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Strahinića Bana
Strahinića Bana
#About the Bar Street in Belgrade

Strahinića Bana, known locally as Silicon Avenue, is the city's main street of bars.

This is where the beautiful, young and celebratory people of Belgrade come to see and be seen, drink, dance and celebrate life.

Here are the most decorated and luxurious bars, cafes and pubs in Belgrade.
#About the Bohemian Quarter of Belgrade

Almost every big city has such an area - a neighborhood, or a complex with a concentration of small restaurants, bars, cafés and lively and vibrant entertainment venues. In Belgrade, this is a lively and popular urban pedestrian mall filled with good food, coffee, beer and music, alongside intriguing galleries and shops. Here we are having fun!

At the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, Skadarlija Street began to develop as the Bohemian region of the Serbian capital. Even then, here was the place where Bulgarian intellectuals and artists used to meet, to spend time and sometimes to live and create.

Indeed, to this day the Skadarlija quarter, continues its stone-paved streets and special lighting at night, to be the Bohemian Quarter of Belgrade. This is where many young people in Belgrade spend their evenings.

More than once we compare this pleasant, Balinese neighborhood with its creative, artistic and bohemian atmosphere to the Montmartre area of ​​Paris. Indeed, alongside galleries and design shops and antiques, the Quarter offers a variety of restaurants, cafés and cozy entertainment venues.

You should come here in the evening, but also during the day. Try both times of the day for the special character and aesthetics, and also to absorb the wonderful atmosphere that prevails here. A tour of the pleasant, evening-time district is real Bulgairan entertainment.
Grand Casino Beograd
Grand Casino Belgrade
#About Belgrade's Magnificent Gambling House

The Grand Casino of Belgrade, is a giant gambling house with hundreds of slot machines, gambling tables and "gambling cheerleading" facilities for guests.

On two giant floors, what can be considered a gambling paradise is interpreted here. This casino is considered one of the largest and most prestigious casinos in Eastern Europe and is run according to international standards.

Just remember - the house always wins!

A Closer Look:


The Design:


An Ad:

#About the Cool Center for the Young People of Belgrade

In the Ottoman period there was a neighborhood called Dorćol, a sort of trade center for the city, with a high cultural variety. Already in those days this area was the main trading center of Belgrade.

In our day, this beautiful and graceful neighborhood has kept the hustle and bustle of the multicultural encounter. A random stroll through the neighborhood reveals a labyrinth of ancient buildings, alongside modern buildings.

In the last years, Dorćol has received the standing as one of the centers of the nightlife of Belgrade. There are many nice bars, restaurants, and nice cafes, such as Cafe Ipanema, on Strahinjica Bana 68 Street.

The meaning of the name of the neighborhood, means "four ways" in Turkish, hints at the four roads that support the surrounding area.


Looking for cool bars? Try the bars Nachos or Insomnia.

A Closer Look in Winter:


Entertainment in Belgrade

#About the Club

Even if it is not the only one, the Freestyler is the hot spot of the city of Belgrade. This is a popular and popular club, with excellent music, a wonderful and liberated atmosphere, a huge wide area and an excellent bar.

By the way, we are also told about the Tilt, a strong competing club that is catching up. Try it out as well and update us on which of them you liked most. In addition to them there are many more clubs in the city, which ensures that even if you stay in the city for a long time you will not have to go twice to the same place.


Get a Glimpse:

Beton Hala
Beton Hala
#About the Central Club Complex of Belgrade

The Beton Hala area on the banks of the Sava River, offers the hottest clubs of Belgrade and is considered the most popular entertainment area in the city.

"Concrete", in Hebrew "concrete hall", was named after the gray concrete platforms on the banks of the river. But the clubs that are located in the hangars on these platforms are not gray today. These are some of the most glamorous places where lively and colorful events, parties and parties are held, hot and attractive, central to the Belgrade nightlife.

