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Palazzo Reale
Royal Palace of Milan
#The Royal Palace of Milan

On the left side of the Duomo, the cathedral of Milan, is the Royal Palace of Milan (Palazzo Reale). This is a magnificent palace where you can see many impressive pieces of art. If in the past the sons of nobles and kings sat here, today the Royal Palace is mainly a museum and a temple for modern art.

The Royal Palace has an area for some of the most important art exhibits and luxurious events in the city. The most impressive part of the palace is on the second floor. On this floor of the palace is the Civic Museum of Contemporary Art (Civico Museo d'Arte Contemporanea, CIMAC). It features 20th-century artworks. Among them, one can find paintings and sculptures made by famous artists such as Picasso and the Swiss painter Paul Klee. The exhibit also includes fascinating collections of art from artistic trends such as Surrealism and Futurism.

The palace is surrounded by spacious and well-tended gardens, where it is fun to spend a little while in peace.


From the courtyard of the Royal Palace one can view a beautiful and unfamiliar angle of Milan. Here visitors can see the profile of the Duomo, the city's Central Cathedral and the most central location of the city.

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