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Radio City Music Hall
Radio City Music Hall
#About the Popular Performance Hall

The Music Hall is located at the center of Rockefeller Square in New York, and is one of the most well-known performance halls in the United States. There are 5,933 seats in the hall, and one large movie theater. The depth of the stage is 20 meters, and is 44 meters wides. It was built with forthcoming technology for its time. The stage elevators built were so smart, that their plans were used to build the elevators for aircraft carriers for the United States during World War II.

The Music Hall has been operating and located here since 1932. Every Christmas you can see the traditional show here, with the participation of the dance group "the Rockets." The show is grand and really impressive!

Though the shows performed here have a large variety, there is no doubt that the music shows are the crown jewel of this Hall. Many known artists have performed here, among them Frank Sinatra, Alinas Moriset, and more.
Madison Square Park
Madison Square Park
#About the Park

With 23rd Street to the south, and 26th Street to the north, Madison Avenue to the east, and Broadway and Fifth Avenue to the west, this is one of the most interesting places in Manhattan that is defined by what surrounds it.

It is located at the center of lively and commercial places in New York, and this park is not one of the most interesting places for nothing. The park, named after the 4th President of the United States James Madison, is surrounded by many buildings, that make this park worthwhile for a visit. This park is surrounded by urban and city life, one of the most moderns cities in the world.

Beyond what surrounds the park, this park itself is worth a visit. If you are looking for a nice place to take a break or have a nice picnic, this is probably the place. You can also arrive here in times when activities are taking place, like performances or exhibits.

During the summer months, special activities for kids can be found here. If you are looking for a nice place to go and listen to jazz and soul music, take a look at the Tips section below.

#Activities at the Park

This park is a place for foreigners and newcomers to the city of New York. In the south-western part of Madison Square Park, Tai Chi lovers gather to practice together. In the center of the park hot dogs and hamburgers are sold, originally from Germany, specifically Frankfurt and Hamburg. In the late afternoon, many locals come to the area, to drink beer under the clear sky. There are also many eateries from all over the world.


Every Wednesday evening, at the Madison Square Park are held shows as part of the Annual Music Summer Festival of Madison Square. Great groups from around New York play here for free, they play jazz, soul, R&B, folk, and more - definitely worth a visit!

A Closer Look at the Park in Summer:


In Winter:

Madison Square Garden
Madison Square Garden
#About the Old and Famous Stadium

Madison Square Garden, the famous sports and concert hall, is also called the "Garden." It is located in Manhattan, at the junction of 7th Avenue and 33rd Street. Anyone wanting to get closer to American culture, can come here for a game or performance, and soak in the area. The stadium holds over 20,000 seats at each basketball game.

Madison Square Garden was opened in 1968, and was an inseparable part from the incredible moments in sports history, Michael Jordan's win, Charles Berkley's, and much more. Today, it houses the NBA teams, New York Nicks (men), and New York Liberties (women), and the hockey team, the New York Rangers.

Many concerts take place here, of all styles and genres. Big and known artists have been on this stage: Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder, B. B. King, Sting, and more.

In 1992 a special concert took place here, commemorating 30 years for Bob Dylan's first album, and many artists came to this unforgettable event.

The Garden is shown in many TV shows and movies. This is an artistic center and an important cultural sporting place for Americans.
Times Square
Times Square
#About the Most Well-Known Square in New York

The most well-known square in New York is Times Square, the lit up and festive, by dozens of large and glittering advertising signs covering the buildings around the square. These have long since become the square's trademark.

Usually, the square is crowded with visitors and tourists, and it will be easy to tell which people are seeing the square for the first time. The word square is the familiar definition of the area, though this is not a classical square, but more of a large open space between Broadway Avenue and 7th Avenue, and 42nd to 47th Street.

The Square is named after the newspaper, the New York Times, whose offices moved to the square in 1905, and has since remained there. Three weeks after the newspaper moved into the square, the first neon sign was hung up, that has since outlined the character and style of the square.

