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The Grove
The Grove
#About the Cool Shopping Center of Los Angeles

Like many of the malls in modern cities, in Los Angeles as well, the malls are all covered. But The Grove is the exception, since it is an open mall, a secret part of its magic.

In the center of The Grove stands a large dancing fountain, where various water performances take place every evening. Although there are only 50 stores here, there are a wide range of stores, including Apple, Abercrombie & Fitch, Barney's New York and more.

In the complex there is a train that rotates all the time. The Grove also has a successful movie theater, a farmers' market, and a large Christmas tree is set up in Christmas. Many people in the city, among them many celebrities who are often followed by paparazzi photographers, come here to see, to be seen, to eat, to buy and often enjoy these open performances, which are offered here to visitors.

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Hollywood Bowl
Hollywood Bowl
#About the Wonderful Acoustic Shell

About 17,000 seats await you at the famous Hollywood Bowl Amphitheater, which hosts hundreds of concerts and diverse music events each year and serves as the home of the Hollywood Bowl and the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra.

Over the years, many famous artists have appeared here, such as The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, The Doors, Elton John and many others.

The amphitheater was built in 1922 and to this day it looks more or less the same. It is built on the hills of Hollywood, not far above which stands the famous Hollywood sign. The shell that was built on the stage was built by architect Lloyd Wright. Although it was a great acoustic success, the audience did not like it, especially because it looked too modern for its environment.

In 1929 the dome, which became the symbol of the place, was built in the form of a large white hemisphere. When sounds like the movements of cars and airplanes increased over the years and hindered performances there, great efforts were made to improve the acoustics of the dome. In 2004, the new and larger dome that you see today was also presented. Inside it is a large ring on which the lighting and amplification equipment are installed for performances and television cameras. In addition, the rear wall that "breaks" the shape of the ball has been added to the dome over the years.
Dolby Theatre
Dolby Theatre
#About the Place Where the Oscar Awards are Distributed

Since its opening in 2001, the Dolby Theater, formerly known as the Kodak Theater, has hosted the annual and glamorous Oscar ceremony. Then all the great Hollywood filmmakers come here and present themselves to dozens of cameras and photographers, interested in every detail, including personal or at least gossip.

The rest of the year it serves as a hall for performances, official ceremonies, concerts, reality shows, "America's Got Talent" and dance performances. It is located in Hollywood in the Highland entertainment complex on Hollywood Boulevard and North Highland Avenue.

In its external design, this theater is misleading. Although it was designed and built at the beginning of the 21st century, its façade is much more typical of the architecture of the 1920's and the 20th century.

The interior design of the theater includes decorated columns displaying the names of the films entitled "Best Films." There are quite a few places for future winners of this prize.

On other evenings, by the way, it is hard to recognize that here is the sparkling ceremony for the entire world to see. A few days before the glittering Oscar event, a golden cloak covers the theater. The sign is replaced in the Dolby Theater, and the corridors and steps to the building are covered with the famous red carpet.

Tickets for a guided tour of the Oscar Hall and the rest of the building from inside can be purchased at the ticket office.

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And a tour of it:


And a 360-degree view of the Oscar red carpet:

Abbot Kinney
Abbot Kinney
#About the Pleasant Entertainment Area off Venice Beach

Want to spend time in Venice? - Abbot Kinney Avenue is a long palm-lined avenue that presents what is considered the true magic of Los Angeles.

With palm trees, art galleries, shops and excellent restaurants, this is the main street of Venice, a street inspired by the Italian city of Venice. Just like the Italian Venice, there are water canals and little bridges on Abbott Kinney Avenue.

Abbott Kinney is not far from Venice Beach. Everything you find in it will be unique. From the pleasant vintage shops, the stylish cafes, the excellent ice cream parlors, the boutiques and designer boutiques, the galleries with fascinating artworks, trendy restaurants and unique art stalls - it is no wonder that on the weekends and evenings, the area is full of interests.


On weekends, the area is crowded and sometimes too crowded. If you can, come in the middle of the week and enjoy a truly delightful experience.

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Entertainment in Los Angeles

Melrose Ave
Melrose Ave
#About the Real Life Melrose Ave

It is no coincident that the name Melrose Ave is familiar to you. This is the name of the famous TV show, Melrose Place, that was filmed here and became a famous shopping center, especially because of the attractive prices that it offers locals and tourists. Most of the locals that come here are young adults and teenagers.

Melrose Ave is actually a large shopping avenue, where you can find everything - starting from vintage clothing stores and luxury items, named brands, alternative stores, record stores, and galleries.

In Melrose Ave, you will find stores with medium to cheap prices. For those interested in more luxury brands, there is the more expensive area a little after Fairfax Ave. There are stores like Dash, the Kardashian's family store.

Among the stores, you can see the local cafes and the residents that leisurely pass their time. More in the avenue - art galleries, theaters, pubs, and restaurants.


There is no train on this avenue, and you welcome to get a taxi or order an Uber.

Be sure not to miss the Pink Hotdog located on the corner of a Brea Avenue.

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Universal City Walk
Universal City Walk
#About the Festive Shopping Promenade and Entertainment for the Whole Family

Universal City Walk is a long promenade that has shopping and entertainment. Its location is right next to the Universal Studios amusement park. This ties the Universal City Walk for what happens in the successful park dedicated to cinema.

