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#About the City of Vienna

For hundreds of years Vienna, Austria's capital, has been sitting on the banks of the Danube, and has been the cultural capital of Europe. How many wrote about the splendor of its palaces and the beauty of its gardens, its wide streets and its magnificent public buildings. This is the Vienna of the music of Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Strauss, Mahler, Brahms, Schubert and the Vienna Boys Choirs.

Vienna is a city with a rich history, varied and magnificent architecture, a city that was the monarch of classical music, the source of Viennese waltzes and the capital of German-speaking operas.

Vienna was born as a Roman fortress called Windobona. Around the fortress a city was born, which for a long time was s "fortress of Christianity." Even the Muslim Turks understood this and tried to invade western Europe through this city. But they were rebuffed twice, and left the city their coffee. From here coffee will spread throughout Europe and become the most popular drink in the world.

Vienna became the heart of the Habsburg Empire. Here a strong empire will develop that will become rich, a conqueror, and control large parts of Europe. For 650 years Vienna was the meeting point between Eastern and Western Europe, and was the cradle of European culture and the capital of Austria.

From this city also emerged great Jews, such as the genius of psychology Sigmund Freud, and founder of Zionism Theodor Herzl. Artists like Gustav Klimt, and the wonderful architect Hundertwasser grew up here.

Both the stomach and taste glands will love every moment in this city. From the aroma of its excellent coffee, through the apple strudel with the vanilla ice cream served next to it, to the taste of the huge Viennese schnitzel with its crisp coating and wonderful taste. Everything here surrounds taste.

Vienna, once the stronghold of European conservatism and a city whose glory is based on its past, reinvents itself as an innovative city ready for change, with a healthy connection to its glorious past.

But this is still the Vienna of the statues, the wonderful Baroque buildings, the large squares and the museums that are rich in charm and science - this city will leave a wonderful memory for many years to remember.

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In most European countries service fees are already included in the check, so it is customary to give a 2 euro tip, regardless of the price of the check itself.

A good evening outing in this city is to the "Heurigen", one of hundreds of wineries in Vienna that sell wines from the production of the last harvest.

The most prominent clubs in Vienna are the Flex, the prominent club that hosts the world's most popular DJ's and quite a few rock stars (found in Donaukanal-Augartenbrücke). The industrial club Werk (Spittelauer Lände 12), The Loft Club and cafe, and the largest club in Austria, the Prater Dome, is located at Prater, Riesenradplatz 7.

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Public transport - the Viennese people who this on a daily basis pay only 365 euros a year, which is 1euro per day. Tourists pay a little more, but nevertheless, children under the age of 12 travel free of charge.

Communication - buy a local SIM that give several gigabytes of data in Austria.

Food and home shopping- The Hoffer stores are very cheap, but not branded or recognized. The Billa chain of stores is cheap and economical, especially in fruits and vegetables, both in Vienna and in Austria as a whole, especially in stores and gas stations. The store sells everything, including ready-made food!

The Regular bus - a great way to get to know Vienna. Use our app and whenever you refresh the page, the app will recognize what is nearby and you will be able to listen to explanations.

Discounts in all kinds of places - bring a student card.

Be sure to stack up beforehand - from Saturday at 2 pm and all of Sunday all the stores are closed, including supermarkets and malls.


Vienna is not a place for crazy amounts of shopping as it is pretty expensive. If you don't like expensive jewelry, hand painted porcelain, or leather products, it is less of a shopping destination.

The large sales are around Christmas and during the summer.

Maria Hilfer Strasse is Vienna's well-known and popular shopping street. It is not necessarily the cheapest. Cheap in Vienna is rare to find.

See more places by clicking on the tag "Shopping in Vienna".


The entertainment areas of Vienna are more classical and fancy, and less wild and full of cocktails. An evening out in this town is going out to a Waltz party, concert or opera, and Heurigens, ones of hundreds of wineries in Vienna that sell their own wine.

Entertainment places can be found by clicking on the tag "Entertainment in Vienne".

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Possible plugs to use are Type C, Type E, and Type F (see link below with photos).

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Vienna's Sites:

Here is a Vacation in Vienna with Everything the City has to Offer, Presented Quickly:


A Bit of Street food:

#About the City of Berlin

There's no place like Berlin to show the change Germany has undergone since the days of the Nazis and World War II. Here the Germans tried even earlier to establish a democracy in the Weimar Republic, but the country fell into economic crises that completely crumbled democracy. Here Dada was born, the German expressionism in cinema, the cabaret, the "Bauhaus", the important school of design and architecture, and more.

Later the Nazi demons took control of Berlin, and from there tried to take over the world. Here the Nazis were finally defeated by the Allies, and the city was divided into two, the "Berlin Wall" was built, and what Winston Churchill called the "Iron Curtain" between East and West descended on Europe.

Here German reunited at the end of the 1980's, and on both sides Berlin, from East and West, a new Germany was being built, a European leader, a new nation with new values. This is the Germany who's leadership is an example for the rest of the world on how to assist refugees, even when the political price is a heavy one.

Berlin of today is vibrant and young, and might be the most cosmopolitan city in the world, tolerant, vibrant, and attractive city in Europe. A city that attracts beautiful and talented young people like a magnet from all over the world.

As soon as you land at the airport, buy a weekly AB ticket, 30 euros for all public-transport. Berlin's public transport is excellent and you will not need anything else.

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In most European countries service fees are already included in the check, so it is customary to give a 2 euro tip, regardless of the price of the check itself.

Start club the legendary club Knaak on 224 Greifswalder Strasse. It is known all over the world, open every day, partiers and night owls come here from all over the world. Berghain is so one of the world's techno temples, and if you will manage to get inside, will you feel blessed.