At the beginning of the 20th century, many known stars spent time here, like Charlie Chaplin and Fred Astaire, as the place developed and theaters were built, and restaurants and entertainment centers. In the 1930's, during the Great Depression, the square became the center of the sex industry, and was mainly visited by gamblers and criminals until the 1990's. At this stage, Rudolph Giuliani, the mayor of New York City at the time, cleaned up the square and crime from the questionable characters that came here, and closed the brothels.

Today you will find many giant stores, TV studios, well-known restaurants, impressive hotels and popular businesses.

#Tourists at the Square

The Square's quieter hours are in the morning, and as the day goes on more and more visitors arrive, there is no doubt that the peak hours are in the evening, when the lights and signs light up and stand out in the darkness. You will find here many attractions for tourists, and maybe this is also the reason no one misses a chance to visit here. There are 12,500 hotel rooms, occupied by 26 million visitors each year. Here are more than 250 restaurants, and about 1,500 different businesses. Street performers are spread out along the street and the square, among them artists, painters, performers, and different acts. The square is visited by 39 million visitors each year.

#Midnight on New Year's Eve in Times Square

On New Year's Eve, hundreds of thousands of tourists and locals come to the square to see the Times Square New Year's Eve Ball drop, and count down together to the new year. Every year the crystals on the Ball are designed in a different way, and are able to withstand tough weather. The Ball is lifted during the last few minutes of the end of the year, and falls 120 meters along a big metal pole during the final countdown. This is a special and moving moment, and fireworks add to the atmosphere of celebrations.

#Theaters in Broadway

In the square are 40 theaters of Broadway, that sell millions of tickets each year. Here, the biggest and famous shows are performed, the hottest shows in the United States. There are shows here for all ages. The shows are well invested in, and tickets are not sold for cheap, tickets can be between 130-160 dollars per ticket.

At the center of the square you can find a kiosk for selling discount tickets, TKS, that offers tickets that have not yet been sold for same-day shows, around a 30%-50% discount. Don't worry, if you thought you would miss the kiosk, just look for the long line that spreads at the center of the square and you will immediately see it. Good luck!

#In the movies
The square has appeared in various films. In "Vanilla Sky," it can be seen totally empty, as the scene was filmed early one Sunday morning with traffic blocked.

The giant gorilla in "King Kong" destroys everything in the square, throwing people and cars in all directions. And in the zombie movie "I Am Legend," Will Smith hunts for deer in the desolate square.

Kids and teenagers will love the shopping in Times Square, especially the concept stores. like the M&M candy store and the video store ESPN Zone.

Entertainment in New York

Broadway Street
Broadway Street
#About the Theater of New York

The street where you can see incredible shades of New York, is Broadway Street, the theater street of New York. This street is actually a long avenue that divides Manhattan into two. Broadway in English means a broad, or wide, street.

Most of the streets and avenues in Manhattan are built as cross-sections forming right-angled intersections, however Broadway Avenue goes in a diagonal way across the city, and is not parallel to any street. The reason is that Broadway was paved before the majority of the streets and avenues in Manhattan.

Today, Broadway is a second name to the theater industry. The theater district and Lincoln Center, located on the street, present a collection of shows, mostly musicals. The Broadway theaters represent the highest quality theater in the commercial English speaking world. In 2012, over a billion dollars in ticket sales were for Broadway shows, and were watched by more than 12 million visitors.

In 2010 New York declared its decision to close the street to car traffic in the busy areas of the street, to avoid issues of overcrowding. Store owners loved this idea, and began taking out chairs and picnic tables to the street, in the Times Square area.

Dozens of stores, restaurants and cafes, street performances and amazing shows - this street is the best show in town...

#Cheap Tickets

At the center of the square you can find a kiosk for selling discount tickets, TKS, that offers tickets that have not yet been sold for same-day shows, around a 30%-50% discount. Don't worry, if you thought you would miss the kiosk, just look for the long line that spreads at the center of the square and you will immediately see it. Good luck!

#Shopping in Broadway

There are hundreds of stores on Broadway Avenue, especially during the section between 8th Avenue and Canal Street, offering great shopping for designer clothing. There are expensive designer stores like Prada, as well as cheaper stores and large international brands. Try getting a glimpse of the Bloomingdales department store, where there are many surprises to be found.

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