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Downtown Los Angeles
#About the Quarter

The city's business and government district, Downtown, is one of the areas declared as a historic park. At the end of the 19th century, the Mexican settlement of Los Angeles was established in this area. Who then thought that years later it would become one of the largest and most prominent cities in the United States.

Today, most of the city's regional and municipal structures are concentrated in this area, which constitutes an urban and financial center and home to various ethnic neighborhoods. In addition, the area has enjoyed an impressive culinary boom in recent years - a lot of new and creative restaurants that emphasize local produce have been opened, the popular bars are full especially in the evening, and plenty of inviting food stands.

If you start walking around a bit, you can see various points of interest: the impressive city hall (yes, the one that became a star in Superman's film), the Union Railway Station (which also became a set in films like Blade Runner, The Italian Job and Pearl Harbor). Here you can also see MOCA Museum branches, Little Tokyo and Chinatown.

Traveling around downtown:

City Hall
City Hall
#About the City Hall that Starred in a Blockbuster

The City Hall of Los Angeles is in the Civic Center. The skyscraper was built in 1928 in the Art Deco style and is 138 meters high, with 28 floors.

The Mayor of Los Angeles arrives at his office here on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10:00 am. On the 17th floor there is an open public view from Monday to Friday at the opening hours.

Remember, by the way, the scenes of the editorial board of the newspaper "Daily Planet" by Lois Lane and Clark Kent from the movie "Superman"? So yes, this building starred in the film and served as a backdrop for quite a few scenes.

In 1976 the building was declared a historic-cultural monument of Los Angeles.

A Closer Look at Los Angeles City Hall:

MOCA Grand Avenue Museum
MOCA Grand Avenue Museum
#About the Museum of Contemporary Art of Los Angeles

The MOCA Grand Avenue or Museum of Contemporary Art is an important museum designed by architect Arata Isozaki. This is one of two branches of the MOCA Museum, located in downtown Los Angeles.

The museum focuses on the display of works of art created after 1940, from all fields of art, and their preservation for future generations. In addition, the museum supports the creation of new art, whether by presenting the works of the artists or by means of assistance and scholarships.

The red stone building was inaugurated in 1987. Among the artists whose works are displayed are; Jackson Pollock, Jasper Jones, Andy Warhol, Mark Rothko, Robert Rauschenberg and Klaas Oldenburg and many others.


Admission to the museum is free every Thursday from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm and for children under the age of 12.

Closer Look:

The Broad
The Broad
#About the Museum of Modern Art in Los Angeles

The Broad Museum in central Los Angeles is right next to the modern Walt Disney Hall. It was founded by billionaire Eli Broad, founder of AIG insurance company and the world's leading contemporary art collectors.

The museum, located on Grand Avenue in the center of the city, was built at a cost of $140 million. Here is the vast collection of Broad and his wife, Edith, with spectacular works, including those of the famous banal objects artist, Jeff Koons, Lichtenstein and Basquiat. Here you can see pop art icons and famous modern works, including the balloon dog and the colorful tulips of Koons, the huge dining table and the four impressive chairs of Robert Therrien, over 100 photographs of Cindy Sherman, Warhol's prints, paintings by Jasper Jones and the intriguing infinity room, with the "Mirror Room" by the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama.

No less fascinating here is the magnificent and modernist structure, with the natural light that enters it and illuminates the many works.


Admission to the museum is free.

Book tickets online as soon as possible. The waiting list is of months and this will prevent aggravation and save time at the entrance.

A Closer Look:


Under Tharian's table:


Downtown Los Angeles

Walt Disney Concert Hall
Walt Disney Concert Hall
#About the Concert Hall

If you are Disney or music fan - this is the place that perfectly combines the two. The Walt Disney Concert Hall is the home of the Philharmonic Symphony of Los Angeles and is a part of the complex for stage arts of Los Angeles.

Here you can see many different concerts - starting from classical music, and jazz, and other worldly tunes. Many times there are special showings here of movies with live music, performed by very talents musicians. There are also free concerts that take place here.

The hall itself is incredible, with outstanding acoustics. It is well designed, and impressive inside and out. The hall itself looks like a huge sailing boat. It was established in 2003, after 16 years of planning by architect Frank Gehry (the same man who designed the famous Guggenheim Museum).

You are welcome to come for guided tours that the hall offers, however, if you want to see the main hall you will need to purchase tickets to one of the shows.

A View from Above:

MOCA Geffen Contemporary
MOCA Geffen Contemporary
#About the Small Museum for Contemporary Art

The MOCA Geffen Contemporary, or MOCA Geffen for short, is a small museum. In the past it was called the Contemporary Museum and it is great, especially for modern art enthusiasts.

The MOCA Geffen was planned by the American architect Frank Gehry. It is located in a building that used to be a parking lot for police cars. The museum spaces are huge, and befitting the kinds of installations that are shown here.

