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Cerninsky Palac

Cerninsky Palac
Černín Palace
#About the Palace Where the Communists Closed the Accounts

150 meters long, Černín Palace (Černínský Palác) is the largest palace in Prague. In the 17th century it was built by a rich Earl named Chernin. But as happens often in life, the huge and not entirely calculated financial investment of the rich Earl brought financial ruin upon him and his family almost reached the brim.

This building was used for various tings in the past, until the start of the 20th century when the building became the Foreign Ministry of the new Republic of Czechoslovakia, which was created. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs continued to dwell in it later, and this, incidentally, is the role of the palace to this day.

#The Mysterious Death of Jan Masaryk

This was 1948, a little after the fall of Czechoslovakia to communism. In the Palace's garden, used by the Foreign Ministry, a body was found.

It was soon understood that the body was none other than the Foreign Minister himself, Jan Masaryk. the same Foreign Minister was not merely a politician. He was the son of the founder of the republic, Thomas Masaryk, and a politician beloved by the Czech people.

The suspicion that the circumstances of his death were very large. Jan Masaryk was the only minister in the Czechoslovak government who was not a Communist. His opposition of communism and the methods of assassinations of opponents of the Communist parties were widely known around the world.

The mystery remains to this day. There were never any signs of whether the beloved foreign minister had committed suicide because of his depression from the new regime, or was thrown out of the window to his death by those Communist dissidents whom he did not like so much.

In any event, if he was murdered, the murderers of the minister and the legendary son of Masaryk, the founder of the Czech Republic and his democratic political vision that was completely opposed to the Communists, were now the new rulers of the state at the time.
Loreto Square
Loreta Square
#About the Prettiest Square in Prague

Loreta Square (Loretanske Namesti) is the prettiest square in Prague, and has many interesting buildings. Among them is the ancient Capuchin Monastery, the Church of Our Lady of Loreto in Prague, the St. Vitus Cathedral, and more.

A few buildings worth mentioning:

Černín Palace: Here the Foreign Minister died, who opposed communism, Jan Masaryk, in 1948 (Read more about this - Click on the tag "Cerninsky Palac"). There are two very interesting areas here.

Santa Casa: In the center of the courtyard of the Loreto Temple stands a building that is a replica of the "House of Our Lady." According to the legend, angels carried the house of the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus, from Nazareth in the Land of Israel to the village of Loreto in Italy, where it is still displayed and is considered an important site for Christian pilgrims.

The house here, one of the dozens of replicas created for the original house and planned by the Italian architect Giovanni Orsi, is a focal point of pilgrimage to masses of Christian believers each year.

The real story is a little different. It begins with Santa Casa, the original sacred house of the city of Nazareth, where the Virgin Mary was believed to have lived while Angel Gabriel informed her that she was going to have Jesus. It is speculated that around 1291 the Italian Angeli family bought the Santa Casa in Nazareth and transferred it, stone by stone, to the town of Loreto, Italy. The name "Angeli" is probably the one who created the legend of the angels who moved the house and became famous throughout the Christian world.

The Treasure Room - where real treasure is displayed, with plenty of tools embedded in gold, diamonds and gemstones. The main one is "Shemesh Prague" - a sacrament, which is encrusted with thousands of diamonds.

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