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Varna Karting
Varna Karting
#About Varna's Karting Experience

Varna Karting Track is a stunning 1 mile-long karting track with everything it takes young poeple to drive a race track.

The vehicles and kart cars here place are equipped with advanced systems that guarantee to be parallel with those of a professional Formula 1 car.

The track offers an amazing carting experience, and also offers a bar area and a VIP area. Nice!

The cost of getting here will vary according to the length of the route chosen.

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Sometimes It's Really Professional and Difficult:

Detski Kat Park
#About the Retro Amusement Park of Varna for Children

Although it is one of the largest and most luxurious amusement parks in Bulgaria, its amusement and entertainment activities make the Children's Park in Detski Kat Park one of the most popular amusement parks in Varna.

It is an old-fashioned theme park for children aged 5-13. It is located on the Black Sea coast. The atmosphere is full of life and children in most cases enjoy it very much and want to spend a whole day here.

Beyond the turnstiles, swings, bumper cars, slides, trains and various amusement facilities you will find in Dometskiy the most prominent attractions, such as a pirate ship, a flying gondola, a tub track and a carousel.


Try to get in the middle of the week because on weekends the visitors load quite large.

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#Get to Know the Varna Dolphins

The Dolphinarium at the Dolphinarium is one of the city's favorite and favorite attractions. It is located within the sea park, in a beautiful and futuristic building, a fascinating building inside and out, where you can watch a dolphin training show.

The dolphin shows take about 40 minutes for the show. Besides the dolphins that jump between hoops and splash water with great pleasure, there is a demo that shows how dolphins save people from drowning. There is also a performance of singing dolphins, a triple jump, dolphin team sports and interactions between the crowd and the wonderful dolphins.

The atmosphere here is great. Both children and adults enjoy themselves and the tricks that the dolphins perform are very impressive, some familiar and others very original.

One of the nicest attractions is swimming with dolphins at the Festa Dolphinarium, a unique experience for most of us.

In the summer there are up to four dolphin shows in the day and in the other seasons, two or three performances.

Swimming with dolphins is pre-booked special tickets and children over the age of 12.

The dolphin trainers are kind and friendly, but they are very careful about the safety of visitors and dolphins.

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The Show:

#About the Water Park with the Crazy River

Aquapolis, in the golden sands north of Varna, is a spectacular water park filled with water facilities, slides and pools, along with climbing walls for children and adults.

The beautiful water park offers a number of more challenging and scary slides, along with those that are more suitable for those who prefer relaxed surfing.

In Aquapolis you will find, along with the slides, pools for children and adults, a leisurely tubing ride in the river that flows lazily. Incidentally, along this lazy, laid-back river, you'll find here a more active attraction called "The Crazy River."


Prices drop significantly after 3:00 pm.

The park has a fast food stand, bar and restaurant.

The park is open from 10:00 am to 6:30 pm.

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Attractions for Children in Varna

National Observatory and Planetarium
National Observatory and Planetarium
#About Varna's Planetarium and Observatory

The National Observatory and Planetarium is a family-friendly attraction, considered one of the most famous attractions in Varna, and suitable for curious children, with an emphasis on younger children.

However, many leave this attraction with a sense of frustration. Explanations only in Bulgarian, outdated displays not corresponding to the level expected from tourists in the city, and does not justify spending time on this attraction.

The monumental structure of the planetarium, named after the great Polish astronomer Copernicus, promises to be a place to get to know the space around us. The impressive Astronomical Complex is located right next to the entrance to the sea garden. For many years it has been considered the largest and most modern planetarium in the Balkans. Things seem to have happened since then and he stopped a bit.

At the Planetarium, visitors can learn about the solar system and visit special lectures at the Planetarium Sky Theater. Here visitors can observe the solar system, the moon, planets and more. This is where everyone comes to acquire knowledge about space and its laws experientially and enjoyably.

The Copernicus Planetarium has an observatory that allows visitors to view and observe the solar system and the Milky Way.

It is recommended to find out what the hours for screening and presentations in English before you arrive.

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Museum of Natural Sciences
Museum of Natural Sciences
#About Varna's Museum of Natural Sciences

The Museum of Natural Sciences is a great museum for learning about the nature of the area. Here anyone can learn about the fauna, flora and geology of the Black Sea region. The museum also includes areas such as paleontology, botany and zoology of invertebrates.