The MOCA Geffen shows fascinating collections of modern art and has a wide variety of temporary exhibits that change often. To see when exhibits are showing at the museum visit the museum website attached below.

The entrance to the museum is free every Thursday between 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm, as well as for children under the age of 12.

A Closer Look:


Another Look:

L.A. Live
L.A. Live
#About L.A. Live

LA Live in Los Angeles is the center of things in downtown Los Angeles. There seems to be everything here, branding itself as "the most enjoyable place on earth." Theaters, 14 cinemas, museums, including the excellent Grammy Museum, 6 concert halls, a boxing center, ice skating rink, bars, restaurants, hotels and more.

The place, as its name is, is always alive and vibrant. Here something almost always happens. You can often encounter the premiere of an important Hollywood movie, the Staples Center game of the Lakers, the Clippers, the Kings or the Sparks, or even a live show.

And by the way, almost always when there is a show thats live, you can stand outside, in front of the Staples Center, and watch its huge screens broadcast what is happening inside.

A Visit:


In the Winter it Becomes an Ice Skating Rink:

El Pueblo
El Pueblo
#The Park that Perpetuates the History of the City of Angels

So right, many of the tourists who come to Los Angeles are naturally drawn to the more glamorous parts of the area. But the truth is that in downtown Los Angeles, too, there are points worth considering. One of them is the historic park to El Pueblo, which covers 180 hectares.

In the park you can learn about the early days of the glorious city, then it was still a modest settlement and not a huge and powerful metropolis. Here you can see the historical buildings that were preserved from the early days of the city, which was actually founded in 1781. 44 American settlers came here after a journey of more than 1,600 kilometers (from northern Mexico) and established an agricultural community that is going to be the city of Los Angeles. Learn about the different cultures of the American, Spaniards, Anglo-Saxons, Mexicans, Chinese, Italians and French - all who contributed to the early history of the city, and note the Mexican style that governs the design and planning of the buildings.

One of the area's main attractions is Olvera Street. It is a narrow little street that was restored in 1930 and turned into a Mexican market. The entire street is full of shops and stalls with Mexican handicrafts - from leather belts and handbags to decorated Mexican dishes. In the compound you can also see some churches, a fire department, theater and more.

#A Closer Look at the Park:


#Olvera Street:


Pacific Dinning Car
Pacific Dining Car
#About the Elegant Bubble from the Beginning of the Last Century

Pacific Dining Car is an excellent restaurant set in a 1920's train car. This diner serves breakfast all day long and is simply delicious.

This is where they used to meet in the past, and perhaps even present, local gang leaders, juicy steaks and fat cigars. Here threats were made, hands shaken, summaries concluded, and the fate of gangs, business owners, corrupt politicians, and general prosecutors pressed.

But if the walls knew how to speak, our taste buds would listen here too. Because this restaurant is known for its 24-hour breakfasts. If you order the Benedictine-style creole (Creole Benedict) you will not miss - it is excellent if not legendary.

A Visit:

#About the Chinese Neighborhood of Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Chinatown is a tourist destination that brings to the stage the Chinese and Asian cultures into American cities. Like in many large cities in the United States where there are many Chinese immigrants, in Los Angeles as well you can find the local Chinatown.

This area you will be able to recognize in an instant, thanks to the different facade of the houses - from skyscrapers and modern buildings, the view will suddenly change to more traditional Chinese style houses. Chinese writings, Chinese products, shoes, and clothes - this is actually a large and colorful market where you will be wrapped in smells, sounds, and the local Chinese community.

If you like the local traditions, you will be able to sit and drink a cup of real Chinese tea in traditional tea sets, buy healing herbs and traditional medicine, clothes, furniture, art pieces, as well as eat at the many Chinese restaurants, and Thai and Vietnamese restaurants.

A Closer Look at the Neighborhood:

Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels
#About the Modern Cathedral of Los Angeles

Unlike the other cathedrals you have probably encountered, the Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels is a new addition to the landscape of Downtown Los Angeles and does not have a history for decades.

The building was designed by Spanish architect Jose Rafael Moneo and built to last 500 years. It was opened to the public in 2002. Moneo combined traditional European motifs into a modern and new structure.

It caused quite a few controversies due to its interesting design, the high costs required to complete the building, and the Archbishop's decision to store over 1,200 corpses on shelves in the church basement.

Inside the cathedral is a natural light that enters through the large windows and above the altar is a bright and impressive cross. If you go down to the Crypt Museum, you can see the city's previous cathedral, built in 1876 and damaged by an earthquake in 1994.

The large bronze doors at the front of the building were created by the sculptor Robert Graham, who also sculpted the statue of Our Lady with the angels guarding it from above.

The Cathedral from the Outside:


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