At the Berghain Club, which is located in an old power station and its parties continue past the sunrise, several floors and several dance floors are open to everyone. There is no discrimination of race, gender, or sexual preferences, and it has become known throughout the world in its permissive atmosphere.

The Matrix Club is also excellent, with two different music rooms that plays different music, there is an excellent atmosphere.

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For public transportation - buy a weekly free pass ticket, or a ticket for the number of days in the city, savings are huge.
Supermarket - Aldi and Rossmann chains are cheap and very available. The first is very economical but offers mainly basic products, the second is more expensive but offers everything.
Regular bus - a great way to get to know Berlin. Take our app and whenever you refresh it, the app will recognize what is nearby, and let you listen to explanations.
Discounts in all kinds of places - bring a student card.

If Primark at Alexanderplatz teased you, and you are looking for more, visit the Mall Of Berlin - a stunning shopping mall with a stunning shopping experience and even a map in Hebrew.

The Alcasa Mall with its great stores and excellent prices and the impressive Sony Center, especially in the evening, are worth gold.

Click on the tag "Shopping in Berlin" for other excellent recommendations.

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Possible plugs to use are Type C, Type E, and Type L (see link below with photos).

A taste of the upcoming trip:


The city in all its beauty:


A Little History - Modern Berlin, and Berlin of World War II:


Some of the Local street food:

Even if nowadays not all roads lead to Rome, it is still the poster for a good life. Here there is a perfect combination between the ancient world, its ruins, its impressive antiquities, incredible archeology, and a modern, vibrant, fashionable and tasteful city. There are narrow alleyways and broad avenues in this city, beautiful squares, magnificent churches and fantastic houses, alongside amazing ancient sites, museums full of artifacts and many wonderful monuments.

In Rome there are fascinating combinations between ancient and more recent history, and a rhythm of contemporary life. From here the Roman emperors ruled the entire ancient world. Here Christianity was persecuted until the emperor turned it into the religion of the empire and persecuted all who did not accept it. Here the Pope acted and controlled the entire Catholic world. Here the dictator Mussolini spoke and tried to establish a new empire and ended up hanging in the streets like a fool.

However, Rome is also Italy of the Renaissance and the Baroque, of the sublime art of Raphael and Michelangelo. Rome experienced in real time the inventions and discoveries of Leonardo de Vinci, one of the geniuses of mankind. In Rome, high-quality cinema was born, created by an Italian neo-realism. About cinema, "La Dolce Vita," the sweet life, is in Rome. In the city where the heart grew, also grew the pizza, the Italian ice cream, the pasta, the sounds of the Italian opera, the Italian design and fashion, the beautiful and incredibly fast cars of Italy, the handsome young men and of course the Italian women, from the abundant "mamas" that adorn you from delicacies to the beautiful women, who are dressed in the best of fashion and walk around soaring high above.

Rome is a cheeky and provocative candy. Visit to enjoy it!

Staying near the Trevi Fountain and Via del Corso areas are recommended for young people, as they are city center, easy to get around and really fun, everything can be reached by foot. Staying in the Trastevere area across the river is nice and cheap and fits people who are more well off, remember you will need public transportation to reach almost all the tourist destinations.

Young partygoers choose to stay near the Spanish Steps and Navona Square.

Those looking for a relaxing stay that is easy to get to with public transportation can choose to stay near the Termini area, it is not central or touristy but considered quiet.

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The Roman gastronomy is divided into two parallel streams: the first takes inspiration from Cucina Romana, the classical Roman kitchen. The second presents a modern and up to date Italian kitchen. Either way, there is no doubt that in Rome the pasta and pizza will be key players on your tables, especially if you are with children, but not necessarily. There are many pizzerias, and in the Forno chain you can enjoy good pizzas and mainstream enough for the whole family to be able to enjoy. Couples can share the heart-shaped pizzas.

Pastas - we recommend Cacio e Pepe, with a sauce of parmesan and Pecorino, butter and black peppers. Another recommendation is Bucatini allwamatriciana.

Additionally, look for typical street food in Rome, like Trapizzino, a sort of pizza that is cone shaped with dreamy fillings. Supli which are risotto balls with Mozzarella and more, covered in bread crumbs and deep fried. There are also fried zucchini with mozzarella and anchovies.

It is worth remembering the excellent Italian ice cream, which many consider the best in the world. Be sure to distinguish the quality ice cream and natural ones by their more natural colors, and not the ones full with food coloring.

As for coffee, of course, in Rome there is Italian coffee - definitely from the top line in the world. Tiramisu next to a cup of coffee is a great combination.

So enjoy your meals and check out the tag "Must eat in Rome".


The best time to shop in Rome is during the SALDI seasons (sales). Then begin in Italy around January until February. Of course, the easiest to get to are the summer sales that go on for most of August.

Do your shopping in the expensive Via Veneto, or the elegant and expensive Via di Condotti that connects the Spanish Steps to the Via del Corso. Here are much more reasonable prices for Italian designers and famous brands like Benetton, Sisley, Zara, and Pull and Bear.

Continue from here, through the Piaza del Popolo, to Via Cola di Rancho, near the Vatican. Here you can continue your shopping, with excellent brands and designers. Other streets around Piaza del Popolo are Via del Babuino and Via di Ripetta.

Italian fashion at reasonable prices you can find at Viale Marconi, in a simple neighborhood, a little far away from the city center.

With the best designer stock, leading brands and big discounts, Teichner Outlet is one of the best-known stores in Rome. Every day from 10:30 am to 8:00 pm, 4 floors will wait for you with unbelievable prices, brands like GUESS, Armani, Patricia Pepe. The address is Via Appia Nuova 2.