Club club, hall hall - the design here is invested, modern and sweet, not to mention very trendy. Through the dim lights you will see large murals, minimalist and chic furniture, and bartenders pour cocktails, under the walls of colorful bars, designed and overburdened with a variety of bottles.

In the summer everything happens on the bar terraces, with views of the river and under the sky. In the winter hangars surround the dancers, who spend, eat and drink. Lots of drink here. Lots!

Want to enjoy a double experience - come on weekends, when the area is full and glittering.

A Close and inside view:


A Few More Clubs Here:


The Renewal Plans of the Complex:

National Theatre in Belgrade
National Theatre in Belgrade
#About the Stunning Structure of the National Theater in Belgrade

For 150 years, the Serbian National Theater, located in the National Theater in Belgrade, has been one of the most prominent buildings in the city. It was built in 1869 and became the cultural center of Belgrade.

Inside, this theater has 4 levels, a beautiful painted ceiling, stunning classic design, private cabins for the rich and noble and a changeable stage, depending on the type of the show.

Yes, the National Theater in Belgrade centers all the performing arts in one place. It has various performances including theater, ballet and opera. Evening entertainment in one of the shows will give you an unforgettable evening.

Even those who are not interested in such an evening can book a tour of the theater, including a tour of the building, a backstage visit, a costume store and a small museum below, and even a small performance, with a glass of wine in hand.


If you are a lover of culture and the arts stage, come here. The expensive seats are also not expensive in European terms, and the opera and dance performances are not Serbian and understandable to all.

Buy tickets in advance.

On the lower floor there is a small museum, worth a visit, of the building and its history.

Inside View:


The ballet "The Nutcracker":

#About the Neighborhood that was Swallowed up by Belgrade

The Zemun neighborhood is a great place with historical touches and nice people. Zemun is located on the Danube River. This neighborhood, once a picturesque town near Belgrade, was annexed to it in 1934 and became part of the capital of Serbia, one of the 17 districts of the city. A rich town in old buildings, it is one of the most pleasant places to visit workshops and small shops in Belgrade.

Originally the Zemun neighborhood was an ancient outpost of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, located on the Danube. Over the years it became a peaceful town and eventually was swallowed up by the city of Belgrade spreading in all directions. And it is still fun to stroll through its authentic streets or experience the nightlife here.

Although since 1934 it has been an inseparable part of the city of Belgrade, Zemun residents still consider it a city in itself and are proud of their unique mentality and culture.

You are invited to get lost in the streets of the Zemun neighborhood, on sidewalks and stone paved streets and romantic alleys, dine in one of the many fish restaurants or just sit in one of the cafes or riverside bars and enjoy the tranquility that is not as great in the big city.

In the winter, when the neighborhood fills with snow, it becomes even more picturesque and magical - a fascinating and beautiful experience in itself.


An evening stroll along the charming promenade along the river will meet you with cute fish restaurants and cozy cafes. After that you can drink and enjoy the colorful bars and enjoy a modern, tasteful past.

A Look at the Pleasant Neighborhood:


At the Beach:


Knez Mihailova
#About the Shopping Center in the Main Walkway of the City

Each city has a central street that everyone who comes to visit must come to it. In Belgrade, this is Knez Mihailova Street, or rather the Knez Mihailova pedestrian mall.

It is the main shopping street of Belgrade and one of the busiest areas of the city, throughout the day. There are many shops with international clothing brands, fashion chains, souvenir shops and gifts.

In between you can sit in the cafes here and eat ice cream. During the tourist season the pedestrian mall is paved with street artists and talented musicians who perform music in a variety of styles.

The street was named for the prince of Serbia, Michael II. It contains several buildings and mansions built during the 19th century and preserved to this day.

Even if you are not shopping, the trip to the pedestrian mall in Mihailova is a great time during the trip to Belgrade. In the evenings you can also spend time in the night clubs and bars in the alleyways.


Many of the buildings in the walkway

Men have an option to buy suits and blazers at good prices.

In the Day:


In the Evening:


How it Looks Towards Christmas:


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