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Castelo San Pietro

Castelo San Pietro
Castelo San Pietro
#About the Fortress Above the City of Verona

From its superb vantage point, on a hill overlooking the city and the surrounding area, the San Pietro Fortress or the Castelo San Pietro in Verona is a high fortress above the city.

This fortress was built during the Venetian rule in the city. Even if the climb to it is not easy, it is nice to climb to the Venetian fortress on foot, through the stairs leading to the summit. The bonus for the effort is a pass through the ancient Teatro Romano, a Roman theater that is still used for performances and concerts.

You can also reach the Castelo San Pietro with the funicular, which gives a nice experience, especially for children.

You can enjoy the magnificent view from the fortress, and you can also enjoy the coffee shop and the restaurant next to it. In any case, Castel San Pietro will probably give you the most spectacular pictures of Verona and they will be right above, like a bird.

A Closer Look:


The Funicular to the Fortress:


Verona from the Castle:

Funicolare di Castel San Pietro
Funicolare di Castel San Pietro
#About the Train to the Fortress

Many prefer to climb up to the top of Castel San Pietro with the local funicular .

This funicular offers a very comfortable experience to the Castel San Pietro in Verona. As you ascend to the mountain, it will provide a nice experience for the entire family, especially children. When you go up to the mountain in funicular you have a beautiful view, on the way to the high fortress above the city.

The Funicular:


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