In the Penny Market chain spread throughout Italy prices are cheap. Even the supermarket chain commonly used, Coop, prices are not expensive.

If you came for some serious shopping, try getting to the big outlets outside the city, where you will find much cheaper prices.

Be careful of pickpockets in the city market.

In Italian restaurants and cafés, there is no need to add tip to a check, since is already included in the price (servizio include).

You will want to spend the evenings in Rome's entertainment district, the Trastevere district across the Tiber river.

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See link below for recommendations.

#Entertainment and Clubs
To drink? - In the San Lorenzo district next to the university, you can enjoy along with some students, bars and clubs that are young and inexpensive. Marmo is one of the popular bars here and you can meet many local young people and students.
Piazzale del Verano 71.

Dancing? - The former workers' suburb, the Via del Pignetto, has recently become Rome's unofficial hipster stronghold. Apart from many restaurants, there are popular bars and concert halls. At the Fanfulla Club you will find good DJ's, great performances, in a variety of styles - dance, rock, funk, and electronic music.
Via Fanfulla da Lodi, 5.

#Electric Outlets
Possible plugs to use are Type F and Type L (see link below with photos).

A Taste of the Upcoming Trip? - Here's a video That Will Show you the City in All its Beauty:


A Bit From the Local Kitchen:

#About the City the Whole World Looks Up To

Jerusalem is a city of the three religions that believe in one God. In the same city there are mosques, monasteries, temples and synagogues, the ruins of the Jewish temple and many remnants of the history of empires, armies and religions, the kings of Israel and the Bible, through the last path of Jesus Christ until the ascension of the prophet Muhammad.

All believers, members of the monotheistic religions, see Jerusalem as the one place where they must visit and pray at least once in their lives. This is why everyone sees Jerusalem as a symbol of a world city from which Torah will emerge.

The cultural, historical and archeological diversity of Jerusalem is inconceivable. In this city, which was occupied for 3,000 years by kings, conquerors and saints, almost every country or religion in the ancient world, each left its mark on religion, architectural, artistic and even gastronomic. The food in Jerusalem is simply wonderful. There is wonderful food here and a great variety of restaurants.


A tour of the last path of Christ? - Click on the tag "Via Dolorosa".

A tour of the Old City, Click on the tag "Old City of Jerusalem".

#Must See Sights

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Unforgettable meal? - Click on the tag "Must eat in Jerusalem".


In restaurants in Israel it is customary to leave at least 10% tip, some up about 15% or more.

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Coffee Shops - Coffee shop chain "Cofix" and "Cofiz" offers coffee, pastries, ice creams and food for 5 NIS. Even in the Jewish Quarter you can find them in the Cardo and the Crusader markets.

Public transportation - buy daily or weekly ticket on the light rail in the city.

Discounts in all kinds of places in the city, you can receive a student card and a pensioner card.


The light rail has "weekly" and "daily" tickets in Jerusalem. If you have a RavKav card, don't forget to tap it during every trip!

Students are entitled to discounts ranging from 30% to 50% off the price of tickets in Jerusalem light rail.


In Sacher Park you can have wonderful picnics, as well as grassy areas near the walls of the Old City, and the rose garden opposite the Knesset.


If you're looking to dance, the 17 Haoman club in Jerusalem is recommended.

#Electric Outlets

The possible plugs are Type H and Type C.

Here is Jerusalem:


Destinations for History Lovers

#About the Only City in the World that Spans Over Two Continents

Today, when Istanbul the capital of Turkey, it is still the largest and most important city in the country, and certainly the most interesting. This is a huge, dynamic, vibrant and experiential city that offers tourists a fascinating history, long-standing architecture and delicious food, along with immense cultural wealth and countless places of entertainment. The visit here is an experience for all five senses and is usually a continuous race after all that this city has to offer.

It is a huge city, with tens of millions of residents, offering modern next to the old and grandeur and wealth next to popular simplicity. The rich and volatile history of this city is seen here from every street and corner. Istanbul is full of museums and palaces, as well as mosques, churches and even a few synagogues that survived here.

Many say that Istanbul, like all of Turkey, is like a man who runs to the West, but does so on a train going to the East. Indeed, its geographical location, the encounter between Asia and Europe, makes Istanbul a point of contact, in almost every area, between East and West. But it also rips this city between the worlds and creates constant tension - political, social and cultural - between the dominant Muslim religion here and the secularism inherited by the legendary leader Atatürk of the new Turkey.


Istanbul was founded by Greek settlers in 660 BC, it was on the European side of the Bosphorus and was called Byzantium. According to ancient tradition, the name of the city was named after the founder of Byzantium.

In the year 196 CE the Roman Emperor Septimius Severus besieged the city and destroyed large parts of it. Emperor Constantine (306-337 AD) restored and enlarged it in the 4th century AD and re-inaugurated it in 330 CE as the "New Roma." It became the new capital of the Roman Empire. Later it received his name "Constantinople."

With the division of the Roman Empire, the city became the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire. The location and strength of the Byzantine Empire, its new name, made it a cultural and commercial center and in the 9th century it became the largest city in Europe.

But Crusades, conquests and destruction, weakened the Byzantines and in the 15th century they barely controlled the city and its immediate surroundings. This allowed the Ottoman Turks to occupy Constantinople and turn it into Istanbul, the capital of the Ottoman Empire for 500 years. After the defeat in World War I and the fall of the empire, Ataturk, leader of the Turkish Republic, transferred the capital to Ankara.

Still, in the 20th and 21st centuries, Istanbul remained the cultural, economic, commercial and tourist center of Turkey. The city may no longer be a place armies shed blood over, but its size, its vast population, its unique position in space and her history doesn't allow it to be forgotten.


