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Brooklyn Botanic Gardens
Brooklyn Botanic Gardens
#The Green Gardens of Brooklyn

You were looking for a green space in urban Manhattan? Try going to Brooklyn to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. The gardens were established in 1910, and were renovated in 2005. It spreads out across a mass piece of land of 210,000 square meters, and you will find gardens of different kinds.

The rose garden here holds 1,200 species of roses and 5,000 rose bushes. It was planned by Montague Free, who was the botanist of the Botanic Gardens.

The Cherry Tree gardens have more than 200 cherry trees, and 42 different species. The trees were planted after World War I, and just like in Japan, each year the "Sakura Matsuri" festival takes place during the cherry tree blossoms.

The Japanese Garden was opened in 1915, and was designed by landscape architect Takeo Shiota. Here you can see a small Shinto Temple, for the old Japanese religion, a coy pond, tea house, and small island.

The Shakespeare Garden is the fourth garden here. This is a British style garden that has 80 species and plants, all mentioned in texts from Shakespeare.

The Garden of Scents is the fifth garden and is dedicated entirely to the blind. In the garden you will find Braille signs showing information about the various plants and visitors are instructed to touch and feel the different leaves. Here you will find four types of plants: those that are meant to be touched, plants with fragrant leaves, plants with fragrant flowers and herbs. The garden is accessible and adapted to the handicapped and the plants are at their height. A fountain with clean water will allow you to wash your hands after touching the plants.

New York Aquarium
New York Aquarium
#About the Brooklyn Aquarium

The Brooklyn Aquarium is actually the official aquarium of New York. This aquarium showcases a huge variety of sea life from around the world.

The aquarium, located on the shores of Coney Island Beach, displays more than 8,000 species and varieties of sea life. This aquarium is rich and fascinating and was originally established in 1896 in its original building in Battery Park. The current location, on the historic Coney Island walkway, the aquarium moved in 1957. Today, it is the home of more than 350 marine life, mammals, like sharks, sea lions and penguins.

In the Brooklyn Aquarium, one can see a huge variety of different marine life. There are fish, whales, sharks, dolphins, crabs, and more. In the complex are also family activities, like penguin and shark feedings, a sea lion performance, all of which cannot be missed.

On the aquarium's website attached below, you can find out the feeding times of the different animals. During the feedings there are usually explanations about the animals, and a few tricks and communication between the feeder and the animal.

A Closer Look at the Aquarium:

Brooklyn Children's Museum
Brooklyn Children's Museum
#About the Children's Museum in Brooklyn

You are in the first museum established in New York, especially for children. The museum was established in 1899 and is among the earliest museums in the world, specific for children. And so, up to today the museum is oriented to children and does a great job at evoking curiosity, creativity, and a sense of self-expression.

At the Brooklyn Children's Museum there are a variety of activities and challenges for kids, whose purpose is to expose kids at an early age to things like art, nature, human beings, especially those from far away from more exotic lands.

There is so much variety that it is hard to describe it all. Examples of activities? There is a costume section with a stage for performances, toys for toddlers and a sandbox, a section with kitchen utensils that have become musical instruments, and a special section for babies.

One of the corners that kids really love, is the stores and restaurants areas. These have all been adjusted to kid height, and it lets children act like adults, so they can either go grocery shopping, and fill a cart with stuff, or some can enter the workforce and make Italian pizzas.


During the summer months the museum has water activities for children, so be sure to bring an extra set of clothes.

We recommend coming with children between the ages of 5 - 6 years old.

The museum is closed on Mondays.

A Closer Look:

Four & Twenty Blackbirds
Four & Twenty Blackbirds
#About the Wild Heaven

The Four & Twenty Blackbirds is a cafe that excels in pie baking. It was founded by two sisters, who grew up on American pies, and knew how to give the cafe a homey and warm feeling.

The cafe with wonderful pies has a few chain stores, and we recommend the Brooklyn location. Brooklyn in general is a neighborhood that is worth a visit, since it is changing fast to a well-known and loved spot in the city.

This New York cafe feels local, and beyond the pies that are served here, not much more is served here besides pies. This is the specialty and the main attraction.

Recommendations - the apple pie here is heavenly, which is how every pie shop is scored. It is also worth to try the lavender honey pie, and the cinnamon pie. They are both less familiar, but this is why we visit new places, right?

The Wonderful Place and Wonderful Pies:


This is How Pie are Made:


The Story Through the Founders:



Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge
#About the Brooklyn Bridge

On the Brooklyn Bridge hundreds of thousands of people pass each day. There is a reason it is so popular, it is one of the most famous sites in New York, and is one of the symbols of the city. From the 19th century the bridge was considered one of the architectural wonders, and was declared a National Monument in the United States.

The view from the bridge is wonderful of the New York skyline, with skyscrapers and fancy building, it is really great!

Some statistics:

The bridge weighs about 14,700 tons. The bridge manages to stand up thanks to the 2 kilometers of thick cables that are used for the suspension.

In its first years, when it was opened for traffic in 1883, it was the largest steel bridge in the world.

Construction of the bridge began in 1869, and continued for 14 years. It cost about $18 million. A surprising fact about the bridge is that out of the 600 workers that were involved in the construction, 27 were killed.

#The Tragic Story Behind Building the Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is a real American family project. It was designed by John Augustus Roebling, an architect born in Germany that was an expert on suspended bridges. A tragic story, at the start of the building he was injured in a ferryboat accident, and his leg was crushed. He died several weeks later of Tetanus.

Work on the bridge was continued by his son, Washington Roebling. He also needed to pay a heavy price after he was injured during construction and was partially paralyzed. This is when Roebling's wife, Emily Warren Roebling, began to overlook the construction at the instruction of her husband. For 11 years she overlooked the engineers and workers, and in 1883 the bridge was opened for traffic. Emily was the first person to walk on the bridge.

27 workers out of the 600 were killed during the construction.

#The Brooklyn Bridge for Tourists

The bridge is a must-see for anyone coming to New York. The pedestrian lane is full of excited tourists. It is possible to walk across, from Manhattan to Brooklyn. Just start walking!

During the day, there is a wonderful view, huge skyscrapers and impressive buildings - the whole experience turns more magical in the evening hours, as the city lights turn on. While walking on the bridge you can see the Statue of Liberty and the Manhattan Bridge on either side of you. Exiting the bridge on the Manhattan side, you can see the City Hall Park, where you can have a fun light picnic.

#Short Stories about the Brooklyn Bridge

In 1883 many people were worried that the bridge was not strong enough, and feared its collapse. The creative solution to this problem was by the owner of the famous circus P. T. Barnum, to bring all his circus animal to cross the bridge, even his heavy elephants. Imagine to yourself seeing this comical event. After this parade, no one was afraid anymore of the bridge's collapse.

Another thing, a little less nice...in 1883 someone screamed loudly that the bridge is falling down, and the 30,000 people who were on the bridge all tried to run away in panic and fear. Unfortunately, during the mass scramble, 12 people were trampled to death...


Walking along the Brooklyn Bridge will give you an insane view of the New York skyline and skyscrapers.

A Closer Look at the Brooklyn Bridge:


A Live Performance - How it Really Was:


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