many locals and tourists come and visit. These are the largest baths in Europe, and are located in the largest public park in the city, Varosliget City Park.

To tell the truth, the Széchenyi Thermal Bath is a huge place. There are three external swimming pools, with a wave pool for kids, and 12 more thermal baths with different temperatures and designs in the open air. Next to the baths, there is a sports center, spa, gym, physical therapy center, sauna, massages and more.

With the design, the Széchenyi Thermal Bath is the newest in the city, but has existed for a rather long time, since 1913. The design, accordingly, is from another period. The neo-Baroque style of the baths gives a special atmosphere to those bathing. In one visit, there is some doubt if you will be able to experience all the pools in the complex. But, you are more than welcome to come and try!


Bring your own towels, otherwise, you will have to buy some here.

A Closer Look :

Varosliget City Park
Varosliget City Park
#About Budapest's Public Park

Varosliget City Park is pretty and well maintained, this is the largest public park in Budapest. There are many plants, and a pastoral feeling.

At the park there are many attractions, among them the man-made lake, the Budapest Zoo, the popular Széchényi Spa, the Heroe's Square at the entrance to the park, the Budapest circus, the beautiful Vajdahunyad Castle, botanical gardens, Transportation Museum, and the weekend flea market.

The park is one of the most recommended places to visit on spring and summer weekends. For the most part, on weekends, festivals and such take place here, and the atmosphere is festive all over the park. In winter as well, it is a lovely place to visit, especially when each winter an ice rink is created under the Vajdahunyad Castle.

A Closer Look:


Another Look:

Vajdahunyadvr Castle
Vajdahunyad Castle
#About the Castle in the Public Park

Vajdahunyad Castle (Vajdahunyadvár Castle) is a beautiful castle located at a public park in Budapest, in Varosliget City Park. Today, it hosts the Hungarian Museum of Agriculture.

Actually, the beautiful castle is an open architectural museum, an architectural stunt by architect Ignác Alpár in 1896. In the eclectic castle, 21 different buildings were collected, taken from different regions and representing different periods and styles that characterize Hungarian building - from the Romanesque architecture, to Gothic architecture, and of the Renaissance-Baroque.

It seems that the main reason that this castle is known and loved around Budapest is that during winter the man-made lake nearby becomes an ice skating rink. During winter, many Budapest locals come here to enjoy the cold outdoor air, family time together or with friends, the rink is completely free.

For this reason, there is a skating club nearby, a bright colored building that was planned by Lechner Ödön. This is a long building, with glass windows and metal frames.

In the courtyard of the castle, there is a sculpture garden, with statues of the world's greatest people, and greatest Hungarians. But the interesting thing, is that with figures like Washington and Churchill, the most famous and beloved statue here is actually "Gallus Anonymous" - a clerk whose identity is unknown and sculpted as a figure wearing a hood without a face. This is the clerk of the court of the king of Hungary, Bella III, who wrote the history of his time, one of the most important in the history of Hungary. This is how Hungarians treat officials who do their work faithfully.

A Visit in the Beautiful Castle:


A View from Above:


In Winter:


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