Istanbul is the largest city and informal capital of Turkey, but first of all it is the only city in the world that spreads across two continents - Asia and Europe. The highlight of this city is the Bosphorus Strait, which is actually built along both sides. In the straits, or more precisely in this strait, water flows through marble water to the Black Sea, separating Europe from Asia.

This allows Istanbul to enjoy both worlds at once - the progress of the European continent on the one hand, and the tradition and past of the Asian continent on the other.

Want to see the most popular places in town? - Click the tag "Must see in Istanbul".

#When To Visit?

Every season this city offers a different experience.

In terms of weather, it's best to visit Istanbul in spring (April-June) and autumn (September-October). In the summer, the humidity is tiring, warmer, you'll have to wander through masses of tourists, the prices will be higher and you will have to stand in long lines. In the winter you will have a relaxed visit and good prices, but it is cool here, and even cold. Spring is a fair compromise for Istanbul - more pleasant, less crowded than the tourist-bombed summer, and also a little cheaper in lodging.


Flights to Istanbul will land at Ataturk Airport, located 24 kilometers west of the city, and you can reach the city center by metro, light train, or buses leaving the airport at all times.

Tip: Buy an "Akbil" ticket at the airport, a discount for public transportation throughout the entire vacation in Istanbul.

Walking in the Old City is the most convenient way to see the place. The urban buses here are red, and the metro is not in tourist areas, but trips can be combined with buses, taxis or simply walking, and reached cheaply, easily, and quickly.


Take a hotel in the area of Taksim Square and Istiklal Avenue. Accommodations are cheap and the area is full of life, with nightlife entertainment and a nice atmosphere day and night. The old city, where many want to sleep, is dead at night and very expensive, and what is not expensive is not so nice.


Buy a SIM card in Taksim Square or any cellular store in the city. A 9 GP SIM costs 130 Lira. Don't buy your SIM card at the airport - it is very expensive!


Istanbul is very cheap compared to European cities. Still - a significant saving will be generated if you eat from the famous street food (see below). Also worthwhile to eat at "locanta," a kind of popular workers' restaurants aimed primarily at locals. The food will usually be very good, especially with respect to restaurants, not to mention the tourist traps that are often the least tasty and most expensive.

Children travel for free - by bus, ferry and even on the Sightseeing Istanbul bus.

In order to save on public transportation, buy the economical "Akbil" card at the kiosks in the city or in the central stations. This is a pre-paid card that gives discounts. At the end of your stay in Istanbul you will receive back the deposit fee. The ticket is good for buses, ferries and airports.

If you want to go to a Turkish bath - these are significantly cheaper on the Asian side. They are also more authentic and less touristy. A real, cheap Turkish bath is Carsi Hamami, next to the Asian side ferry station. The price is a quarter of that on the west side and you can also enjoy massage scrubbing of your delicate body.


Turkey has regular restaurants along with other types. Locanta, for example, is a popular workers' restaurant, where the food is homey, tasty, traditional, high quality, cheap and simple. The locantas in Turkey appeal to the residents and not the tourists, so there are almost no tourist traps.

The Meyhane, where alcohol and food lovers go, is a tavern supplier and a Turkish tavern supplier. Most of them eat good and inexpensive.

With culinary offerings from the most varied and rich in the world, With culinary offerings from the world's richest and richest, Istanbul restaurants are also an atomic food hub. Here are some of the most popular dishes in the world. The meal will always start with a Mezeler, which are appetizers, vegetarian appetizers, or Dolma, which are meatless vegetables cooked in olive oil, here and there with seafood.

Turkey has traditionally specialized in restaurant kitchens. There is a distinction between specialization in meat, fish, street food, burekas pastries, or filo pastries. There are the "wines", which serve wine and mazes and small dishes. There are delis that specialize in mini desserts or lukum shops, marzipan and dried fruit sweets and so on.

All this means that not every place will excel in everything and they will be focused on what they are good at. But the Turks understand that tourists expect full service. So you will often see waiters carrying delicacies and food from restaurant to restaurant, to satisfy the diners' desire. A restaurant with an excellent dessert will bring it to its neighbor, a burekas from a nearby street stand, a fish from a restaurant specializing in fish and so on.

An unforgettable meal? Find awesome restaurants - Click on the tag "Must eat in Istanbul".

#Recommended Turkish Dishes

Meet the "kofta," the kebab patty." Its brother is the Turkish shawarma, the Döner Kebap, which means "spinning kebab."

The shish-kebab is the grilled steak on the grill and so on. In general, the word kebab is used in Turkish for everything that was cooked on the grill (shish) or baked in the oven.

And, of course, the stuffed ones are the best there are, although the best of the Turkish stuffed ones is an eggplant filled with a wonderful culinary delight, dubbed "Imambayıdı," means "the fainted Imam." They say that this is what happened to the imam who tasted it for the first time ...

The vegetable dishes with meat that are cooked here are also known in the clay pots in the oven and in Turkish they are called Gibecz. These wonderful cooked dishes also include eggplant in various styles, along with delicacies such as muskas, stuffed peppers and onions.

Other local hits are the eggplant, rice and beans dishes, or the stuffed intestinal stew called paça.

It is customary here to sip Ayran's glasses, which is the wonderful yogurt with the sour-sour taste, and there is also a great yogurt soup in the Turkish kitchen that is worth ordering.

At the end of the meal you can order a sutlach, which is baked rice pudding and tastes great. An equally wonderful dessert is Ashura, an amazing delicacy made of wheat, dried fruits and nuts. There is also Ekmek Kadayif - a dessert of bread baked for many hours in sweet syrup and served with Cayamak. But in the desserts there is also Turkish delights in every scent of every color, shape and taste, oriental cakes full of almonds and pistachios, baked baklavas, kanafas, kadaifs and hot halva that can be as wonderful as you can imagine.

