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Wan Chai
Wan Chai
#About the Area in Hong Kong for Bars and Pubs

Wan Chai is an area for pubs and bars in Hong Kong. Here you can hang out at night, drinking with friends, in a light and fun atmosphere.

It is worth it to go to The Wanch pub, of the more well-known nightlife places in Hong Kong and a place is known for pop music performances every night.

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A Band Performing in the Wanch Pub:

Hong Kong
Lan Kwai Fong
#Abought Hong Kong's Nightlife Center

Law Kwai Fong, nicknamed "The Fong," is one of the happening places in Hong Kong nightlife. Every evening thousands of young people flow in here for night time entertainment.

Law Kwai Fong is built as a pedestrian walkway, crowded with night clubs and fancy restaurants. There are many alleyways around, that surround the main street called D'Aguilar Street. There is a concentrated area of clubs and restaurants, pubs, bars, and more.

Given Hong Kong's presence in the Asian movie scene, endless scenes have been shot here for all types of movies. The nightlife here is so famous, that the street and restaurant signs will look familiar to you.

In Law Kwai Fong there are many carnivals and celebrations, especially during big holidays and celebrations, like Christmas, Halloween, New Year's Eve, and the local beer festival.


Recommended clubs - Volar and Tazmania Ballroom are popular and hip.

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#About the Center for Artists and Designers

For young fashion designers, PMQ on Hollywood Road is a center for modern fashion design. Here young designers can create small businesses in this industry.

In the past, there was the Royal College here, and before that a camp for police officers.

The place was abandoned 50 years ago, until it turned into the hipster and trendy place it is today.

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Avenue of Stars
Avenue of Stars
#About the Avenue of Stars on the Ocean Promenade

Just like in Los Angeles and Cannes, the Hong Kong Avenue of Stars also offers the local stars for theater and entertainment. There are international stars like Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan which many will probably recognize, but many of the stars are not recognized outside of China and Hong Kong.

The Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong is located on the shoreline and near the Hong Kong Harbour. Come here for a nice walk with the sea breeze, and enjoy the city view from the impressive landscape.

As the local interpretation of the Wall of Fame in Hollywood, you can pass between statues, handprints of stars on the ground, and a real bonus - across is an incredible view of the promenade and the entire city of Hong Kong.

On the promenade you can see statues of characters like Bruce Lee - the world-renowned Kung Fu movie star.


If you arrive here in the evening hours, you can enjoy a great light show, in collaboration with dozens of skyscrapers on the island. The Guinness Book of World Records decided that it is the largest light show in the world.

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Entertainment in Hong Kong

Must See
#About the Young and Trendy Region of Hong Kong

Like so many Soho complexes around the world, Soho in Hong Kong is particularly chic and trendy. In its restaurants, cafes and luxury bars, many islanders sit every night drinking cocktails, eating delicacies in Asia's business capital.

In fact, around Soho are the world's longest escalators. They include 14 escalators that rise and fall from a height of 800 meters and facilitate transportation congestion in the city. The escalators take people from the residential area in the mountains e very morning, to the business and commerce area below, by the sea.

The young Soho area was actually constructed around these escalators. It was the topography of the island that made Soho the center of Hong Kong's elite, as the entertainment area developed around the busy escalators.

And so, before the locals come home, from a busy day in the office and after an afternoon beer on the sidewalk, the locals are shopping here for what they need. Therefore you will find quite a few street food stalls around, along with chic shops, art galleries and an active and pleasant market.


The center of attention is below the first escalator.

To Soho, it is also recommended to reach the capital of the afternoon.

For a good coffee shop and restaurant try TeaWood Taiwanese Café & Restaurant. Worthwhile street food you can find at Max's Noodle, featuring excellent dim sum and dumpling.

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Nathan Road
Nathan Road
#About the Central Shopping Street in Kowloon

Nathan Road in Hong Kong is the main street in Kowloon, the main and wide shopping street. This street is the center of everything, and at its southern point is the famous Hong Kong "Green Mile."

On both sides of Nathan Road there are many stores and restaurants. This is a busy street where everything is sold - from luxury items to phones, and knock off watches, cheap gadgets, clothes, and personally tailored suits ready in one day. Don't get us started on the pampering, like massages, spas, and more.

In this street you will find many great eating options - from food stalls with excellent traditional food, and gourmet restaurants in fancy hotels that are planted all along the street.

Nathan Road is 5 kilometers long. It is named after the British governor of Hong Kong, Sir Matthew Nathan. Sir Nathan is the one who broke the way to turning the road into this wide street, which earned him then mainly mockery and anger on the part of the local residents. In retrospect, it turned out that he had created one of the most successful streets in the city and today "Nathan Road" is one of the most important local institutions in the city.

#About the Golden Mile

The southern side of "Nathan Road" is more commonly known as the Golden Mile. This is one of the places with the most expensive real estate in the world. Here live those who have to live near Kowloon.

The Golden Mile and Nathan Road in Kowloon are crowded with people, who visit among hundreds of stores that sell electronics, gadgets, and cameras.

With the noise of honking and loud music that blast from the stores, even when street prostitutes offer endless nonsense and deceit, and even dripping from the air conditioners interferes with walking on the street - here many buy their clothes, shoes, and jewelry. Here, too, men visit tailors, who make great suits, well priced, tailor made, and in just one day!


It is not sure that Nathan Road is the most recommended shopping street in the city. There are many fakes here, and the prices are not cheap, and some form the things offered here to tourists are questionable.

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Luxury Hotels on Nathan Road:

#About the Largest Floating Restaurant in the World

Jumbo in the Aberdeen neighborhood in south Hong Kong, is the largest floating restaurant in history. With a few floors for dining, it is a real tourist attraction.

Thanks to the great menu and the traditional Chinese decorations, Jumbo, established in 1976, has won world-renowned fame. At the entrance is a souvenir store, and near the store an aquarium for good luck. There is also a gallery with pictures of famous diners, including Hollywood stars, and Elizabeth II, the Queen of England.

The largest floating restaurant in the world has its own ferry, The Jumbo Ferry, that takes the customers for free to the restaurant, and returns then back to shore.
To enjoy the great restaurant, get on board one of the floors of the restaurant. This is not a chef restaurant, however the food is high quality and tasty, and the main reason to dine at Jumbo's is first and foremost to visit the impressive float.


Reserve a table in advance, in the link attached below.

If you want a relaxing meal with a good view, go up to the top deck of the restaurant. Sit at the corner or the deck and enjoy a beautiful view with your meal.

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Symphony of Lights
A Symphony of Lights
#About the Largest Light Show in the World

"A Symphony of Lights" is the name of the famous light show of Hong Kong, attracting tourists from all over the world. The show combines lights and colors, laser beams and matching music.

The spectacular multimedia free experience is shown daily on the Kowloon promenade. The Guinness Book of World Records considers the show the largest consistent light-sound show in the world. Dozens of skyscrapers in the city are decorated and lit up, from both sides of Victoria Harbour - Hong Kong Island as well as Kowloon.


Watching the light show is free.

With the show you can combine a walk on the promenade that overlooks Victoria Harbour, or add romance by watching the light show from the desk of a ferry that floats around in the harbor.

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