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Hong Kong
Hong Kong
#About the Only City in the World with More Skyscrapers Than New York City

With the place as one of the most successful centers of finance and trade in the world, Hong Kong is one of the most successful cosmopolitan cities in the world and in history. For the 150 years that Britain ruled the island, an interesting combination of western and eastern cultures took place. There are not many other places in the world where the new and old worlds connect so well.

Historically, Hong Kong started as a small island with a few hundred fishing villages and families, to a massive metropolitan full of skyscrapers with millions of residents and enormous density. Gradually, the island, whose name means " Incense Harbour," has become a metropolis that displays world domination of modern finance, commerce, and economy while preserving ancient Chinese traditions. Near the big port in Asia and the world's largest and perhaps the most innovative airport, there are ancient neighborhoods and villages from the past, where not much has changed.

But ultra-modern Hong Kong, the banks, skyscrapers, and tycoons, which is a financial center and axis of the global economy, has a hard time getting rid of the diseases that are inherent in it. Thus, housing prices are among the highest in the world, and there are many contradictions between an old population, a modern population, and a forward-looking population.

Either way, you are in the heart of the island, which was an amazing city, with fascinating connections and a wonderful blend of the wisdom of the East with the West, of ancient modern people, nature near city and past living in peace with a vibrant and achievement present.

Welcome to Hong Kong!


The story of Hong Kong is fascinating and long. If we want to shorten it, in the last few centuries Hong Kong has been ruled by the British Empire. It became a British colony, a crown colony, after the first Opium War. It was a lease agreement signed by Britain with China in 1898, at the end of the Second Opium War, which allowed it to hold in Hong Kong for 100 years. The port of Hong Kong was then declared a free port and served the British Empire, along with various British institutions established on the island. Side by side was the Chinese community of Hong Kong and its British population.

After the Second World War, in the shadow of the dissipating British Empire and with the gradual rise of China, the small country became a prosperous capitalist city, which built one of the world's most prosperous and prosperous economies. Despite their small size, the city and island in Hong Kong have become a cosmopolitan and leading place in the global economy.

In 1997, after 156 years of foreign rule, Hong Kong was returned to Chinese sovereignty. Since then there has been a method agreed upon with Britain prior to the evacuation, of "one state and two methods". Hong Kong is in Chinese control, but it enjoys great autonomy, including its own immigration, legal, and customs systems. The foreign and security system, on the other hand, is run by the Chinese government. Simply put, the state continues to operate in the capitalist system and in great freedom, unlike the Communist mother country.

But since it was returned to China, Hong Kong has also become China's bridge to the West. The great country, which for hundreds and thousands of years guarded isolation and isolation from the influences of the West and foreign influences in general, was unable to withstand the dizzying economic success of the small island, which became one of the axes of the world economy and fascinated Chinese leaders.

As a result, Hong Kong has created a fascinating change in China, a change that has a decisive influence on the communist nation. China underwent an exciting change that brought it into a crazy economic leap and turned it into a technological superpower, the world leader. Beyond the enormous economic changes that have been created in China, China also seems to be connected to the global village and to the approach to the modern world culture, from which it has managed so far.


The tall urban city of Hong Kong is in the middle of picturesque nature. See the insane skyscrapers, whose numbers surpass even those of New York City, and all around are tall mountains, full of nature and greenery, that continue until the shoreline.

The "settlement" of Hong Kong spread across 1,070 square kilometers. It divides into four main sections - Hong Kong Island, the financial heart of the city, small Kowloon, densely populated, on the south side of the peninsula that is attached to the Chinese mainland, and the northern part of the peninsula, the New Territories.

All of Hong Kong is made of Hong Kong Island, the most populated area, together with Lantau, Kowloon, and 263 additional small islands, with the New Territories in the north of the peninsula.

#When to Visit?

Hong Kong is lucky to have moderate subtropic weather. It is highly recommended to visit Hong Kong during the changing of seasons, if its fall (September to December), or Spring ( March to May). These are the seasons that are most recommended for a visit because the weather is the best, with bright skies, moderate temperatures, and the humidity levels are low. This is also a busy tourist season, and it is important to book things ahead, so as not to pay a lot or stand in long lines.

For those on a budget - the summer months are much less busy with fewer tourists, and accommodation prices are lower than normal. The reason is that this is the wet and humid season. July-September is months when many tropical storms and typhoons occur. But the summer rain tend to be short, and it is enough to have an umbrella and raincoat to walk around.


The public transportation system in Hong Kong is modern and very efficient. Use mostly this system.

For those driving - driving here is on the left side of the road.


The summer months are times when you can enjoy the cheaper hospitality prices due to the low numbers of tourists at those times.