If you love nature and its history - this museum is worth a visit. Its location is in the Sea Garden, opposite the Palace of Culture and Sport.
Naval Museum Varna
Naval Museum Varna
#About the National Maritime Museum of the Bulgarian Navy

Ships, cannons, missiles or helicopters - all of these can be found in the National Maritime Varna in Primorski Park in Varna.

This museum presents the history of the Bulgarian navy, from its establishment in 1879 to the present day. Maritime enthusiasts will be able to see marine transport vehicles, various vessels, alongside equipment and weapons from various periods in the history of the Bulgarian navy.

The place for historical exhibits is not absent here. In the museum there is a torpedo ship called Druzki, when it was discovered that in 1912 this ship sank a Turkish submarine, it gained world fame.

This is one of the most interesting maritime museums. Among the exhibits in the museum you will see ancient anchors found on the grounds of the Black Sea. Alongside them are uniforms and flags of the Bulgarian navy, alongside an impressive display of cannons. You can also see here quite a few historical documents and daily documents, which tell the history of this navy.

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Military Exhibits:

Varna Aquarium
Varna Aquarium
#About Varna's Huge Aquarium

The Varna Aquarium has quite a bit of criticism. It is outdated, offers signage only in Bulgarian, is outdated and inadequate for visitors who love marine life.

More than 140 species of fish of all kinds, freshwater fish, fish from the Black Sea, Mediterranean and exotic fish alongside mollusks and algae are all found in the Varna Aquarium, located in a large public building inside the Grand Primorski Garden, the garden lies on the beaches of the Black Sea

In the beautiful Art Deco aquarium you can also see fossils and a maritime museum, which is trying to be a worthy continuation of the nearby Dolphinarium. It is the largest aquarium in Bulgaria and naturally focuses on the flora and fauna of the Black Sea.

In the thousands of fish and marine animals shown here you will see fish collections that include sharks, tropical fish, marine birds, crabs and more.

In the structure of the aquarium is also the only marine biology institute in Bulgaria.

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Primorski park
Morska Gardina
#About the Park Seeking Peace in Varna

The Primorski park, in Bulgarian, or the "Sea Garden", which opened in 1908, is the main park in the city of Varna and the beautiful city park in Bulgaria. It originated in a small garden established in 1862 by the Ottoman governor of Varna.

The park, also called the "Sea Park", is located along the city's coastal strip. Indeed, from its elevated position above the waterline, Primorski Park overlooks the Black Sea.

The park, on Primorski Blvd, is a perfect place to relax, take time out and rest on the green grass. With 26,000 square meters, this large and beautiful park is a green area that is considered the largest of its kind in Europe. Along with flowering gardens, there are many attractive corners, statues and fountains. The gardens were designed by the famous Austrian artist Anton Nowak, who turned this park into a charming place for all ages.

The park, which attracts both locals and tourists, promises you, in any case, hours of fun. Here you can have a good time from two hours to a full day.

Apart from his own charm, the park has a number of attractions for children, such as the zoo, the aquarium, the amphitheater, the dolphinarium, the planetarium and the observatory. The children can enjoy the amusement facilities in the large game area and can also cruise the boats in the water channel in the garden.

Entrance to the park is free.

The park is open 24 hours a day, but for those who do not like to huddle, it is best to arrive early in the morning or in the evening.

In the summer there are various events and performances.

After visiting the park you can sunbathe and sunbathe on the public beaches of the city.

The park has cafes and restaurants overlooking the sea.

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The Great Nature:


Lots of Locals:

Eco Park
#About the First Ecological Park in Bulgaria

The Varna Botanical Gardens, or Eco Park, as they are called here, is the first ecological park in Bulgaria. It is a botanical garden with plenty of trees, plants, and flowers from all around the globe, represented in various ecosystems here.

Once called "University Botanical Garden," Eco Park offers a variety of plants from exotic locations all over the world, displayed in natural and artificial ecosystems, and hundreds of different species of shrubs, trees and flowers from the surrounding areas.

In the Varna Botanical Gardens visitors will enjoy a beautiful hour of greenery and vegetation from near and far, along with natural flowering and exotic botanical in all its glory. Among the flowers shown here is an impressive collection of different kinds of irises, and a striking rose garden.

Behind the gardens visitors can find a large horse farm. There is a sweet riding club for children, where horseback riding lessons are given. Horse-drawn carriages are also available, allowing for a stroll through the garden.


A View from Above:


The Horse Farm:


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