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Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls
#About the Impressive Waterfalls of Northern New York State

Niagara Falls are especially tall, the height of most of the falls is 51 meters. The meaning of the name of the falls, in the language of the Indian tribe Iroquois, is "thundering water." Niagara Falls is divided between the United States and Canada, where the falls are called "Horseshoe Falls."

The water from the waterfalls descends towards the Niagara River, that leads to Lake Ontario, 100 meters below the water level of Lake Erie.

The falls are located about a half hour drive from the city of Buffalo on the American side, and about a 2-hour drive from the city of Toronto on the Canadian side. It is possible to sail on a boat close to the falls and feel the misty air close by.

A Closer Look:


A View from Above:

Bronx Zoo
Bronx Zoo
#About the Largest Zoo in the United States

If you are in Manhattan, then the Central Park Zoo is great and satisfying, but if you still crave more, the Bronx Zoo is the largest city zoo in the United States, and really is an experience for everyone.

On top of more than 4,000 types of animals that can be seen here, you can see that there is a large emphasis on making sure the animals live in environments that are similar to their natural habitats, as close as possible to what it would be like for them if they were growing up in nature. This is how visitors can walk between the Arabic Desert to the African Savannah, and in a few steps to the rain forests on the island of Madagascar.

Besides watching the animals at the Bronx Zoo, which was established in 1899, there are a variety of activities for children, that enriches their experiences and visit, experiences that are gathering speed around zoos all over the world.


If you are on a visit to the city, it is preferred to visit the zoo in the middle of the week, because weekends can get extremely crowded.

Do not miss the butterfly garden, there butterflies fly around to the sound of classical music.

Arrive as early as possible, to ensure that you have enough time to enjoy all the attractions.

A Closer Look at the Zoo:

Astoria Park
Astoria Park
#About the Park

Although it is really famous as a pretty pool, the oldest and biggest in New York, Astoria Park offers more than water activities. There are also tennis courts, walking and running trails, basketball courts and playgrounds.

Astoria Park spreads across the East River of New York. The park's dimensions are about 60,000 square meters and is one of the largest open spaces in Queens.

The view from here is incredible. Sitting across from the river offers views of the river banks, and sounds that make sitting on the benches an experience that changes from season to season.

The park is operated and maintained by the department responsible for the appearance of New York City. In addition to the oldest and largest swimming pool in New York, you will find more attractions like two playgrounds, running tracks, ten tennis courts, and more.
New York Aquarium
New York Aquarium
#About the Brooklyn Aquarium

The Brooklyn Aquarium is actually the official aquarium of New York. This aquarium showcases a huge variety of sea life from around the world.

The aquarium, located on the shores of Coney Island Beach, displays more than 8,000 species and varieties of sea life. This aquarium is rich and fascinating and was originally established in 1896 in its original building in Battery Park. The current location, on the historic Coney Island walkway, the aquarium moved in 1957. Today, it is the home of more than 350 marine life, mammals, like sharks, sea lions and penguins.

In the Brooklyn Aquarium, one can see a huge variety of different marine life. There are fish, whales, sharks, dolphins, crabs, and more. In the complex are also family activities, like penguin and shark feedings, a sea lion performance, all of which cannot be missed.

On the aquarium's website attached below, you can find out the feeding times of the different animals. During the feedings there are usually explanations about the animals, and a few tricks and communication between the feeder and the animal.

A Closer Look at the Aquarium:


Attractions for Children in New York

Coney Island Beach
Coney Island Beach
#About the Coney Island Beach

The nice beach of Coney Island Beach is known around America, or so the locals here believe.

They have what to base their thoughts off of. The Coney Island Beach is without a doubt the most attractive beach in Brooklyn. This is a wide stretch of beach, with pleasant sand, the water here is calm and easy to swim in, and it is easy to get here by public transportation from Manhattan.