The "Octopus" ticket is a smart discount ticket for saving money, where you can pay a discounted price for transportation. It includes the metro, ferries, and buses in Hong Kong, also restaurants like McDonald, Starbucks, 7/11, electronics, vending machines, phone booths, parking tickets, and more. Sometimes, at entrances to building and offices in the city, there will be an electronic identification system. It is easiest to purchase this ticket at the airport, load it with funds (with a deposit that is returned with the ticket at the end of your use), and enjoy the card during your trip from the airport to the city. Loading the card can be done mostly at metro stations, but also at kiosks around the city.

But in stores that have the QTS sticker, which stands for "Quality Tourism Service," meaning the prices are fair and correct.

The more fancy restaurants are located usually inside expensive hotels.

The great luxury restaurants in hotels offer a discounted lunch menu that cuts the prices in half from the dinner menus.


For romantic entertainments, you can go to the Felix bar on the 24th floor of the expensive Peninsula hotel. The giant windows overlook the harbor.

More lively entertainment you can experience at the club district in Lan Kwai Fong. This is a district with a few small streets located in Central. There are many dance clubs, bars, pubs, different restaurants, and jazz clubs.

Stanley Market on Hong Kong Island is an entertainment center for enjoying and walking around in the evenings, along with shopping of course.

For entertainment recommendations, click on the tag "Entertainment in Hong Kong".


It is difficult to see in Hong Kong a backpacker destination. This is more of a connection for many backpackers., This city is more for its vacationing and shopping. If backpackers do come here, it is usually for a short 2-3 day visit.


In Hong Kong, you will find endless restaurants from all types and kitchens possible. At the restaurants here you will see the best of the Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian, Thai, Indonesian and Singapore kitchens. Barbeque restaurants and Japanese restaurants are very popular. From an Australian pub to Japanese Sushi, French bistro or Middle Eastern Falafel - it seems the side streets of the city holds all the world's kitchens.

At the luxury hotels of Hong Kong there are fantastic kitchens, with big international menus. However, the prices in this city are usually expensive and high. For lunch, most places offer business lunch options that are much cheaper than the dinner menus.

Hong Kong is a paradise for seafood. These are mainly found in restaurants for decent prices. With dim sums, small dough pockets filled with different things, are crucial to taste while on your trip. Many times food stalls a the markets are the best places to try these dishes.

Health warning: don't buy in the market's food that is sitting out for display, without the proper heating this may be bad. Also in restaurants, beware of local dishes you do not know, especially those who have a sensitive stomach. All these can contain raw materials or something exotic and not familiar to your stomachs and may cause food poisoning or stomach paints. You don't want to be sick or not feeling well instead of enjoying your travels.

For food recommendations, click on the tag "Must eat in Hong Kong".


In Hong Kong, you can find just about anything you can think about. The prices are not super cheap, but the variety is huge and makes up for it. Walking around the markets of Hong Kong is an interesting experience. Click on the tag "Markets in Hong Kong".

From both sides of the Queen's Road, there are small side streets that have souvenir shops, like boutique fashion and jewelry stores. This street since 1849 had been the main of Hong Kong Island.

Hong Kong is not really all too cheap. There are cheap fakes, but some might be of low quality. Though there is endless variety here. The vendors in the city are strong and even sneaky. Haggling with them is difficult!

Luxury fashion - drive to Causeway Bay.

Cheap cameras and gadgets - go to Nathan Road.

Computer games - you will find at Oriental Shopping Centre, where new games are sold at great prices.

Athletic clothing and quality camping gear - you will find at Try Fa Yuen Street, near the Mong Kok train station.

Impressive Malls - you will find; Harbour City mall, the largest mall in Hong Kong and of the largest in Asia. Times Square Mall with its many floors, each one dedicated to a different type of product. With children it is recommended to go to the Festival Walk, where you can enjoy an ice rink, special events, and more.

For great shopping, click on the tag "Shopping in Hong Kong".

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#Electric Outlets
Hong Kong electric outlets use 220 volts. The required types of plugs are Types G or M.

A taste of the upcoming trip? - Here's a video that will show you the city in all its beauty:


A View from Above:


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The Wonders of Hong Kong:

#About the City of Barcelona

Barcelona is the largest port city on the Mediterranean Sea. The number of residents in the metropolitan city is over 3 million people. Barcelona is an abnormal attraction. This city is much more European than other cities in Spanish.

Barcelona is the capital of the Catalonia region. Catalonians are much more liberal, cosmopolitan, and hardworking than the Spanish, and up to today they have kept their unique character, in contrast to the central Spanish authority in Madrid.