So, if you live by the cinema, and like the popular merchandise for movies, this is the right place for you. The Universal City Walk offers dozens of stores, all having to do with cinema and the world of movies.

Imagine a vibrant and lively area, with my stores, merchandise and clothes from famous Hollywood movies. Around you will be surrounded by street artists performing live shows. In the City Walk there are also a variety of souvenirs stores from movies. There are movies theaters around, clubs, bars, pubs, cafes, and restaurants. Everything is in one street, lit up, colorful and large, just like America knows to offer.


The prices here are not very expensive, but they are not cheap either.

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L.A. Live
L.A. Live
#About L.A. Live

LA Live in Los Angeles is the center of things in downtown Los Angeles. There seems to be everything here, branding itself as "the most enjoyable place on earth." Theaters, 14 cinemas, museums, including the excellent Grammy Museum, 6 concert halls, a boxing center, ice skating rink, bars, restaurants, hotels and more.

The place, as its name is, is always alive and vibrant. Here something almost always happens. You can often encounter the premiere of an important Hollywood movie, the Staples Center game of the Lakers, the Clippers, the Kings or the Sparks, or even a live show.

And by the way, almost always when there is a show thats live, you can stand outside, in front of the Staples Center, and watch its huge screens broadcast what is happening inside.

A Visit:


In the Winter it Becomes an Ice Skating Rink:

Santa Monica
Santa Monica Pier
#About the Pleasant Coastal Town

Along the Pacific Ocean stands Santa Monica, a beautiful and quiet beach town with a pleasant promenade, restaurants and cafés where many sit, volleyball courts with amateur and sometimes professional players, a children's playground and a "chess park" reminiscent of the square Washington Square in New York.

The beaches of Santa Monica are certainly known from the movies and series that are filmed here and include scenes filled with young surfers, shapely rescuers, pristine beaches with a lonely lifeguard hut, plenty of sun, sea, and sunshine.

Santa Monica itself was established in 1886 and named after the mother of Augustine - the Christian Santa Monica.

Its almost Mediterranean climate and exact location made it one of the most recognized and leading places among vacationers in the early 20th century. As a result of the growing numbers of tourists here, the city experienced a significant flowering during the 1980's. Pedestrians can enjoy the pleasant promenade, where shops and restaurants, designer stalls, street performances and what not, are located. You can also rent hiking or cycling equipment and children will enjoy the Pacific Park amusement park on the pier.

In the Hippodrome lies the legendary turnstile which is housed in a structure with a unique design from the past of Santa Monica. If you have time to get on it - it's a memento from other times, especially naive and nostalgic.

Santa Monica Tour:


Walt Disney Concert Hall
Walt Disney Concert Hall
#About the Concert Hall

If you are Disney or music fan - this is the place that perfectly combines the two. The Walt Disney Concert Hall is the home of the Philharmonic Symphony of Los Angeles and is a part of the complex for stage arts of Los Angeles.

Here you can see many different concerts - starting from classical music, and jazz, and other worldly tunes. Many times there are special showings here of movies with live music, performed by very talents musicians. There are also free concerts that take place here.

The hall itself is incredible, with outstanding acoustics. It is well designed, and impressive inside and out. The hall itself looks like a huge sailing boat. It was established in 2003, after 16 years of planning by architect Frank Gehry (the same man who designed the famous Guggenheim Museum).

You are welcome to come for guided tours that the hall offers, however, if you want to see the main hall you will need to purchase tickets to one of the shows.

A View from Above:

Griffith Observatory
#About Los Angeles' Observatory and Planetarium

On a green hill, overlooking Hollywood from high up, and the stars from below, is Griffith Observatory, located on the top part of Griffith Park. With over one million visitors each year, this is the most visited observatory in the world.

Griffith Observatory will take you on an exciting adventure to the solar system and around the whole world. The round, white building can be seen from different points in Los Angeles, and on the weekends gets really crowded.

The observatory was built in Griffith Park by Colonel and astronomy enthusiast, Griffith Jenkins Griffith. His dream was to make the stars reachable for everyone, and not only scientists. This is the reason the entrance to the observatory is free, and has been this way since its establishment in 1935. Griffith's donation money ensure that the entire park around the observation would be named after him. About 10 years ago, the building was renovated at a cost of about $35 million.

In 2006, after renovations that cost about $93 million that lasted 4 years, the observatory was re-opened, with a sophisticated planetarium and small theater, a Foucault pendulum, and fantastic telescope, theater, and more. In the galleries there are scientific exhibits that help understand the sky, solar system, and earth.

In the great musical "La La Land," the famous observatory was one of the most prominent and beautiful locations for the shootings, where the romantic couple spent time. It has been commemorated in many movies, and it even has a monument for the actor James Dean, who filmed here a famous knife fight scene in his famous movie, "Rebel Without a Cause." Besides looking at the sky and stars, the observatory is a great place to look over the Hollywood Sign, as well as a viewpoint for all of Los Angeles.


Entrance to the observatory is free, and on weekends can get crowded - try coming here on the weekdays.

The view from here over Los Angeles is great, especially in the evening houses with the lights spread across the city.

A Closer Look at Griffith Observatory:


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