If you don't feel like swimming, this beach is worth coming to at night, and enjoying the fresh sea breeze. The beach's popularity is also thanks to the Luna Park that is opened here along the summer months, plus the New York aquarium that is open during the day and at night.

The coastal walkway is near the beach, it has many Russian restaurants along it. Russian you ask? This is because of the Brighton Beach neighborhood adjacent to the beach, many of the residents are from Russian and Ukranian origin. Actually, here is the largest Russian speaking population in the United States. This is why the neighborhood has received the nickname "Little Odessa," and many of the restaurants are Russian, intended for the local community.

Here is the Coastal Walkway of Cony Island:

The Statue Of Liberty
Statue Of Liberty
#History of the Statue of Liberty

The statue is actually named "Liberty Enlightening the World" and is known by the name Statue of Liberty, created by the sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi. Originally Bartholdi planned to place the statue in the Suez Canal, but the Egyptian government could not find the funding for the construction of the statue, and the project was delayed.

Finally, it was funded by the French government, and given as a gift to the American people, and inaugurated in 1886, when the base building was funded by the readers of an American newspaper as a donation. After a few years the island on which the statue stands received the name "Liberty Island," and the statue became a symbol for New York City, and for the United States in general.

The statue is of the goddess of freedom, and who shines freedom to all continents on Earth, symbolized by her seven-thorned headpiece on her head. The torch held by the goddess lights the way for all those arriving in the United States. In her other hand, she holds a tablet with the date independence was declared in the United States, written in Roman numerals. The height of the statues from the bottom up, is a little more than 92 meters. The flame was exchanged a few years back to a torch made of gold, and the new torch was placed in the atrium inside the statue itself, from where you can climb to the top of the statue.

#What does the Statue of Liberty Symbolize?

The Statue of Liberty is the most famous symbol in the world for the free world and democracy. It symbolizes the values that America believes in, like the right for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It stands there, impressive and so tall on Liberty Island, overlooking the New York Harbor, standing its ground as one of the most impressive statues in the world.

The statue was designed by the sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, and the architect Gustav Eifel, and was a friendly present from the French for the 100 year anniversary for American Independence, in 1846.

The large and amazing statue, made of copper, steel and iron, is designed with classical elements and iconography. If you were wondering, Iconography is the study of symbols and images, the images and modes of description in the various arts in a certain period.

Its design is what made the statue the most amazing technical achievement of the 19th century. Visitors can climb up to the crown of the statue. The view of the port from the crown is almost incomprehensible. It is New York City and you are not dreaming!

#What Was the Colossus of Rhodes?

Emma Lazarus, a Jewish American poet, wrote her most famous song called "The New Colossus" in 1883. The first two lines of her song are etched into a metal plaque at the base of the State of Liberty in New York - "Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame, with conquering limbs astride from land to land..." So who was the brazen giant of Greek fame?

The song talks about a similar statue to the Statue of Liberty that stood more than 2,000 years ago, on the Greek island of Rhodes. The Colossus of Rhodes was a very large statue of the Greek god Helios that was 34 meters tall. It stood near the port of Rhodes, and is considered one of the ancient world wonders. The Colossus is a modern name given to the statue for its large dimensions, from the name Colosseum.

The Colossus was built in the memory of the amazing and surprising victory of the people of the small island of Rhodes over the large army that occupied the island for a year. So it was built by the decision of the island locals by the artist Chares, as a monument to the god of the sun, Helios, the patron of the island. The statue was placed at the entrance to the port where ships entered, and they used to sail through his legs.

In 226 BC the Colossus collapsed during a strong earthquake. The residents of the island saw this as the will of the gods, and it was never rebuilt. The beauty of the statue continued to impress people, even in ruins, and it was maintained by the locals in this condition for many years. During the Arab conquering of the island, the ruins were stolen and destroyed, and any remains were sold as metal scraps.

#How as the Statue Damaged During the Black Tom Explosion?