The city is very proud of its famous artists and artists. Among them are the artists Picasso and Juan Miro, the city's residents who made a great contribution to the world of art and gained international fame. But no less, the city commemorates and boasts the architectural works of Antoni Gaudi, the famous architect and artist, a city man who loved her so much and left her with countless charming structures, sculptures and spectacular design elements. Gaudi acted in an artistic and architectural style called Modernism. Modernism is actually the Catalan version of the style of architecture and plastic art called in French "Art Nouveau." Although he was not the only one who created in the Modernist style, Gaudi became so identified with i, that from all over the world visitors come to Barcelona to see the houses, the gardens and the art and design that he left behind, all in this style.

Near Barcelona are many beautiful Spanish beaches: Costa Brava, and a short sail away from here you can reach a magical island Palama De Mijorca.

#Must See

Want to see the most popular destinations? - Click on the tag "Must See in Barcelona".


#With Children

Family Vacation? - Click on the tag "Attractions for Children in Barcelona".



Looking for an unforgettable meal? - click on the tag, "Must eat in Barcelona".


In most countries in Europe, since the tip is included in the bill, it is customary to give about 2 euros, no matter the size of the check.

#Spain Country Code



Order lunch from the set menus from the Del Dia restaurant.

The store chains Aldi and Lidl are cheap but offer mostly basic supplies. Caprabo is not as cheap, but has a variety of products.

Public transportation - buy a 10-ride card for trips in the city.

Sites - look at the website of each site, the time when the entrance to the sites are free.

Bus - a wonderful way to get to know Barcelona.


See recommended places for shopping in the city by clicking on the tag "Shopping in Barcelona".


Many of the tourists who come to Barcelona come to enjoy its great nightlife and clubs. Most of the best clubs are in the La Zona Alta area north of the city center. Outstanding are the excellent Razzmatazz and Barcelona Pacha. Also known are the open dance floor in La Terrrazz, with the beautiful and beautiful of Barcelona, Marula Cafe, in the Gothic and strong bars of young people, the Moog club with techno and electronics, the Cuban Antila BCN, the Ocana starring on weekends, the Sala Apolo with House and Techno and the Jamboree with lots of hip-hop and funk music.

For great places for entertainment in the city, click on the tag "Entertainment in Barcelona".

#Electric Outlets

The required types of plugs are Types C, E, and F.

A taste of the upcoming trip? - Here's a video that will show you the city in all its beauty:

#About the Largest City in Western Canada

Vancouver, in southwest Canada, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This is a young and vibrant city, green and flourishing, with the perfect combination of tall buildings, low built houses, and green spaces. It is easy to understand why many called it "The gem of British Columbia," a district in Canada with the large city.

Vancouver, considered Canada's gate tot he west, holds all the special characteristics you need to be one of the most visited places in the world. With unparallel views, perfect quality of life, developed culture and leisure, nightlife, nature attractions, fun beaches, lively markets, great musicians, streets that are full of life, beach line promenades, great parking and lots of athletic activities.

The atmosphere in Vancouver is very modern, while respecting the past and history of the city, which can be seen through the impressive architecture that perfectly combines the two, the ancient and the modern.

See all the attractions by clicking on the tag "Vancouver".


Though the first white people to arrive into the Vancouver area were Spanish sailors around the year 1780, especially Spanish explorer José Narváez. However, it was the marine researcher George Vancouver that arrived in 1792 who the city is named after.

40 years later, in the 19th century, Fort Langley was built here, the first European fort here. The fort was built by the Hudson's Bay Company, who mainly dealt with fur trading.

Vancouver's big push happened in the middle of the 19th century. Gold was discovered in the northwest of North America, and hundreds of thousands of golddiggers made their way west. Many came to Vancouver, and houses were built here. In 1886 a large first almost burnt everyone and everything.

In a short amount of time new buildings were built, and a small city was born. Train tracks were laid here in 1887, and ships began docking here 4 years later, both of which expanded the city. In a few years the area went through huge financial growth that brought the number of residents in Vancouver to more than half a million people.

Today, the city named after the explorer Vancouver, is the largest and more central city in western Canada. the cultural and nice city, with beautiful landscapes and great population, is a center for trade and culture that attracts many visitors each year.


Vancouver, crowned again and again one of the best cities in the world to live in, has many different cultures. This is a city with a very varied population, with Europeans and Asians making up the majority of the people.

Its ethnic and cultural diversity creates a comfortable, quiet and pleasant city in Vancouver. It seems that what leads to it and its activity is the high quality of life of the residents here.

In addition to the community that comes from England and Europe, and the large Chinese community in the city, there are quite a few young tourists in Vancouver who save money for their trips by working in the city.


Vancouver, which lays on the beaches among the bays and overlooking mountains, is the largest city in western Canada. It is located in southwest British Columbia.

Thanks to Vancouver's location on the Pacific Ocean, and on the foothills of mountain ranges, it has one of the most beautiful views in the world. The beautiful combination of ocean surrounding the city and the mountains to the north create an amazing and unique view.

