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El Pueblo

El Pueblo
El Pueblo
#The Park that Perpetuates the History of the City of Angels

So right, many of the tourists who come to Los Angeles are naturally drawn to the more glamorous parts of the area. But the truth is that in downtown Los Angeles, too, there are points worth considering. One of them is the historic park to El Pueblo, which covers 180 hectares.

In the park you can learn about the early days of the glorious city, then it was still a modest settlement and not a huge and powerful metropolis. Here you can see the historical buildings that were preserved from the early days of the city, which was actually founded in 1781. 44 American settlers came here after a journey of more than 1,600 kilometers (from northern Mexico) and established an agricultural community that is going to be the city of Los Angeles. Learn about the different cultures of the American, Spaniards, Anglo-Saxons, Mexicans, Chinese, Italians and French - all who contributed to the early history of the city, and note the Mexican style that governs the design and planning of the buildings.

One of the area's main attractions is Olvera Street. It is a narrow little street that was restored in 1930 and turned into a Mexican market. The entire street is full of shops and stalls with Mexican handicrafts - from leather belts and handbags to decorated Mexican dishes. In the compound you can also see some churches, a fire department, theater and more.

#A Closer Look at the Park:


#Olvera Street:


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