The Black Tom explosion was a terrorist attempt by German agents that happened in Jersey City in New Jersey, on July 30, 1916. The purpose of the explosion was to damage American ammunition that was on its way to the Allies during World War I. This incident, that happened before the United States officially joined the war, is famous for the damage it caused to the Statue of Liberty. However, it did no damage to the war efforts. The United States joined the fighting in the war together with the Allied forces, and defeated the Germans.

#In the movies
The Statue of Liberty has starred in many motion pictures, such as "Ex-Man," in which the super heroes fight inside her head, or covered by ice in "The Day After Tomorrow" and the "Ghostbusters II" in which Lady Liberty walks through the streets of NYC.

In order to climb the Statue of Liberty, you need to order your place 3 weeks in advance, in the link below.

A Closer Look at the Statue of Liberty:


In Ghostbusters II:

Brooklyn Children's Museum
Brooklyn Children's Museum
#About the Children's Museum in Brooklyn

You are in the first museum established in New York, especially for children. The museum was established in 1899 and is among the earliest museums in the world, specific for children. And so, up to today the museum is oriented to children and does a great job at evoking curiosity, creativity, and a sense of self-expression.

At the Brooklyn Children's Museum there are a variety of activities and challenges for kids, whose purpose is to expose kids at an early age to things like art, nature, human beings, especially those from far away from more exotic lands.

There is so much variety that it is hard to describe it all. Examples of activities? There is a costume section with a stage for performances, toys for toddlers and a sandbox, a section with kitchen utensils that have become musical instruments, and a special section for babies.

One of the corners that kids really love, is the stores and restaurants areas. These have all been adjusted to kid height, and it lets children act like adults, so they can either go grocery shopping, and fill a cart with stuff, or some can enter the workforce and make Italian pizzas.


During the summer months the museum has water activities for children, so be sure to bring an extra set of clothes.

We recommend coming with children between the ages of 5 - 6 years old.

The museum is closed on Mondays.

A Closer Look:

Empire State Building
Empire State Building
#About the Tower that Became the Symbol of New York

The Empire State Building, a tall skyscraper in New York at the height of 443 meters, with 103 floors. It is one of the most dominant symbols of the Big Apple, and is located on the corner of Fifth Avenue and 34th Street. The Empire State Building was planned and built between 1929-1931 in the art-deco style, by William Lamb. It is considered by the American Society Of Civil Engineers as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.

Pretty fast after the launch of the building, this building became a Hollywood star, and has starred in quite a few movies, from romantic comedies to dramas, and action movies. There is almost no cinema enthusiast that is not familiar with the image of King Kong climbing the building from 1933. This tower is a common place for marriage proposals and in general, the amazing landscape view that extended from its upper floors made it one of the city's romantic places.

In 1931 the President of the United States Herbert Hoover pressed on a button in the White House that lit the lights of the Empire State Building. This is how this incredible building was inaugurated, back then it was the tallest building in the world. As of 2016, the building is the fifth tallest building in the United States, and 29th in the world.

The building's stairs are also somewhat of an attraction, once a year an annual race takes place in New York, where hundreds of people climb the stairs from the bottom all the way to the top of the tower.

A few statistics - this building has 6,500 windows, 73 elevators, and 1,860 stairs. It weighs no less than 365,000 tons. Occasionally, for very special events, the Empire State Building is lit up in colorful and impressive colors.

#"Dare to Dream" Exhibition

To a certain extent, the story of the Empire State Building is the story of the American dream. The exhibit "Dare to Dream" that is displayed here, presents the history, the architecture and the construction of the building. There is a lot of content from the archives of the well-known skyscraper of New York. The exhibit provides a perfect experience that lets you learn about the work of the pioneering work of the architects, the builders and workers who built it. In the exhibition you will be exposed to original documents, photographs from the time period, architectural sketches, lists and financial accounting daily documents. Additionally, you can see the photos and souvenirs that belong to more than 3,400 workers that helped make history.

