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Bosphorus Strait

Bosphorus Strait
Bosphorus Strait
#The Strait that Separates Asia and Europe

The Bosphorus Strait, is the name of the strait that separates the Mediterranean Sea from the Black Sea. Istanbul is actually built along the strait beaches, which for 30 kilometers separates between Asia and Europe, letting the city enjoy both world.

One side is the Asian side, and the other side is the European side - There are not many places like this, and no place like here will physically illustrate the role that Istanbul's culture and geography has played in the history of the two continents.

The Bosphorus beaches are a mixture of contrasts, between modesty and luxury, between past and present. One on side there are many simple fishing villages, and next door a big and modern hotel. You will see the large palaces and nearby ancient fortress, usually in ruins.

Many say that a visit to Istanbul is not complete without sailing on the Bosphorus. While sailing, you can enjoy the open and fresh air, with the wonderful view. While on the river you can see the Bosphorus banks filled with villas and expensive houses, some new and modern, some old and grand. You can see a large portion of the city from here, including some of the beautiful mosques.

Notice the two fortresses on either side of the strait. These protection fortresses are called Andulo Hissari and Rumi, and they were built to collect tax from all that passed through the straits. They are worth visiting and exploring, as well as seeing the wonderful views of the surroundings and impressive city.


The best way to see the strait is from a boat sailing from Port Aminono, and sails from one beach to the next, between Asia and Europe.

There are also boats that sail with a breakfast from the Galata Bridge area. These boats stop in different and interesting places, where you can go doing from the boat, and then sail away again.

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