Greater Vancouver sits on an archipelago of several islands, connected by different bridges. While the Lower Town is connected to its northern suburbs with the Lions Bridge, the Lions Bridge, which crosses the Burrard inlet, is connected to the south by the three bridges, the Burrard Bridge, the Granville Bridge and the Cumbee Bridge, which cross over the False Creek inlet.

This topography created a series of sites, some of them natural, some of which were human-made. All are worth your attention as tourists and vacationers in and around the city.


Compared to other big cities in Canada, Vancouver enjoys a comfortable climate. The summer is pleasant and the winter here, although it is very rainy, is characterized by relatively moderate temperatures.

The only thing that can be a little stressful on a trip or on vacation here is the amounts of rain that regularly fall here. Except for June to August, the sky here is regularly gray and the rains are many. Even in the summer by the way, every moment the rain can surprise.

#When to Visit?

The best time to visit Vancouver is in summer and late spring. So the weather is mostly warm and temperatures around 18-25 degrees Celsius. In summer the amount of rain is low, but rain can fall here, every season of the year.


The best place to stay is in downtown Vancouver. Within walking distance, you will find many of the city's major points of interest.

If you want to get out of the city center a bit and enjoy a more rural atmosphere, look out on Granville Island, outside of downtown but still offering good accessibility, combined with a beautiful view and a quieter atmosphere.


For many travelers in the city it is worth buying a daily ticket for public transport and saving a lot of money, along with traffic in all types of transportation in the city. Buying the card that is loaded Compass Card is convenient because you can charge money to it over and over, but not cheaply travel. It can also be used for several family members from the same card.

If you want to go out into the countryside, especially in the wooded north part of Vancouver, take one of the free chattels coming out of the city center.


Vancouver is an efficient public transport based on the transport network Translink, also known as BC Transit. The travel tickets are valid for all types of transportation, including buses, sea buses and light rail, which reaches here all the suburbs of the city.

Traveling on the trains of Via Rail Canada and Amtrack will bring you to major destinations in Canada and the US They are not cheap and relatively long, but most of the trip is an experience, as you can see spectacular views on the way.

The Victoria International Airport is the international airport of Vancouver. It is located on an island, 13 kilometers south of the city center and marked in YVR.


At cafes and restaurants in Canada, it is customary to leave between 15% - 20% tip for the check amount. It is customary to add 10% - 15% to taxi drivers, and a few dollars to hotel workers.


For good shopping

If you want to stay

For ancient stores you can look on Dranville Street or Main Street, the main street of downtown.

For shopping recommendations click on the tag "Shopping in Vancouver".

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#Electric Outlets

The required types of plugs are Types A and B.

A taste of the upcoming trip? - Here's a video that will show you the city in all its beauty:


Fast forward:

#About the Exciting Capital of Japan

There are not many cities in the world like Tokyo. Tokyo is a futuristic metropolis, a city that stuns its visitors in every possible way. From the fast busy pace of life, to the huge and unimaginable shopping centers, the bustling streets and crossroads, the ultra-modern skyscrapers, the crazy technology and the innovative and liberated attire of many of its young people.

On top of being a busy and industrial city, Tokyo is one of the most modern cities in the world, it is also the enchanting cherry blossom, a variety of fine Japanese food, clean and tidy streets, beautiful gardens, colorful fall in autumn, and ancient and special culture.

Tokyo is undoubtedly one of the more fascinating cities in the Far East. Its status as a financial, commercial and tourism metropolis has made it one of the most important places in the business and cultural worlds. This unique Japanese culture is well present and demonstrates how tradition can be combined with innovation.

The modern side of Tokyo stands out. It is expressed in a skyline of innovative and modern towers, an unparalleled public transportation system, advanced and efficient roads, organized and large shopping and entertainment areas, and more.

A visit to Tokyo will leave you amazed. Sooner rather than later you will surely understand the nickname given to Tokyo - "A Western Tourist's Amusement Park".

#Some Information

Tokyo has 23 districts and another 26 urban areas. It is located on the banks of the Tokyo bay, on the east coast of the island of Honshu, the main island of Japan.

Tokyo alone has over 13 million residents, 35 million people reside in the greater Tokyo area. This makes this metropolis the most populated in the world. Every day, more than 2 million people travel into the city from surrounding towns.


In the past Tokyo was known by the name "Edo", meaning "estuary", for the location of the city at the mouth of the river. In East Asia there is an ancient tradition of including the word capital in Japanese in the name of the capital city, after it became the capital of the empire in 1868, Edo's name was changed to Tokyo. Meaning "the capital of the East". "Tu" in Japanese is East and "Kyo" means the capital.

For a certain time period Tokyo was also called "Tokei", which is a different pronunciation to the Chinese characters for the word "Tokyo". This was during the early Meiji period.

#When to Visit?