#The Lights of the Empire State Building

Since 1976, the Empire State Building has been an international symbol of the New York skyline. The lights that light up on the building protect the reoccurring tradition of changing the lights according to different events along the year.

In 2012, the system was further upgraded with an LED lighting system, capable of displaying 16 million colors, which can be changed instantly. Sometimes the lights are even synchronized with music broadcasts on different radio stations and this makes the building the world's largest light organ.

On Halloween, the holiday always makes its mark on the building.

The international lighting designer Mark Birkman, is the one who planned the lights and placed the LED lights, synced with the beat of the music played in the background. 100 meters of colorful lights, spectacular and festive, can be seen from almost every corner of Manhattan.

Different artists gained the right to use the lights as part of their creations: the artist Alicia Keys, Frank Sinatra, and rapper Jay Z.

#The Story About the Plane that Crashed into the Building

The Empire State Building was the tallest building in New York for many years, with the building of the Twin Towers in 1972 the Empire State Building was bumped down to second tallest. It is unnecessary to mention that after the attacks on the Twin Towers on September 11th, 2001, it regained its title as the tallest building in New York for a certain time.

During World War II, from an airport in Massachusetts a plane departed that was meant land at the airport in New Jersey. The flight's purpose was to partake in the fighting, and was piloted by Captain Smith, who had been through 30 bombardments attempts on the European front.

When the plane got near New York it faced thick fog that limited visibility in the area. Captain Smith asked for permission to land in La Guardia Airport, but was told visibility was also bad there. The control tower ordered Smith to continue the flight over Manhattan keeping an altitude of 457 meters.

With that, the fog made its mark, and caused the pilot to lose his way. He began lowering the plane towards the landing in New York, while almost crashing into the GE Building, 259 meters high. In the last minute the pilot managed to avoid the disaster and moved out of the way, however, unfortunately, the pilot crashed into the tallest building in New York at the time, a building with 103 floors, the Empire State Building.

The plane hit the 79th floor of the building, and created a huge hole in the side of the building. One of the two engines of the plane went right across the building and fell about 270 meters until it hit the roof of another building and caused a fire. The second engine dropped down the elevator shaft in the building to the bottom, and other fragments scattered in the street below.

In the building a fire erupted, which the firefighters managed to put out miraculously after 40 minutes. Luckily, the foundations of the building were not damaged. The accident cost 14 lives, 3 crew members (2 pilots), and 11 people from inside the building. 26 people were injured. Until today, there is a mark of a missing stone in the building's exterior from the plane crash.

And, if not enough miracles happened in this building, one of the injured people were put into the elevator by the paramedics not knowing the elevator was damaged. The elevator fell down 75 floors - however the injured woman survived this insanity. This affair won a Guinness World Record.

#Architecture of the Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is considered the cultural symbol of America and is an example of the Art-Deco architecture, that developed in France and is characterized in geometrical vertical decorations. Art-Deco is a style that began developing at the start of the 20th century and gathered speed between the years 1920-1930.

To avoid the sun's light, the building was designed in a staircase-like shape - the lower floors are wide, and as the floors go up they become thinner, until reaching the top of the building.

A View from Above:


King Kong from the 1933 Movie - On the Building:


Luna Park Coney Island
Luna Park Coney Island
#About Luna Park Coney Island

The Luna Park Coney Island is the oldest one in the area. It is located on Coney Island, a peninsula that is located near Brooklyn, and is considered part of Long Island, Manhattan's neighbor. It's central location and cheap prices maintain its accessibility to everyone.

This Luna Park has existed for more than 100 years and offers attractions and rides for both children and adults. Once it was a sensation, though its popularity has declined a bit. In the 1980's people from the area renovated the park and restored it to its former glory.

Here you can take a walk along the wide wooden walkway, ride the famous Ferris wheel or other rides in the Luna Park, and enjoy the place like many generations of children have done before you.