#Street food

Turkish burekas, lachmajon (the Turkish meaty pizza), and Simit Turkish pretzel, are the kings of the street here, but not only them.

The street food here includes the burekas, which is considered one of the most popular pastries in Turkey. In its crisp pastry dough, the Turks fill Bulgarian cheese or cheese, eggplant, potatoes, spinach and other fillings. What goes great with burekas is an Iranian or yogurt drink in Turkey that goes with anything.

In Istanbul, the Ballyk Ekemek, the fish in the bun, is also popular. This popular dish is a delicacy that the Turkish people eat as a satisfying mid-meal or as a shopped and self-sustaining meal. These sandwiches are made of fresh, fried fish that is put into a fragrant roll.

Other popular street foods here are Simit, which is a fresh, warm billet with sesame, a lemajun, a kind of Turkish pizza, with minced meat instead of cheese. Also known are the dry sujuk sausages, which hang here in every corner and the Turkish filo, topped by Su Börek, made of Yufka dough leaves and excellent for eating alongside a cup of hot tea.

Sweet lovers will try the delicacy of the Eastern Lokum, with its exotic taste, which also includes almonds, pistachios and coconut.


The city of Istanbul is a kind of shopping paradise. In this area too, it has quite a lot to offer tourists. Markets, malls and streets with luxury stores - it has an endless supply and a fair range of products and goods.

The two most famous shopping sites of this city are the Egyptian market and the big market, also known as the "covered market" or simply the "big bazaar."

Clothing brands can be bought in the streets of Eastclal and Cumhuriyet - the name of the boulevard that continues north, after Taksim Square.

Leather products will be found in the big bazaar, as well as jewelry. The pottery decorated there are colorful and beautiful, but note that they are not suitable for the dishwasher.

The biggest shopping center in Istanbul and one of the largest in Europe is AkMerkez. It is in the Etiler region, northwest of the Republic Bridge on the Bosphorus. This mall is full of excellent shops and a free bus will pick you up from Istiklal Street.

Shopping is really cheap on Ordu cad, which crosses the Old Town. It is located in the Laleli neighborhood, which extends south of Ardo Street to the Grand Bazaar. In this neighborhood you will find hundreds of wholesale shops, with very cheap prices and almost everything you will look for. The selection here includes clothing, household items, decorations, gifts, accessories, food and utensils. The selection here is huge and they say you can find everything in the shops and markets, but at a very cheap price.

Shopping? - Find the best places for shopping - Click on the tag "Shopping in Istanbul".


Istanbul nightlife center is the Istiklal pedestrian street in the Beyoglu district. It has a variety of restaurants and clubs. There are also alleys with a variety of bars and restaurants where wine is sold alongside side dishes with fish, seafood and vegetables.

Next to Istiklal is also Taksim Square, which is the modern heart of the great city. There are plenty of restaurants and nightclubs in and around it.

In Istanbul you will find tourists as well. The Meyhane is a pleasant place to enjoy, eat and drink alcohol, a certain type of Turksih taverna or Hamara. Here you can mainly drink Raki (Turkish Arak), and eat small plates on the side.

Most of the Meyhane in Istanbul are located in Taksim Square and offer food and drink, Turkish music, and often live performances.

#Istanbul Country Codes


#Electric Outlets
The required type of plug is only Type F.

#A taste of the upcoming trip? - Here's a video that will show you the city in all its beauty:


#The City in All Its Beauty:


#The Old City:

#About the Polish Capital

Warsaw (Warszawa) is the capital of Poland, and is also the largest city in the country. With almost 2 million residents, Warsaw is the country's center for politics, finance, technology, and culture.

Warsaw is divided by the flowing Vistula River, that goes through Poland. Like two physical halves of the sides of the river, Warsaw also has a wonderful combination of cultures, that creates the cultural traditions of Poland and was greatly influences by the Royals and Catholic Church, there is a vibrant cultural history here, which can be seen best in Polish villages.

Today's Warsaw is a huge, developing, and lively city. This is a modern and multicultural city, which in recent decades has become a significant cultural and commercial center in Central and Eastern Europe.

Warsaw experienced many disasters in its history, but managed to recover. Most of the construction around Warsaw is new, after the destruction that the Germans planted during World War II. The reconstruction of the old quarter was carried out with remarkable precision and dozens of buildings, such as churches, palaces and ancient fortresses, have returned to the city skyline after ruin.

The old quarter is one of the most interesting parts of the city today, and in 1980 it was declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO organization, with Gothic alleys that were a time of old times, beautiful squares with colorful houses and Baroque palaces restored with love and respect at the sight of their originality.

Warsaw is also an important city in the history of the Jewish religion. In the first half of the 20th century Warsaw was one of the main Jewish centers in Europe. Jews represented one third of the city's residents, and had a profound impact on its everyday life. During the Holocaust, the Jewish community of Warsaw was almost completely destroyed. Although the Jewish ghetto was almost completely destroyed, many sites in the city perpetuate the Holocaust.

Today's Warsaw is an interesting mix between a painful history to a beautiful recovery, old architecture and new and modern buildings, historic sites and cheap shopping opportunities, and mostly - the capital of a nation with a long history, who has revived itself after its release from the Communistic hold.

#When to Visit?

Between May to September the weather is the nicest, and September-October is also great. From July to August it's best to avoid Poland, as so many of the cities and hotels are packed with visitors.


The trains in Poland are very efficient, cheap, easy to use, and reach almost anywhere. Traveling by bus is a little less comfortable, and slower. Renting your own car is easy, with renting points in many locations around the major cities.