The most popular seasons to visit Japan are the spring and the fall. However, this country is beautiful at an season. The summer month of June is considered in Japan to be the "rainy season," and July and August are hot and humid.

It is beautiful to visit Japan during March, April, May, the spring months, mainly because of the sakura, the magnificent cherry blossoms. The blossom happens are a different time every years.

Not less beautiful is the amazing autumn trees, changing to colors of red-orange-yellow - around September, October, November.


A recommended area to sleep in is around the train station Shinjuku, or Shibuya. Ensure that your accommodation will be walking distance from one of these two stations.

If you picked over areas to stay at in the city, it is recommended to stay near the Yamnote Line.

Besides the usual hotels, Tokyo offers special Japanese hosting.

For adventurers, try a capsule hotel, which offers a cheap line of sleeping cells for a single person. Minimum amount of space but privacy guaranteed.

Home sharing is economical and you will likely meet the local residents, who host travelers in their houses.

Popular and unique option for accommodations in Tokyo are Ryokan - traditional Japanese guest houses with shared showers and toilets at a cheap price. Rooms are simple and clean, with paper partitions separating them. Guests sleep on futon mattresses lying on the floor. There are many such in the city, even in major places.


The city has over 150,000 restaurants and the largest and most varied fish markets in the world, it is not wonder that food here is a major part of entertainment. Here there is great food at luxury restaurants, and also at street stalls, in popular restaurants, and shops and grocery stores, in well-packed sushi dishes.

At street stalls, the cheapest at all times of the day and always delicious and authentic, there is a distinction between yakitoris stalls, a type of chicken skewers, raman stalls, the legendary soup dish of Japan, and Isakos- popular pubs in every street corner. Around these are quite a few fast and tasty noodle stalls, restaurants with suva noodles, sushi of all levels, and restaurants specializing in tempura, vegetables and seafood fried in a delicate layer of breadcrumbs. Noodles, ramen, suva or udon are the great pleasures of the street.

Next to the popular foods, there are gourmet high quality restaurants, Japanese or Western, some having up to three Michelin stars. They are expensive of course, but as with most restaurants in Tokyo, some offer business meals between 11 am and 4:30 pm.

A must-try experience in Tokyo are restaurants in the "kaiten" style, or a conveyor belt with sushi going around the restaurant. Each plate is color coded to reflect a price, customers take which ever plates as they wish. At the end of the meal the waiter counts and calculates the cost of the bill according to the colors of the plates. A fun and great experience with children!


Tokya is not considered a cheap traveling destinations. But even in one of the most expensive cities in the world, they are ways to save.

Staying at capsule hotels is much cheaper than anywhere else, also a traditional Ryokan or a private apartment, like a guest house are good options.

To travel the subway as you wish, buy a discounted daily ticket.

The food stalls on the streets of Tokyo are wonderful. You will not have to eat at a fancy restaurant to enjoy the tastes of the Japanese cuisine. Noodles from the small shops in the alleyways are also delicious.

At any hour, and very cheaply, you can buy a takeaway "Bento" from 24 hours convenience stores. It's a sort of lunch box that's delicious, well made, and cheap.

In the huge food isles of the large department store, you will find food at a good price and quite a few samples and tastings. Between 8 PM - 9 PM, you can buy up to 70% off at the most expensive department stores, including the most expensive delicacies. Head to Takashimaya and Tokyu.

Museum enthusiasts should purchase a Grutt Pass card, which allows free entrance, or a significant discount, at the entrance to all the city's most important museums.

Cheap souvenirs can be found at the "100 Yen Shop" stores around the city.

Kabuki shows for a daytime show can be seen for $ 20, a tenth of the price of the evening shows.

For free sites in the Japanese capital - Click on the tag "Free in Tokyo".

#Public Transportation

The Tokyo subway is clean and tidy. The same is true of the stations and tunnels, where everything is orderly and tasteful. The train itself is very quiet.

For unlimited subway rides in Tokyo, buy a discounted daily ticket. The "Tokunai Pass" offers free travel throughout the day on the JR train lines.

Taxis in Tokyo are very expensive, and at night the price usually reaches high amounts.

The great and advanced Japanese trains are also very expensive. If you plan to leave Tokyo for trips to different parts of Japan, the Japan Rail Pass, which can only be purchased outside Japan, will greatly reduce the price. It will allow unlimited travel on all train lines here, for 7, 14, or 21 days.


Tokyo has a crazy variety of museums, most of which are closed on Mondays. The front doors always close half an hour before closing time, and tickets are sold only in cash. Taking photographs is usually forbidden.

For free museums, go to the Kanto Earthquake Memorial Museum, the Electric Power Historical Museum, and the Sumo Wrestling Museum.


In Japan it is not customary to give tips. The Japanese are usually not comfortable with accepting a tip, and if you leave a tip, know that there is a change the waiters will even be insulted.