A word about the Deno's Wonder Wheel. This is a historic landmark for Coney Island. This Ferris wheel is the height of 45 meters, and offers a panoramic view towards the New York, New Jersey skylines and the Atlantic Ocean. Right under you can see Brighton Beach neighborhood, known for its beaches, who New York residents always loved and have always visited. The famous play "Brighton Beach Memoirs" by Neil Simon,the base for the movie, tells the life of a Jewish family from this neighborhood, at the time of the Great Depression.

Let's return to the park - if you want little scary experiences, try the 'Cyclone' rollercoaster, considered the main attraction of the park. The track is 800 meters long, and it has been running for about 90 years. The ride takes you on crazy ascends and descends. Notice please - it is not intended for the weak of heart.


When you are all done at the Luna Park, it is worth going over and eating at Nathan's, the American hot-dog empire, established here by a Jewish couple who immigrated here from Poland, and did not know a word of English.

Another thing to try are the caramelized apples from William's Candy, located right nearby.

The "Cyclone" Experience from Luna Park Coney Island:

Central Park Zoo
#About the Central Park Zoo

The Central Park Zoo was established in 1860, and was the first zoo in the city. Two to three hours is all you need for a visit here, and is especially recommended for children, but anyone will enjoy their time here.

The zoo is located on the southeast corner of Central Park, and is a great place for families. It is built between the trees and walkways of the park, and gives a change to see animals, and be a part of different attractions. Among the animals you will see really rare and special animals, those who are not usually found in zoos.

The walls and buildings of the zoo are all built of black stone. At the center of the zoo is a sea lion pool, you can go and feel the warm and tropic climate, feed animals, and enter the "penguin house." At the zoo you can see all kinds of animals, like polar bears, sea lions, monkeys, tigers, frogs and toads.


Try to make sure your visit is aligned with the zoo feeding times, which will make your experience all the most fascinating.

A Closer Look at the Zoo:

New York Hall Of Science
#About the Science Museum for the Children of New York

The New York Hall of Science is located in Queens. This museum is very interactive, whose purpose is to let children's curiosity in science come to life.

In every room and space in the museum there are expert and friendly tour guides, who help children enjoy the place and find all the options offered here. They explain, provoke thought, play with the kids, and provide the opportunity to participate in a variety of interesting activities.

Examples for activities that the museum offers children are the creation of soap animals, getting to know the human eye and how it works, illusions, sculpting with balloons, paper mache, adventures in space, hall of mirrors, 4D theater, golf courses, and many more exciting and enriching activities.

Many parents say that this museum enriches children, while at the same time they really enjoy themselves. Everyone always emphasizes that kids love the Hall of Science, and it is therefore highly recommended.


On Fridays between 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm, and on Sundays between 10:00 am and 11:00 am - the entrance is free.

The museum is intended mostly for children between the ages of 3-12.

An average visit here takes between 3 -5 hours.

A Closer Look:

Belvedere Castle
#About the Castle

If you are walking around Central Park and looking for places to see in this large park, the Belvedere Castle is located at the center of the park and is worth a visit. The castle has an impressive facade as if it was taken from a fairytale. It is located on a large rocky area in Central Park called Vista Rock. The name of the castle means "beautiful view" in Italian, and just like the name, it is exactly what can be seen from there - at the exact location of the castle and thanks to the castle's balconies, you can overlook beautiful panoramic views that will spread out in front of you.

The castle, which is the tallest building in the park, was planned by architects Calvert Vaux and Jacob Wrey Mould, together with Frederick Law Olmsted, and headed to plan the park in 1865. It is interesting that there was no particular reason for its establishment, it was just built...

The structure of the Belvedere Castle is built from the rocks of Manhattan, which were carved during the construction of Central Park and coated with gray granite stone. In order to save on construction costs, two decorated wooden pavilions were built near it, but in 1900 the wooden pavilions were demolished for their abandoned standing.