Krakow is 4 hours by car (2 hours by Train) and Auschwitz 4.5 hours.


You can buy hygiene and pharmacy products at Rossman and Hebe. In Warsaw and Poland as a whole prices of these products are really cheap.

Prices for food are also low at Rossman, and you can buy food for your whole trip.


Polish cuisine is not very refined. But worth eating in it that is delicious and homey, especially when it comes to winter food. It is mostly based on meat, potatoes and thick soups, which are rich in meat and potatoes, which is especially recommended when the soup is served in loaves of bread.

The perogi, the dough pockets filled with water, stuffed with meat or other fillings, should be eaten in piriganias, workers' restaurants offering excellent Polish food at a cheap price. Try the bigus - beef stew and sauerkraut. For those who are interested, there are also pork sausages and goulash dishes and delicious also the dried cabbage, mushrooms, cheese and of course the fruits of the forest - all alongside the national drink here, which is vodka


In Polish restaurants and cafes its customary to leave a 10% tip. Many locals tend not to tip at all.

#Poland Country Code



Shopping in Warsaw is definitely worth it! It is actually the favorite shopping destinations in Europe. The reason is mostly the low costs

In the malls around the city, Arkadia and Zloty Tarrasy, you can find endless brands. Great outlets

See below a link for shopping recommendations


The center of entertainment for Friday and Saturday nights - Nowy Świat Street (Ulica Nowy Świat). There are a variety of cafes, restaurants, and great clubs.

For a great night out at a reasonable price, Mazowiecka Street is also a great option, with many clubs and other places to hang out. It's not expensive to get in, and the drinks are also reasonably low. Pay attention to the dress code in these places, and dress accordingly, otherwise you'll be waiting outside all night.

#Electric Outlets

The possible types of plug are Type C, Type E and Type F. See the link before with a photo.

A taste of the upcoming trip? - Here's a video that will show you the city in all its beauty:

#About the Pearl of Central Europe

Prague is the political, financial and cultural center of The Czech Republic, but many see it as the diamond of Europe. The city's beauty is almost incomprehensible, especially since for many years the city was tied at its hands with communism, who opposed grandeur and luxury. Between the city flows the Vlatava River, and wonderful bridge connect the two river banks, at the center is the famous Charles Bridge. In the neighborhoods it's possible to see the classical Baroque architecture, the most exciting of all of Europe.

There are many beautiful cities in Europe, but nothing is like Prague. Besides its perfect architecture and its wide European influenced streets, this city is simply lovely. The locals are friendly, the food is delicious, the shopping is excellent, and the nightlife is vibrant - all the beauty and atmosphere in the Czech capital easily out win most of the cities in Europe.

Everything here flows freely. Hundreds of castles, fortresses, cultural centers, museum, and ancient streets and alleyways, decorated churches and synagogues, roundabout, and excellent restaurants - all these make up the charm of this city, it is just endless!


The Czech kitchen, and Prague in particular, is largely influenced from both western and eastern Europe. The Czech kitchen reminds of the Austrian style. It offers plenty of meats, with tasty sauces and special soups, also baked goods and desserts that are beyond delicious. The number of restaurants in Prague is huge as in all the modern European capitals, you will also find international fusion, and a great variety of high-quality places. From French gourmet to Japanese sushi, vegetarian kitchens, organic, vegan, and health-oriented places - many restaurants that offer each type of style.


In the best of traditions, as is expected from a place where residents drink an average of 157 liters of beer each year, there are a large amount of Czech beers. Don't miss a visit to a real beer house in Prague, even if you have to miss a meal at a restaurant. These beer houses all offer yummy snacks that taste especially good with a huge pitcher of beer that you will buy right from the tap.

Žižkov - You will find the most number of bars crowded here in the world.

Vinohrady - Crowded number of leading bars, wine bars, and cocktail bars.

#Famous Figures

Beyond the beauty of Prague, many geniuses and pioneers have lived here in the past. Among them is the astronomer and science genius Copernicus, the composers Dvořák and Smetana, the German-Jewish writer Franz Kafka, who was born and lived here, the Jewish Maharal of Prague responsible for the story of the Golem, and the astronomers Tycho Brahe and Johannes Kepler who lived and worked here together.


In WWII Prague endured terrible bombardments that destroyed a major part of it. This happened in 1945, when instead of bombing the neighboring German city of Dresden, bad weather brought the Allied bombers to accidentally drop 152 tons of bombs on Prague. The historical center of Prague somehow survived the bombings, and instead the buildings that were ruined, many impressive buildings were constructed, like the "Dancing House," known also as "Ginger and Fred." These joined the cubical houses of the city, built under the influence of Picasso's Cubism and dozens of beautiful palaces in their architecture

#Must See Sites

Want to see the most popular places in the city? - Click on the tag "Must See in Prague".


If tip was not automatically added to your bill, then in Prague it's custom to leave a 10% tip.

#Czech Republic Country Code



Public Transportation - riding in a taxi is not recommended here, because of the prices of rides, but also because of the taxi drivers, who exaggerate prices. Prague is loaded with underground train stations, street cars, and buses. Buy an integrated ticket for a week, or several says that fits your trips. The saving is huge.

Supermarkets - Chains like ALDI and Rossmann are cheap and readily available. ADLI is very economical, but sells mostly commodity products, the second open is still very economical and sells about anything you will need.

Regular bus - A great way to get to know Prague. Download the Guidol app to your phone, and each time you refresh off the bus, the app will know your exact location and will let you listen to audio guides of things nearby.

Discounts - bring a student card.


Most of the designer stores and the known fashion chains are located on the main street of the city, Na Příkopě.

Down below is a link for shopping recommendations.

