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#About the Ancient Fishermen Village on the Beach

Aberdeen Harbor is the old fishing port of Hong Kong. Aberdeen itself is an ancient fishing village in its origin, which, over the years, has found itself surrounded by the bustling city. Today it is the port city, with a floating village with hundreds of fishing boats and residentes.

Now, the modern port became too large and bourgeois, which can be seen by the diminished number of the boats and yachts. But, it's still a great place to get to know the traditional, non-western Chinese side of the island.

In the port of Aberdeen, the Junks, the traditional Chinese ships, had docked in the past. In hundreds of boats, the fishing families lived here. Here also sailed sampans, small fishing boats, now you can rent them for a ride pleasant around the harbor.

Aberdeen and its port are famous for its floating restaurants, which offer fine seafood. The most prominent is the Jumbo Restaurant, the largest floating restaurant in the world. It has gained world renown fame thanks to good food and traditional Chinese design, combined with British imperial elements.


It is worth renting a sampang for a tour of the fishing port, the canals of the floating villages and the floating restaurants.

Bargain over the price of the Sampang, because they tend to raise it for tourists.

A delightful attraction in Aberdeen is sailing and dining in one of its floating restaurants.

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False Creek
#About the Viewpoint on the Water

False Creek Bay is the bay between Vancouver and Granville Island, located on the southern side of the bay.

On False Creek you can reach Granville Island by car, with the Granville Street Bridge, or through other roads.

Want to see the bay? You can rent a boat and sail independently to the bay or take a ferry. Sailing on False Creek, especially around Granville Island, leads to a cool place for entertainment. This is an especially fun thing to do, sail to this island in Vancouver, with a popular market and great stores.


In a cruise on the ferries that cross the False Creek Bay, sail back and forth between the center of the city to the island, there is the Aquabus, and also the False Creek Ferry. These sail around the bay and make a few stops for tourist at attractions. Make sure to find out at which stops you want to get off on.

The ferries continuously run from 7:00 am to 10:30 pm in summer, and until 8:30 pm in winter.

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Chao Phraya
Chao Phraya
#About the River the Divides Bangkok

Bangkok lies on the banks of the Mae Nam Chao Phraya River, in the past referred to as "The East's Venice." The reason of course is because the river goes through the city with many canals that were dug around the city.

The length of the river is 372 kilometers. This river's name means, "The Royal River," is the main river in Thailand. The source of the river is from the north, where it descends through the capital Bangkok, until it empties into the Thai bay. Actually the river surrounds the city from the West. After surrounding the city from North to South and empties into the Siam Bay, near the Bangkok port.

In parallel to its historic title, the city's legacy, the river is used for everyday use in the city. Bangkok's residents use the Chao Phraya as a central transportation line. Commute boats are efficient in Bangkok, sailing up and down the river non-stop, between set stops, this is without a doubt the more efficient and cheapest transportation in the city. Many stops are along the Eastern banks of the river.

The river is also used to tour tourists, for playing sports, and demonstrations. Some of the poorer neighborhoods on the river banks use the river for washing and bathing.

There are a number of bridges going across the river, considered the most important bridges in Thailand. Among them are the Rama VI Bridge, the longest train bridge in the country, the Rama VIII Bridge that is drawn on the 20 Baht bills, whose length is 2.45 kilometers, the Rama IX Suspension Bridge (the longest of its kind at 780 meters), and a mega-bridge that crosses the river twice and is one of the main transportation ways into the city. The last is the 658-foot-long Ferran Pin Clan Bridge.

Also, if you arrived to the river through Guidol, you are standing near the pier of boats heading for a tour around the Chao Phraya river and canals in town. This tour is totally worth going on, and creates a small window into the traditional lives of the temples around the river banks. From here you will also see a modern vibrant city that is built on its banks, through the floating markets and the world that is going on here, right on the water.


When you want to descend, you should inform the ticketer, since the "driver" doesn't automatically stop at all stops. Even if you don't have a specific destination, it's recommended to take a ride on the river, distance yourself a little from the city noise.

If you want to sail the river try getting here early in the morning. The line for boats during rush hour can be long and crowded, and waiting for a boat can take a long time.