At the head of the castle tower, you can see an anemometer and a weather lamp, used by the forecasting station located in the castle. Since 1919 the castle has served as an observation post in the service of forecasting the weather of New York. Today, only an automatic measurement station is located in the castle. Weather forecasting service offices themselves had already moved to the Rockefeller Center in the 1960's.
When the castle closed its doors to the public, it suffered from vandalism and a lot of damage was done to it. This is how it stood until 1983, when the building was renovated and the wooden entrance renewed, according to the original plans.

Belvedere Castle is not only used as a lookout. It is also a visitor's center and information center, and a place where historical artifacts are displayed, and rental of equipment for nature exploration, equipment that enables self-exploration of the park, using microscopes and telescopes in place.

Characteristics that stand out you can see in the castle are the strong stone facade, the large turret, and the flag. From time to time events go on here of all different themes, like bird-watching activities, lectures on astronomy, book readings, and more.

A Closer Look from Within the Castle:

Tour at NBC Studios
#About the TV Studios

Anyone who has never been to a TV studio has come to the right place. The NBC Studio building, located in the Rockefeller Center in New York, is one of the icons for the entertainment world. These studios host a few of the most well-known TV shows in the world, starting from hosting shows like Saturday Night Live, and news reports.

The tour that you will take through the studios is an interactive and interesting tour, that reveals a wide history of television, and access to studios where a few of the most successful shows have been, and are filmed, like Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Late Night with Seth Meyers, and more.

In the tour, you can learn about the production and writing of TV shows, up to the point that they are broadcasted onto your TVs. Another enjoyable part of the tour is that you are able to film your own show in the studios, and watch it afterward.

The tour is about an hour long, and includes visiting the famous 8H studio, and the two radio stations of the studios. You can see the sets of known shows, like the Today Show. Often, you can run into personalities from the studios who are looking for an audience for their shows, filmed around noon, so that if you'd like, you can participate in tapings of real shows, broadcasted around all of the United States.
Brooklyn Bridge
#About the Brooklyn Bridge

On the Brooklyn Bridge hundreds of thousands of people pass each day. There is a reason it is so popular, it is one of the most famous sites in New York, and is one of the symbols of the city. From the 19th century the bridge was considered one of the architectural wonders, and was declared a National Monument in the United States.

The view from the bridge is wonderful of the New York skyline, with skyscrapers and fancy building, it is really great!

Some statistics:

The bridge weighs about 14,700 tons. The bridge manages to stand up thanks to the 2 kilometers of thick cables that are used for the suspension.

In its first years, when it was opened for traffic in 1883, it was the largest steel bridge in the world.

Construction of the bridge began in 1869, and continued for 14 years. It cost about $18 million. A surprising fact about the bridge is that out of the 600 workers that were involved in the construction, 27 were killed.

#The Tragic Story Behind Building the Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is a real American family project. It was designed by John Augustus Roebling, an architect born in Germany that was an expert on suspended bridges. A tragic story, at the start of the building he was injured in a ferryboat accident, and his leg was crushed. He died several weeks later of Tetanus.

Work on the bridge was continued by his son, Washington Roebling. He also needed to pay a heavy price after he was injured during construction and was partially paralyzed. This is when Roebling's wife, Emily Warren Roebling, began to overlook the construction at the instruction of her husband. For 11 years she overlooked the engineers and workers, and in 1883 the bridge was opened for traffic. Emily was the first person to walk on the bridge.

27 workers out of the 600 were killed during the construction.

#The Brooklyn Bridge for Tourists

The bridge is a must-see for anyone coming to New York. The pedestrian lane is full of excited tourists. It is possible to walk across, from Manhattan to Brooklyn. Just start walking!

During the day, there is a wonderful view, huge skyscrapers and impressive buildings - the whole experience turns more magical in the evening hours, as the city lights turn on. While walking on the bridge you can see the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan Bridge on either side of you. Exiting the bridge on the Manhattan side, you can see the City Hall Park, where you can have a fun light picnic.