#Clubs and Entertainment

The area of the Wenceslas Square Prague nightlife concentrates - from bars to pubs, good clubs, to the Berlin-style underground scene.
In the Žižkov neighborhood (Praha 3), students and young people in Prague come to party.
For up to date recommendations - Click on the tag "Clubs in Prague".

#Electric Outlets

The required type of plug is only Type E.

A taste of the upcoming trip? - Here's a video that will show you the city in all its beauty:


Another Look:

#About the Cradle of Western Civilization

Athens is one of the most important cities in history. 3,500 years old, the city and location developed and gave birth to so much wisdom and innovation, so many things were done here for the first time, flattered by ideas that generations and cultures were based on, breathing and living without stopping.

This is the city where democracy was born, where western philosophy was invented, where theaters, tragedies, art and aesthetics were developed, and would be the base for European culture. Here the beginning of architecture starts, fighting technics, the model for imitation for the Romans and hundreds of thousands of other civilizations to follow. Here the sons and creators of the Renaissance and the later neo-classical streamed to.

But the significant innovation of Athens is undoubtedly social innovation. In Polis, the Greek city of Athens, the first ancient democracy was born in history. Although it was far from being a democracy in its modern sense, for the first time in the two hundred years after 500 BC, this Greek city was dominated by a general assembly of male citizens. This was the first democracy in the history of the human race, which, even if it does not equate with today's sophisticated democracies, with women's votes and equality for all citizens, must agree that it all began.

In fact, the democracy of Athens was a system of government which implemented a method that today we call "direct democracy." Athens democracy was created during the eighth century BC, when it moved to the civil status of citizens of the polis. This is for landowners and property in the city and this wonderful process they became social status was initially part of the government. During the 5th century BCE, this system of government was formed into what would be called "democracy," which means "rule of the people" in Greek.


Antiques - A full-price ticket to the Acropolis will allow you to enter many archaeological sites in Athens, including the Ancient Agora, the Roman, the Temple of Olympian Zeus and the Kerameikos Cemetery.

Antiques at the Metro Stations - If the museums are expensive then you can see lots of great antiques that have been discovered and displayed on the high floors of the following subway stations: Syntagma, Panepistimio, Acropolis and Monastiraki.

Museums - The tips of each museum indicate whether and when there are free days. In August there is also the August Full Moon, where museums open their doors for free.


For 8 GB internet data, and 500 minutes of called inside Greece, between 7 to 10 days in the country, buy the Vodaphone sim card for 20 euros.


In Athens, many traditional foods that these small taverns feature are outstanding.

The Tavernas will usually have a rich Greek meze - a collection of excellent Greek dishes.

After these Greek opening dishes, hot and characteristic dishes like the souvlaki or gyros (shishlik or shwarma in a cream and yogurt sauce with garlic, fresh onion and tomatoes), the musaka (a slice of eggplant slices and minced meat in a divine sauce), tzatziki (cucumbers cut finely in yogurt and with garlic crushed and dripping olive oil from above), sardines, the dolmadakia (small vine leaves filled with rice and seasoning that only Zeus knows), and the prime and the splendor of the creation - the Greek salad -so good, fresh vegetables, feta cheese, oil olive and oregano from above. Enjoy your meal!

Drink ouzo or ritzina - a kind of local wine enriched with pineapple and Greek coffee, which is black coffee or "parapha" (pronounced Fra-Pe) - cold, bitter and foamy and very tasty coffee.

So in Greece, there are ouzores, taverns, restaurants and music clubs. Everyone is eating and drinking a lot and good. And by the way, there are as many cafes right now, including those that used to be restaurants, and they stayed the same, but changed the name to a cafe. The reason? - Cafes charge less ...

A Closer Look at the Wonderful Greek Food:



From the airport, you can reach the metro from the blue line, within 40 minutes, during the day until midnight. 10 euros will get you directly to the Syntagma and Monastiraki stations.

The metro, in general, is a great tool to avoid city traffic.


If you want traditional Greek entertainment in Athens, you will find it in the Plaka neighborhood. The concentration of small clubs and successful bars will be in Monastiraki, Psirri, Kolonaki, and Gazi.


In Greek restaurants and cafes, it is customary to leave a 10% tip for a cheaper bill, and about 15% for a more expensive bill.

#Greece Country Code



In general, Ermou Street, leading from Syntagma Square to Monastiraki Square, is the main shopping street in Athens.

For more shopping sites, see the link below for recommendations.

#Electric Outlets

The possible types of plugs are Types C and F (see link attached below for photos).

A taste of the upcoming trip? - Here's a video that will show you the city in all its beauty:


A View from Above:


Cultural Points in the City:


#About the city of London
The capital city London is a mega city - a huge city that is one of the largest in the world. It covers 1,000 square kilometers and has 8.5 million residents.

In London, the best of Western culture was created. Great monarchic figures, from Henry VIII, through Queen Victoria, Elizabeth I and Elizabeth II. From here, warlords and legendary leaders from Wellington to Churchill determined and shaped the world we live in today. The greatest playwright in the history of the world theater, also worked, created, and directed groups of actors in London, William Shakespeare.

Among the somewhat grayish houses of this conservative, traditional city, among its great palaces and gardens, a vibrant young life developed, full of sounds and modern art. This is where the Beatles started the revolution in the world pop. From here Rock 'n Roll regiments were sent from England to invade American soil, where the mini skirt and the bikini swimwear were developed and adopted. Here the punks of the '70's operated, and today some of the most fascinating artists of modern art do their work.

Oh, and London operates the best public television station in the world, BBC, but who wants to watch TV when they are in London?