#Clubs and Entertainment

The city of Tokyo offers various outing areas like Shibuya, Ginza and Shinjuku. There are bars, restaurants, shops and many areas for Pachinko machines, all of which are also offered in Kabukicho, which also functions as Tokyo's red-light district. In Roppongi you will find a variety of restaurants and night clubs where tourists and foreign residents are mostly go out.

For those looking to dance, it is worth knowing about the "Womb Club," where Brad Pitt performed in the Hollywood movie "Babel".

An overview of all of these will be can be found under the tag "Entertainment in Tokyo".


Cheap Shopping? Sales? - not here. Unlike other Asian countries, Japan is not cheap. But the shopping experience here is real and Tokyo's shopping centers are definitely worth it.

The Japanese are freaks of gadgets and technological toys. The recommended place to purchase electronics and gadgets is at the Akihabara neighborhood, the "Mecca" for electronics. The number of electronics stores here is enormous, some stores have prices that are not bad.

Shopping is also worth doing in the Ginza neighborhood, where there is a huge selection of department stores and shops. Enter Sony's building, where the company exhibits its new products, even one that are not yet released.

Designer shops and modern fashion can be found in the Rajuku area, and in the Aoyama area in the Shibuya district, as well as after shopping attractions.

An excellent market, varied and colorful, is the Amico market in Ueno. The Asakusa area has traditional shops, in the evenings there is also the magical Nakamise Exhibition.

More details - Click on the tag "Shopping in Tokyo" and on the link below.

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#Electric Outlets
Possible plugs to use are Type A and Type B (see link below with photos).

A Taste of the Upcoming Trip? - Here's a video That Will Show you the City in All its Beauty:


Here's the City in all its Beauty:


Link for Above Recommendation:


Destinations for Architecture Enthusiasts

#About the City of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is an amazing city of canals, known as "The Venice of the North," a city that is calm, ancient, relaxed, modernized, and always up to date. There are many contrasts in the city. On one hand there are many canals, pretty floating houses and cute bridges, and on the other hand the city is modern and new, a lively and vibrant capital. It is a crowded metropolis, an ancient city, picturesque and pastoral, with architecture that hasn't changes since the Renaissance. The city of Anne Frank, impressive churches and artists like Rembrandt, a pluralistic and patient city, with red lights and some light drugs.

As a rule, the graceful tolerance shown by the Dutch towards the minorities and the different is one of the things that make Amsterdam so loved and appreciated. "Live and let live" exemplified here! Waves of immigration and the many cultures not mixed here have made the city into a liberal heaven that naturally accepts different populations and lifestyles.

This is not a big city. Many of the sites are located in the center, and many of the tours can be done by walking or by bikes. In general, Amsterdam loved bikers, and is full of biking lanes. Everything starts, more or less, in Dam Square, which is a meeting point for the pedestrian walkways Kalverstraat and Nieuwendijk, two main roads. From here you can reach the outer circle, to the circular canals around, and to the 15 districts formed between them.

#10 Places to Visit in Amsterdam in Winter:


#Must See Sights
Want to see the most popular places in town? Click on the tag "Must see in Amsterdam"


#With Children

A trip for the whole family? Click on the tag "Attractions for children in Amsterdam"


An unforgettable meal? Find awesome restaurants - Click on the tag "Must eat in Amsterdam"



In most European countries service fees are already included in the check, so it is customary to give a 2 euro tip, regardless of the price of the check itself.

#Holland Country Code


Public Transportation - Buy an OV-chipkaart ticket, reloadable for more rides.
Supermarket - Chains like Aldi and Albert Heijn are very cheap and easy to located. Aldi is very economical but sells mainly basic products, the second store is a bit more expensive but you can find everything there.
Free events - On the website 'I Amsterdam' you can find all the city's functions that have free entrance.
Regular Bus - A great way to see Amsterdam, you can use this app and discover sites close to you wherever you are and listen to the voice recordings.
Discounts in Various Spots - Use a student card, not accepted everywhere.
Museum and Attraction Lovers - if you are thinking about visiting many spots, the iAmsterdam card is for you.
Picnics - Vondelpark is the place to go, or any other amazing park in this city, a picnic after a museum tour is fun and saves a lot.


First and foremost there is a Primark, on the shopping street Kalverstraat. Also see the link below for more recommendations.


The well-known clubs are Club Roses, for the rich and famous that is located in a space that was a gas factory, the Bij Jansen, that is for students and requires a student card to get in, and the renovated Odeon, the Sugar Factory with hip hop music, Bitterzoet, alternative, and Escape Lounge that is the largest in Amsterdam.

#Electric Outlets

The possible types of plugs are Type C, Type E and Type F.