#Short Stories about the Brooklyn Bridge

In 1883 many people were worried that the bridge was not strong enough, and feared its collapse. The creative solution to this problem was by the owner of the famous circus P. T. Barnum, to bring all his circus animal to cross the bridge, even his heavy elephants. Imagine to yourself seeing this comical event. After this parade, no one was afraid anymore of the bridge's collapse.

Another thing, a little less nice...in 1883 someone screamed loudly that the bridge is falling down, and the 30,000 people who were on the bridge all tried to run away in panic and fear. Unfortunately, during the mass scramble, 12 people were trampled to death...


Walking along the Brooklyn Bridge will give you an insane view of the New York skyline and skyscrapers.

A Closer Look at the Brooklyn Bridge:


A Live Performance - How it Really Was:

High Line
#History of the Walkway

The walkway High Line in New York was built on remains of train tracks that were built here in 1929. Originally, the tracks were opened for use in 1943, and trains transferred food and agriculture through it. With the years, the exporting industry improved, and made the track irrelevant. The amount of passengers and merchandise declined, and use of the tracks declined as well. In 1980 the tracks completely closed, and remained an abandoned skeleton.

In the summer of 1999, it was decided to destroy the tracks for the use of new construction, however an organization of locals decided to fight this decision, and try to change the decision to renovate the tracks into a public park. Many people joined this organization, and lobbied the local politicians, locals, and celebrities. In 2003 an architecture competition took place where a team was chosen to lead the project. Building began in 2006, and the first part of the park was opened in 2009. The second and third parts of the park were opened in 2011 and 2014 respectively.

From the first moment the park was a huge succeess, and immediately made this spot one of the most popular attractions in the city. About 3 million visitors a year visit the park.

The influence of the park is monumental and can be seen through the apartment prices around the park, that continue to go up, and the residents that live here are those who can afford a high quality of life.

#Visitors to the Park

The green walkway is a 1.45 mile-long promenade. It is a nice and green park, with greenery along the sides of the walkway, and overlooks 10th Avenue, and the Statue of Liberty.

On this walkway you will find a lot of greenery and wildflowers, sitting corners and walking trails. Benches are placed along the walkway and are perfect for couples that want to enjoy a romantic atmosphere.

In the first and newer part of the park you can see dozens of families wandering around the walkway, children playing on benches and doing sports. The area is patrolled by security, to ensure the area remains safe.

This is a magical piece of nature, perfect, and distant from the industrial and urban background of the city.

The southern entrance into the High Line is located on Gansevoort Street between Chelsea on the north, the entrance to the north of the park is on 30th Street and 10th Avenue. Here on Guidol you are equipped with a navigation button, so you are all taken care of. Enjoy!
William's Candy
#About the Store with the Caramelized Apples

It has existed for 80 years, William's Candy in the Luna Park in Coney Island. It is known for the caramelized apples it sells, and this sweet store offers almost anything sweet one can think of.

Besides the apples with red sugar coatings that American children love so much, since 1936 this store has also been the home of cotton candy in pink and blue, of caramelized popcorn, and many more sweets, having to do with childhood memories of many New York-born children. Everything is sold next to the legendary caramelized apples.
Children's Museum of the Arts
#About the Museum

What a pleasure to take the little ones to a museum dedicated to them! The Children's Art Museum in New York is suitable for children from 10 months to 12 years. Children here will find themselves creating together with art teachers paintings, sculptures, textile works, stop motion, animations and more.

All these are part of the mission that this wonderful museum has taken upon itself - to promote love and understanding of art among children. The museum also includes programs for children with learning disabilities, adopted children or those who have no home.

The Children's Museum of the Arts was established in 1988 by Kathleen Schneider. It was placed in Charlton Street in New York, and spread on 10,000 square meters. The museum preserves over 2,000 items of children art, created in 50 countries starting in 1930.