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Prince's Islands
Prince's Islands
#About the Marble Sea's Islands

In the Marble Sea, the Sea of Marmara next to Istanbul, there is a group of 8 islands called the Prince's Islands, or the Princes. Four of them are in habited, and three are very popular tourist destinations; Buyukada, Burgaz, Heybeli Ada. In Heybelie Ada is the Turkish maritime school.

The peace and quiet on the islands is a big contrast from noise and pollution of Istanbul. Together will the peaceful air, and the sea that surrounds then, have made the Prince's Islands a preferred vacation location for Istanbul's residents and foreigners.

During the Byzantine Empire era, these islands were used as a place for princes and princesses who were not the rulers. During this time many of the churches and monasteries were built, and they were nicknamed the Monk's Islands. In the 19th century the islands started to be settled, and residents were mostly immigrants, among them Greek, Jews, Armenians, and a few Turks of statue.

The largest of the islands is Büyük Ada.


You can reach the islands from ferries on any Istanbul port.

This ferry is also a great way to buy a not-expensive ticket for sailing the Bosphorus.

It's worth to visit more than one island, as they are each so different in their personalities.

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Boat sailing

Beton Hala
Beton Hala Dock for Belgrade River Cruises
#About the Experience of Sailing for Children in Belgrade

If you arrive in Belgrade with children, or for a romantic vacation for two, enjoy a peaceful cruise on the famous Danube River. In Belgrade there is a cruise for tourists accompanied by explanations about the city or sailing in the evening, which includes a romantic dinner by candlelight.

On a two-hour cruise for the entire family, you can experience the beauty of the city from a different angle and without a lot of walking with children.

For a romantic couple it is recommended to sail in the evening at the Sava River, which connects in Belgrade to the Danube.


Cruises depart at 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm hours, the cruise departs from the entertainment area Beton Hala, which is located under the city fortress, on the banks of the SavaRiver. The price is about 10 euros and the cruise lasts about an hour and a half.

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Bosphorus Strait
Bosphorus Strait
#The Strait that Separates Asia and Europe

The Bosphorus Strait, is the name of the strait that separates the Mediterranean Sea from the Black Sea. Istanbul is actually built along the strait beaches, which for 30 kilometers separates between Asia and Europe, letting the city enjoy both world.

One side is the Asian side, and the other side is the European side - There are not many places like this, and no place like here will physically illustrate the role that Istanbul's culture and geography has played in the history of the two continents.

The Bosphorus beaches are a mixture of contrasts, between modesty and luxury, between past and present. One on side there are many simple fishing villages, and next door a big and modern hotel. You will see the large palaces and nearby ancient fortress, usually in ruins.

Many say that a visit to Istanbul is not complete without sailing on the Bosphorus. While sailing, you can enjoy the open and fresh air, with the wonderful view. While on the river you can see the Bosphorus banks filled with villas and expensive houses, some new and modern, some old and grand. You can see a large portion of the city from here, including some of the beautiful mosques.

Notice the two fortresses on either side of the strait. These protection fortresses are called Andulo Hissari and Rumi, and they were built to collect tax from all that passed through the straits. They are worth visiting and exploring, as well as seeing the wonderful views of the surroundings and impressive city.


The best way to see the strait is from a boat sailing from Port Aminono, and sails from one beach to the next, between Asia and Europe.

There are also boats that sail with a breakfast from the Galata Bridge area. These boats stop in different and interesting places, where you can go doing from the boat, and then sail away again.

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#About the Largest Floating Restaurant in the World

Jumbo in the Aberdeen neighborhood in south Hong Kong, is the largest floating restaurant in history. With a few floors for dining, it is a real tourist attraction.

Thanks to the great menu and the traditional Chinese decorations, Jumbo, established in 1976, has won world-renowned fame. At the entrance is a souvenir store, and near the store an aquarium for good luck. There is also a gallery with pictures of famous diners, including Hollywood stars, and Elizabeth II, the Queen of England.

The largest floating restaurant in the world has its own ferry, The Jumbo Ferry, that takes the customers for free to the restaurant, and returns then back to shore.
To enjoy the great restaurant, get on board one of the floors of the restaurant. This is not a chef restaurant, however the food is high quality and tasty, and the main reason to dine at Jumbo's is first and foremost to visit the impressive float.


Reserve a table in advance, in the link attached below.

If you want a relaxing meal with a good view, go up to the top deck of the restaurant. Sit at the corner or the deck and enjoy a beautiful view with your meal.

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