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Delacorte Theater

Delacorte Theater
Delacorte Theater
#About the Free Theater in Central Park

At the center of Central Park in Manhattan, under the open sky and fresh air, you will find the Delacorte Theater. This is a public theater, open and free, that performs different shows in the park. This tradition is widely known in New York, and has been going on for 50 years.

In the summer months thousands of locals and visitors come here to see a variety of Shakespeare's plays. Since it was opened in 1962 until today, a million people have seen the performances here, more than 150 Shakespeare plays, classical shows, and musicals.

The theater is named after Valerie and George T. Delacorte, who donated the funds for the establishment of the theater. Back then, the well-known theater producer, Joseph Pap, showed a few Shakespeare plays to his class. He believed that the theater experience is relevant to everyone, and it needs to be free and available. After he proved that there was a large audience for meaningful shows, it was proven that a theater should be built in Central Park, and that the idea was worth the investment. He began raising money and created one of the most popular traditions in the city.

The first play showed here was Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice, in 1962.

Tickets to the plays in the theater are free, but are only released that same day of the show. They are given out starting at 12:00 pm, with a limit of 2 tickets per person. Usually you will see a long line of people who come to the park at around 6:00 am, to try and get the tickets. We think this is worth every minute, to try and be a part of this long-standing tradition.

A Closer Look at the Theater:


אֵאוּרִיקַה - האנציקלופדיה של הסקרנות!

העולם הוא צבעוני ומופלא, אאוריקה כאן בשביל שתגלו אותו...

אלפי נושאים, תמונות וסרטונים, מפתיעים, מסקרנים וממוקדים.

ניתן לנווט בין הפריטים במגע, בעכבר, בגלגלת, או במקשי המקלדת

בואו לגלות, לחקור, ולקבל השראה!

אֵאוּרִיקַה - האנציקלופדיה של הסקרנות!

נראה שכבר הכרתם את אאוריקה. בטח כבר גיליתם כאן דברים מדהימים, אולי כבר שאלתם שאלות וקיבלתם תשובות טובות.
נשמח לראות משהו מכם בספר האורחים שלנו: איזו מילה טובה, חוות דעת, עצה חכמה לשיפור או כל מה שיש לכם לספר לנו על אאוריקה, כפי שאתם חווים אותה.