The museum is considered to be a great attraction for the whole family, especially if the family enjoys art and art education. Have fun!

Bryant Park
#About the Park that Commemorates the Person Who Fought for its Existence

Behind the Public Library of New York, you can see Bryant Park, named after the journalist and editor William Bryant, who fought for a long time to establish parks and open spaces for the residents of New York. The size of the park is 39,000 square meters.

In the park is a large lawn area, where different events throughout the year go on. There are screenings of movies, concerts, and musical festivals. Around the lawn are seating areas.

In the park, you will find free attractions for visitors and locals, like ping pong tables, books and magazines, and more.

If you arrived in the winter months, notice that the main lawn becomes an ice skating rink. You can skate in the rink, entrance is free, or chose to sit at a cafe nearby and enjoy watching people skate. In the stores, you will find unique merchandise for Christmas, and everything around is decorative and festive.

#History of the Park

An interesting story about this park has to do with the general mood that was here until 1850. For a serious lack of green spaces and entertainment locations, locals were forced to go to the closest cemeteries to their houses and lay blankets on the ground.

Bryant Park in the past was also a cemetery. In 1840 it was decided to moved thousands of bodies to a new location. Seven years later the park was opened to the general public and offered visitors a place to relax. This time, the park was without gravestones.

With the building of the subway, this area deteriorated, and prostitutes, drug dealers, and homeless people began coming to the park. In 1930 the park was fenced with a metal fence, to ensure a separation between the park and the street. More steps were taken to clean up the questionable characters who used to come here. These attempts were unsuccessful. In 1979 the Public Library received funding for a new design, the park also received attention, and attempts were once again made for its rehabilitation. From 1992 the park became a success, a relaxed and fun place.

Following the substantial renovations, and the fact that it became one of the most populated places in the world during opening hours (about 198 people per 1,000 square meters), it is easy to understand its popularity. Renting prices for the houses in the neighborhood rose by 40%, and the quality of residents improved.

Ice Skating in the Park in Winter:


Walk in in the Park in Summer:

American Museum of Natural History
#About the Natural History Museum of New York

One of the most important museums in the United States is the American Museum of Natural History. It is located in Central Park West Ave in Manhattan. The museum was established in 1869, originally located in the arsenal building, until moving to its current location in 1974. The museum includes 25 buildings where there are permanent and temporary exhibits. For its massive size, the museum holds up to 30 million items on display.

The museum is famous mainly for its Dioramas (3D models), the displayed stuffed animals in their natural habitat: animals from Asia, Africa, and North America. Near these displays are also displays of fossils, meteor remains, diamonds and minerals. In the Ocean Hall there is a life-size model of a blue whale. In the permanent exhibits there is a space exhibit, science and historical fossils, and among these dinosaur skeletons.

There is a Planetarium in the museum showing a three-dimensional view of space, with a spectacular audio-visual display and show about the universe.

The museum is a classic children's museum, however, adults will also find a lot to be fascinated with here. The museum has over 1,200 workers and managers and conducts about 100 researches every year.

Entrance fees to the museum are on a donation base only, but it is common to leave 5 dollars at least.

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אֵאוּרִיקַה - האנציקלופדיה של הסקרנות!

העולם הוא צבעוני ומופלא, אאוריקה כאן בשביל שתגלו אותו...

אלפי נושאים, תמונות וסרטונים, מפתיעים, מסקרנים וממוקדים.

ניתן לנווט בין הפריטים במגע, בעכבר, בגלגלת, או במקשי המקלדת

בואו לגלות, לחקור, ולקבל השראה!

אֵאוּרִיקַה - האנציקלופדיה של הסקרנות!

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נשמח לראות משהו מכם בספר האורחים שלנו: איזו מילה טובה, חוות דעת, עצה חכמה לשיפור או כל מה שיש לכם לספר לנו על אאוריקה, כפי שאתם חווים אותה.