A taste of the upcoming trip? - Here's a video that will show you the city in all its beauty:





New York
New York
#About the City of New York

If you call it Manhattan, New York, the New World, or the Big Apple, this city doesn't need any introduction. Many who visit here for the first time say they felt as if they had been there before. The reason is clear - this city is in so many movies, TV shows, songs, books and plays, and that's impossible to count. It seems that every corner here is familiar.

And not only the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty that visitors seem to recognize and are worth going to see. New York has many spots, attractions and parks, it is fascinating in its vibrant immigrate neighborhoods, famous streets, designer stores and entertainment areas, museums that offer incredible art collections from the best artists around the world. There are a number of architectural icons and mega stores that provide a bigger than life shopping experience.

With Wall Street and the UN Headquarters, this city is the center of trade and statesmanship around the world. It has an intriguing modern political history, and everything here is big, including the tragedies, like the attack of 9/11.

New York City is the ultimate places for cultural experiences, art and music of all kids. Everyone in the city is career oriented and searching for a career of their own. In the neighborhoods live musicians, actors, dancers, poets, designers, artists, and flocks of business and diplomat men and women.

The New York author Truman Capote said once that New York is "the only unique city." We think that too, how about you?

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In restaurants and pubs in the United States and Canada, it is polite to put a 10%-15% tip.

In the United States about a 15% tip is given to taxi drivers.

It is the custom to leave a minimum tip, even if the service was not to your liking.

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For Broadway Shows - buy tickets for the Broadway shows at the ticket booth TKTS in Times Square.

See free attractions under the tag "Free in New York".

Transportation - A MetroCard today costs $8 per day, and about $27 for a week for unlimited rides on the metro and buses.

Entertainment - Free movies under the open sky - a great New York tradition, https://www.nycgovparks.org/events/film

See the link below for shopping recommendations.

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Los Angeles
Los Angeles
#About the Biggest City on the West Coast of the United States

Nicknamed the City of Angeles, Los Angeles is the largest city on the West Coast of the United States, and the second largest city in the country. This is the main city in California, a huge urban area and the large commercial centers, entertainment centers, and industrial venues.

Indeed, the abbreviated name of this huge city, L.A, is indeed a huge volume and spread over an endless area. In its area, you will find the famous Hollywood district, the area where the great studios of the United States were born and where the world's most successful film industry developed. Here we produce the best box office and film blockbusters in the world of film and film. That's why Los Angeles is also called the entertainment capital of the world. Statistics show that one out of every six residents here is employed in the entertainment industry.

but. LA is not just Hollywood. In addition to the studios, star houses and Hollywood memorial sites, you can find many other attractions in Los Angeles, including beautiful parks, charming beaches, beautiful views and spectacular international museums, many of which asked for free admission.

And where there is money, there are also great places of entertainment. Angelinus, the city's residents, likes to spend time doing it well. In Los Angeles, there are quite a few great restaurants and food legends that have become successful all over the US, along with nightlife sites and places where you can pass unforgettable evenings.

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As can be expected from a cultural city like Los Angeles, there is a rich culinary variety in the city. You will see restaurants and fast food establishment of hot Mexican food, traditional American food, Italian pasta and pizzas, Chinese and Japanese restaurants from the far east. There will also be Brazilian BBQ, Indian, Russian, Thai food and more.

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In restaurants and pubs in the United States and Canada, it is customary to give a 10% - 15% tip from the check.

In the United States, it is also customary to give taxi drivers 15% of the total bill. You should leave the minimum tip, even if the service was not great.

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In Los Angeles, there are many places that have free entrance. Others have certain days in which entrance is free, mostly on the first Sunday of each month. You can see the information in the Tips sections of each place, or check the tag "Free" or the tag "Free Days".


Los Angeles is a playground for shopping lovers. The luxury shopping area is between the three streets Santa Monica, Wilshire, and Crescent.

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Great recommended entertainment places - click on the tag "Entertainment in Los Angeles".

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#About the city of London
The capital city London is a mega city - a huge city that is one of the largest in the world. It covers 1,000 square kilometers and has 8.5 million residents.

In London, the best of Western culture was created. Great monarchic figures, from Henry VIII, through Queen Victoria, Elizabeth I and Elizabeth II. From here, warlords and legendary leaders from Wellington to Churchill determined and shaped the world we live in today. The greatest playwright in the history of the world theater, also worked, created, and directed groups of actors in London, William Shakespeare.

Among the somewhat grayish houses of this conservative, traditional city, among its great palaces and gardens, a vibrant young life developed, full of sounds and modern art. This is where the Beatles started the revolution in the world pop. From here Rock 'n Roll regiments were sent from England to invade American soil, where the mini skirt and the bikini swimwear were developed and adopted. Here the punks of the '70's operated, and today some of the most fascinating artists of modern art do their work.

Oh, and London operates the best public television station in the world, BBC, but who wants to watch TV when they are in London?

