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Elafonisi Beach
Elafonisi Beach
#The Nearest Beach to Paradise

With pinkish sand, turquoise, warm and shallow water and the appearance reminiscent of a tropical beach, the inhabitants of Crete see the Elafonisi Beach as one of the island's most beautiful beaches.

The shallow beach with its warm water shaded by trees, is excellent for families with small children. A tiny village lies right beside it, where a small island is also connected by a lagoon. The island, also called Elafonisi has a walk through the lagoon where one can walk through the shallows to reach the island.

Elafonisi has the option of an orderly beach, with all the facilities on its eastern side, or the wild, un-commercial beach. Umbrellas, showers, rescue services, and kiosks on the eastern side are suitable for those who love comfort, while on the western side the adventurers and those who love the quiet and nature will find a pristine and less crowded escape.

The coastline is located at the southwestern tip of the island, about 75 kilometers southwest of the city of Chania, which is consistent with the claim that the better beaches in Crete are actually the less developed beaches in the southern part of the island.


If you are interested in a quiet and peaceful beach, come to the beach in the afternoon. Starting at 16:00, the buses collect the many tourists in Elafonisi and you can enjoy a quiet and wonderful atmosphere until sunset.

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With Children

Limnoupolis Water Park
Limnoupolis Water Park
#About Chania's Water Park

Limnoupolis Water Park is a big water park found about 8 kilometers from Chania.

At Limnoupolis there are many rides, like an artificial river, inner tubing, and a lot of slides that we either open or enclosed. Some of these slides are thrilling and pump up your adrenaline, just like a roller coaster at an amusement park. There is also a large variety of water activities - pools of different sizes for different ages, sport areas for playing and more.


The park opens up at 10:00 am.

Try to arrive as early as possible, the park fills up fast.

Entrance is free to children up to three years old and for adults over 60 years old.

Buying food and drinks are very expensive here, try going to the park with food in your bag from the city.

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Acqua Plus
Acqua Plus
#About Crete's Water Park

Acqua Plus Water Park is considered the first water park to be established in the Balkans, and since then has been making an effort to maintain this status. The park's management ensures cleanliness and fun in the well-kept park.

The park is designed like a tropical garden offering a large variety of pools, water slides of all kinds, inner tub tracks, and other water fun activities, there are 50 different water facilities here.

All this is located in a large garden with trees and many beautiful plants, native Crete flowers as well as exotic flowers.

Aqua Plus is divided into two areas - a children's area, the fun part, and the adults' area, which is full of fun that combines water with adrenalin.

The location, 5 kilometers from Hersonissos and 30 kilometers from Heraklion, guarantees that you will have no problem arriving as easily and as early as possible.

Arrived as early as possible, the park gets crowded fast.

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Crete Aquarium
Crete Aquarium
#About Crete's Aquarium

The Crete Aquarium in Hersonissos is an aquarium that represents aquatic life around Crete.

This is a fantastic attraction for kids and parents alike. There are sea turtles, octopuses, lobsters, all kinds of fish and organisms, in all colors and sizes.

Don't be surprised about finding an impressive reptile display. With children you are also welcome to join in the daily feedings here.

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Attractions for Children in Crete

Lake Kournas
Lake Kournas
#About the Lake in the Valley

Halfway between Rethymno and Chania, a few kilometers from the town of Georgioupolis, lies Lake Kournas, known as the Hidden Lake. It is a small lake, with clear, sweet water enclosed by hills and the high mountains.

This picturesque lake is a perfect place for a picnic and one of the most pastoral in the island. On its shore are some successful taverns with local food and ducks that can even be fed. It is the only lake in Crete surrounded by mountains.

It is a relatively isolated, hidden lake, located 60 kilometers from the city of Rethymno in a closed valley. This is a great place to spend a few hours of rest, swimming, sailing and good Greek food.

The entertainment here is reminiscent of the past. One can take a swim in the clear water, sunbathe or take an hour's walk around the lake. If you like, you can rent a pedal boat and go sailing on the lake.

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Maritime Museum of Crete
‪‪Maritime Museum of Crete‬
#About Chania's Maritime Museum

At that Maritime Museum of Crete, located at the ‪Firkas Fortress‬ on the Venetian harbor pier, you can find a variety of artifacts of maritime history and from ancient times, the fight over Crete during World War II, Greek naval vessels and modern items as well.

Displayed here are ancient findings from the bottom of the ocean, displays of ships, seashells, and without a doubt the crown jewel - a life size replica of a Minoan vessel, built out of original materials.

The museum also displays smaller replicas of ancient boats, from the Bronze Age, up to Corbatas from World War II, and Greek merchant ships, submarines, and destroyers.

The museum's purpose is to tell about the Greek shipping history and the Crete version specifically. The museum is set up in chronological order.

The building itself has meaning as well, the Greek flag was erected here for the first time in 1913, when Crete officially became a part of Greece.

A closer look at the Chania Maritime Museum:


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