#UK Country Code

For public transportation - Buy an Oyster Card.
Most of the museums here are free. This is not only a huge money saver, but also a wonderful entertainment in this city.
Supermarket - the Asda and Tesco chains are cheap and very available. The first is very economical but not always pampering or luxurious, and the second is a bit more expensive, but still cost effective and offers a large variety of products.
Museums - some of the best museums in London are free and are amazing.
Tickets to musicals - tickets to musicals at cheap prices can be found at the cheap ticket stand in Lester Square.
Wanta wonderful and free view of all of London? Go to the Roof Garden on 120 Fenchurch street, and skip all the expensive viewpoints of the city.

Bus - a great way to get to know London.

Many things in London are free - click on the tag "Free in London" to find out more.

Buy a SIM card in one of the kiosks (not at the airport where it is the most expensive). You can buy SIMS for Vodafone and Three at their stores. EE in every kiosk you can buy a SIM with 5 GB for 15 pounds.

From the airport to the city - from Heathrow or Luton you can arrive by train in less than an hour to Kings Cross. From Stansted airport there is a train and metro, or a bus that arrives at the center of London in about an hour or two, depending on traffic. From Gatwick there is an Easybus or private cars.

In the city it is recommended to buy an Oyster card, saves a lot and easy to use in the tube, or regular bus, giving the option to see the city from above. For special rides it is better to get an Uber.

For departures from Luton a half hour train or Easybus is very cheap.


It is worth to stay at the West End in the center and the Camden area that is cheaper and still central.

#Must See
Want to see the most popular destinations? - Click on the tag "Must see in London".

#With Children
Family Vacation? - Click on the tag "Attractions for children in London".

Unforgettable meal? - Click on the tag "Must eat in London".

In most European countries service fees are already included in the check, so it is customary to give a 2 euro tip, regardless of the price of the check itself.

Two great shopping spots are Oxford Street and the Westfield London - the largest mall in Western Europe, which has the quantity and variety parallel to those of Oxford Street.

Want the best places to shop in London? Click on the tag "Shopping in London".


Want events happening now? In the link below.

For entertainment places in the city click on the tag "Entertainment in London".

#Electric Outlets
The required type of plug is only Type G.

A taste of the upcoming trip? - Here's a video that will show you the city in all its beauty:

And one more:

Some of the Local street food:

#About the City of Paris

The beauty of Paris is exciting from the first second. In Paris, it is not picturesque like Amsterdam, or restraint like London. If those are quiet city capitals, Paris is the one that stops your heart from beating and takes your breath away. Admirers of Paris have said that even 77 years will not be enough time to soak in its beauty.

The big cathedrals, the fantastic squares, the spectacular streets and the magical gardens, the impressive palaces, the elegant houses, the shopping displays and the warm cafes - everything here lets you know that you have arrived to Paris, the most beautiful and seductive cities in the world.

#Must See
Want to see the most popular destinations? - Click on the tag "Must see in Paris".

#With Children
Family Vacation? - Click on the tag "Attractions for Children in Paris".

Unforgettable meal? - Click on the tag "Must eat in Paris".

In most European countries service fees are already included in the check, so it is customary to give a 2 euro tip, regardless of the price of the check itself.

#Paris Country Code

For public transportation - Buy an free pass for the duration of your trip. The weekly pass Navigo is excellent for a week in the city, and there are longer times available as well. Traveling for less days? -Check the RATP card.
Supermarket - the Monoprix chain is cheap and reliable, it is economical, and the French do a lot of their grocery shopping there.
Museums – many museums have free entrances on the first Sunday of every month. Include the Luvre, d'Orsay, Versailles, Cluny, Orangerie, Rodan, and more. Children under the age of 18 enter museum for free. Students and seniors also have discounts.
Picnics - a wonderful way to save money and eat. Buy fresh are the local markets and eat in the surrounding parks.
Renting an apartment - in Paris staying an apartments saves a considerate amount of money.
Free Wi-fi - Not all over the city, but there are a lot of hotspots spread around. Map: www.paris.fr/wifi

You will be able to find a lot of good things at Primark. If you are looking for really cheap, then the chain TATI is the place, and if offers a big variety of clothing from the East and from third world countries. You need a lot of patience to find good things here and for the long lines, to be like the French, bring your own bags, so when you talk around people won't know you shopped at TATI's.
See below a link for shopping recommendations in Paris.

#Clubs and entertainment
A good club is the Point Ephemere. Another is a techno club, the Rex Club, the underground Social Club, and the electronic music club Le Nouveau Casina.
Tickets for sporting events and concerts can be found at www.fnac.fr

#Electric Outlets
The required type are Type C or Type E. Type F will only work here if there is a third hole in the outlet.

#A Taste of the Upcoming Trip? - Here's a video That Will Show you the City in All its Beauty:


#A Bit From the Local Kitchen:


אֵאוּרִיקַה - האנציקלופדיה של הסקרנות!

העולם הוא צבעוני ומופלא, אאוריקה כאן בשביל שתגלו אותו...

אלפי נושאים, תמונות וסרטונים, מפתיעים, מסקרנים וממוקדים.

ניתן לנווט בין הפריטים במגע, בעכבר, בגלגלת, או במקשי המקלדת

בואו לגלות, לחקור, ולקבל השראה!

אֵאוּרִיקַה - האנציקלופדיה של הסקרנות!

נראה שכבר הכרתם את אאוריקה. בטח כבר גיליתם כאן דברים מדהימים, אולי כבר שאלתם שאלות וקיבלתם תשובות טובות.
נשמח לראות משהו מכם בספר האורחים שלנו: איזו מילה טובה, חוות דעת, עצה חכמה לשיפור או כל מה שיש לכם לספר לנו על אאוריקה, כפי שאתם חווים אותה.