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For public transportation - Buy an Oyster Card.
Most of the museums here are free. This is not only a huge money saver, but also a wonderful entertainment in this city.
Supermarket - the Asda and Tesco chains are cheap and very available. The first is very economical but not always pampering or luxurious, and the second is a bit more expensive, but still cost effective and offers a large variety of products.
Museums - some of the best museums in London are free and are amazing.
Tickets to musicals - tickets to musicals at cheap prices can be found at the cheap ticket stand in Lester Square.
Wanta wonderful and free view of all of London? Go to the Roof Garden on 120 Fenchurch street, and skip all the expensive viewpoints of the city.

Bus - a great way to get to know London.

Many things in London are free - click on the tag "Free in London" to find out more.

Buy a SIM card in one of the kiosks (not at the airport where it is the most expensive). You can buy SIMS for Vodafone and Three at their stores. EE in every kiosk you can buy a SIM with 5 GB for 15 pounds.

From the airport to the city - from Heathrow or Luton you can arrive by train in less than an hour to Kings Cross. From Stansted airport there is a train and metro, or a bus that arrives at the center of London in about an hour or two, depending on traffic. From Gatwick there is an Easybus or private cars.

In the city it is recommended to buy an Oyster card, saves a lot and easy to use in the tube, or regular bus, giving the option to see the city from above. For special rides it is better to get an Uber.

For departures from Luton a half hour train or Easybus is very cheap.


It is worth to stay at the West End in the center and the Camden area that is cheaper and still central.

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In most European countries service fees are already included in the check, so it is customary to give a 2 euro tip, regardless of the price of the check itself.

Two great shopping spots are Oxford Street and the Westfield London - the largest mall in Western Europe, which has the quantity and variety parallel to those of Oxford Street.

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Want events happening now? In the link below.

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Some of the Local street food:


#About the City of Paris

The beauty of Paris is exciting from the first second. In Paris, it is not picturesque like Amsterdam, or restraint like London. If those are quiet city capitals, Paris is the one that stops your heart from beating and takes your breath away. Admirers of Paris have said that even 77 years will not be enough time to soak in its beauty.

The big cathedrals, the fantastic squares, the spectacular streets and the magical gardens, the impressive palaces, the elegant houses, the shopping displays and the warm cafes - everything here lets you know that you have arrived to Paris, the most beautiful and seductive cities in the world.

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In most European countries service fees are already included in the check, so it is customary to give a 2 euro tip, regardless of the price of the check itself.

#Paris Country Code

For public transportation - Buy an free pass for the duration of your trip. The weekly pass Navigo is excellent for a week in the city, and there are longer times available as well. Traveling for less days? -Check the RATP card.
Supermarket - the Monoprix chain is cheap and reliable, it is economical, and the French do a lot of their grocery shopping there.
Museums – many museums have free entrances on the first Sunday of every month. Include the Luvre, d'Orsay, Versailles, Cluny, Orangerie, Rodan, and more. Children under the age of 18 enter museum for free. Students and seniors also have discounts.
Picnics - a wonderful way to save money and eat. Buy fresh are the local markets and eat in the surrounding parks.
Renting an apartment - in Paris staying an apartments saves a considerate amount of money.
Free Wi-fi - Not all over the city, but there are a lot of hotspots spread around. Map: www.paris.fr/wifi

You will be able to find a lot of good things at Primark. If you are looking for really cheap, then the chain TATI is the place, and if offers a big variety of clothing from the East and from third world countries. You need a lot of patience to find good things here and for the long lines, to be like the French, bring your own bags, so when you talk around people won't know you shopped at TATI's.
See below a link for shopping recommendations in Paris.

#Clubs and entertainment
A good club is the Point Ephemere. Another is a techno club, the Rex Club, the underground Social Club, and the electronic music club Le Nouveau Casina.
Tickets for sporting events and concerts can be found at www.fnac.fr

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אֵאוּרִיקַה - האנציקלופדיה של הסקרנות!

העולם הוא צבעוני ומופלא, אאוריקה כאן בשביל שתגלו אותו...

אלפי נושאים, תמונות וסרטונים, מפתיעים, מסקרנים וממוקדים.

ניתן לנווט בין הפריטים במגע, בעכבר, בגלגלת, או במקשי המקלדת

בואו לגלות, לחקור, ולקבל השראה!

אֵאוּרִיקַה - האנציקלופדיה של הסקרנות!

נראה שכבר הכרתם את אאוריקה. בטח כבר גיליתם כאן דברים מדהימים, אולי כבר שאלתם שאלות וקיבלתם תשובות טובות.
נשמח לראות משהו מכם בספר האורחים שלנו: איזו מילה טובה, חוות דעת, עצה חכמה לשיפור או כל מה שיש לכם לספר לנו על אאוריקה, כפי שאתם חווים אותה.