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Happy Valley Racecourse
Happy Valley Racecourse
#About Hong Kong's Horse Racecourse

The Happy Valley Racecourse is a track where horse races have taken place since the 19th century.

Since 1846 races have been taking places for horses. Before the place was a race track, there were swamps here filled with malaria. Today, this race track has the most advanced technology for races available today. There are huge LED screens, and the facility ensures its up to date technology, for a great watching experience at every pixel, and during every race that takes place here.

Next to the track is the museum for horse racing in Hong Kong, and the souvenir store. The race track museum allows a peek at the interesting history of racing in Hong Kong.


The races usually occur on Wednesday nights, starting in September and ending in July.

The basic prices for watching the races is about 10 HK.

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Hong Kong
Wing Lok Street
#About Hong Kong's Chinese Street

From the Shuen Wang Station, you can walk through the alleys in the western district, and quickly arrive at Wing Lok Street, that has stores, exotic merchandise, Chinese medicine, and traditional Chinese kitchens.

In the street Wing Lok, loosely translates to 'Herb Experts," you can experience the traditional Chinese-Hong Kong traditions, magical mystics, all in their best lighting.

Here you will see a lot of merchandise, that will seem as if it has been brought from ancient times, but are still relevant today. Dried seafood and curious potions, through fascinating amulets, bird nests and real birds, shark fins and many other surprises.

This street is nicknamed by locals "Ginseng and Bird's Nest Street," talking about the experts of the vendors on the street in the past, and for the most part in the present as well. This is a chance to see the raw Hong Kong, the much less modern.

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Hong Kong Dolphin Watch
Hong Kong Dolphinwatch
#About the Center of Marine Research of Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Dolphinwatch, on the Kowloon Peninsula, is the center of research dedicated to the special species of the pink dolphins. This species is found in a certain concentration, purposely in the contaminated waters, near the beaches of Hong Kong. This rare species is in risk of extinction.

A boat ride next to the fishing grounds of the pink dolphins is a great experience, unforgettable and recommended for the whole family, especially children. There is never a certainty to see these dolphins, but a high likelihood.


Order your tickets in advance.

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Lamma Island
#About the Big Island Around Hong Kong

The Island Lamma is the third in its size from the external islands of Hong Kong. This is a quiet island with many great places to eat, with great seafood, whose names and flavors pull in tourists and locals alike.

In the past few decades the island has transformed, from a small island with a few thousand residents to a perfect living destination for businessmen looking for peace and quiet. The vibrant and busy city is put aside here, with small private, peaceful and colorful homes. Wide sidewalks are here instead of the busy city streets that are full of traffic, with blue skies above, and not the city sky full of skyscrapers.

Lamma is about a half hour ferry ride from the city of Hong Kong, but the difference between them is huge. There are no skyscrapers on this island, or noisy transportation vehicles, with beautiful views and preserved green nature.

Here arrives anyone who wants to travel in nature, and change the urban atmosphere of Hong Kong for the natural peacefulness of the wilderness. If you only look, you will find wonderful views, incredible landscapes, exciting nature, and the island's beaches are considered the beast in the Hong Kong region.

Hikes and walking trails on the island are considered by many tobe fun and unique activities here. Side by side of nature and the beautifully unique views, you can wander around the ancient and intriguing fishing villages, that manages to preserve the Chinese agricultural tradition to this day.

#Places to Visit on the Island

Want to lay and sunbath on a great white sand beach? Lo So Shing is exactly that.

Hikes? There are a few hiking trails on the island, the hike from north to south is the favorite.

Want good food? For those interested in good food we recommend finding Sok Kwu Wan, a large village that is known for its amazing fish and seafood restaurants.

Also, in the not faraway island Cheung Chau, there is plenty of charm. There are traditional fishing villages where you can find great fresh seafood and fish restaurants, souvenir shops and bicycle rentals for wandering around the island, around authentic alleys.


The ferry to Lamma Island leaves from port number 5 on the eastern Outlying Islands in Central.

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Experiences in Hong Kong

Attractions for Children
Hong Kong's Escalators
#About the Longest Escalators in the World

Hong Kong's Escalators are a system of escalators that were built in the 1990's, and are considered the longest in the world. Using this form of public transportation, about one kilometer long, connects different platforms in the city. Over 50,000 Hong Kong residents use the escalators every day.

The escalator system includes 20 escalators, external as well as covered. These connect the Down Town, the Financial Center in Hong Kong Island, to the Mid-Level area located higher up, and the Upper Area, a prestigious district of the island.

Actually, the longest escalator in the world was built in 1993 to minimize traffic on the street. Hong Kong won twice, because beyond the importance of the escalator systems as a form of efficient and environmental transportation, this also became a popular tourist attraction.

The escalators in Hong Kong have a timetable, that change depending on the direction you are headed. From 6 am and until 10:20 am you can see hundreds of thousands of people getting off on one of the 20 different exits. At 10:20 am the direction of the escalators change, and they move up. This direction, going up, ends at midnight.

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Disneyland Hong Kong
Disneyland Hong Kong
#About Hong Kong's Kingdom of Fairytales and Legends

Disneyland Hong Kong is a popular amusement park, that opened in 2005 and is located on Lantau Island. The park cost $2 billion to build, and was built on 1,300 square meters that were dried from water.

As is Disney's trademark, Disneyland Hong Kong gives a feeling of a visit to a faraway fantasy land, that Walt Disney designed when he was still alive. Here in Hong Kong, there is also a section for Tomorrowland.

The amusement park here is small and modest compared to other typical parks. Families with small children can enjoy a great day here, like millions of visitors each year.

Disneyland Hong Kong belongs to the Disney Company, and its location in Hong Kong made it necessary for the park to embrace the culture around it. In order to avoid cultural resistance, like what happened in EuroDisney in Paris, characters were added from local stories and legends. The design of the park is in the Feng Shui essence, which is the distancing of bad spirits. While designing the park, the entrance was also moved, so as not to let the Ch'i escape the park.

#What Will You See Here?

You can meet Disney's favorite characters and enjoy attractions and fun rides. Everything here is themed with fairytales and Disney's fantasies, next to experiences from the future, and the Chinese culture.

From the entrance, you will be accompanied by Mickey Mouse to the known rides in the park. In addition, you can see here incredible parades of characters from Disney's stories, and from local Chinese legends.

The four main areas of the park are Adventureland, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, and Main Street.

All the main areas in the park are; Main Street, the United States, Fantasyland, Adventureland, Tomorrowland, Grizzly Gulch, Mystic Point, and Toy Story Land.

Near the souvenir shops and restaurants in the park, you will find the Disney Resort, that includes hotels, entertainment centers, and different sportings facilities.


Most of the attractions here are suited more and are meant for kids.

It is recommended to order tickets in advance, at discount prices and without waiting in line - for one, two, or three days.

Try coming here on a sunny day!

Arrive at the park by 10:00 am, with the park's opening. The place gets crowded very fast.

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Ocean Park
Ocean Park
#About the Amusement Park with the World's Largest Aquarium

Ocean Park in Hong Kong is an entertainment complex, the largest in south and east Asia. This is a huge and wonderful park, that is a wonderful entertaining complex in Hong Kong, for families and children. Children and adults will enjoy the experience alike.

Ocean Park is located on the side of a hill, on the southern side of Hong Kong. A cable railway connects both parts of the park.

Ocean Park is considered the large amusement park on the southern side of Hong Kong Island, an amusement park with many exciting rides, some real beath-stoppers. In addition to the many roller coasters and water rides, you will find the large aquarium.

The large amusement park is the size of 650,000 square meters. It is divided into two sections. First, the largest aquarium in the world, that hosts dolphin and sea lion shows, with rides and varied activities. Next to it, the second section the amusement park full of different things, offering many rides.

#What Will You See Here?

In the two mains parts, Ocean Park offers many activities and different experiences. There are tastes from different "worlds," a world for young children for example, and a peek into Chinese history during different periods.

In the younger part of the park, for small children, you can watch panda bears, crocodiles, different birds, and butterflies. There are dolphin and sea lion feedings, a pagoda with goldfish, a butterfly house, sea lion shows and a shark tank. At the same time, there are also many rides and activities for young children, game stalls, art corners, and magic shows.

In the second and more challenging section, there are many extreme activities, like dropping elevators, roller coasters and whitewater rafting. There are also rides for those who like the middle ground, less frightening, like the Ferris wheel and long cable car.

In the amusement and ride areas, there are nice and well-maintained gardens. A great escalator takes you up from level to level, and special vehicles for children provide a driving experience and a little action. The highlight has to be gondola-like cable car, that in a few minutes will take up to the top of the hill and to the large aquarium.

In the Chinese World in the park, there are wonderful shows that include traditional dances, acrobatics, and juggling.


Order your tickets in advance and you can simply skip the line.

To avoid the tourist crowds, try coming to Ocean Park right at opening hours.

For a combination with Victoria's Peak, try leaving at 3:00 pm to the cable car station, and go to to the wonderful "Peak" view towards the amazing city, before and during the sunset.

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Great Attractions for Kids

#About the Largest Floating Restaurant in the World

Jumbo in the Aberdeen neighborhood in south Hong Kong, is the largest floating restaurant in history. With a few floors for dining, it is a real tourist attraction.

Thanks to the great menu and the traditional Chinese decorations, Jumbo, established in 1976, has won world-renowned fame. At the entrance is a souvenir store, and near the store an aquarium for good luck. There is also a gallery with pictures of famous diners, including Hollywood stars, and Elizabeth II, the Queen of England.

The largest floating restaurant in the world has its own ferry, The Jumbo Ferry, that takes the customers for free to the restaurant, and returns then back to shore.
To enjoy the great restaurant, get on board one of the floors of the restaurant. This is not a chef restaurant, however the food is high quality and tasty, and the main reason to dine at Jumbo's is first and foremost to visit the impressive float.


Reserve a table in advance, in the link attached below.

If you want a relaxing meal with a good view, go up to the top deck of the restaurant. Sit at the corner or the deck and enjoy a beautiful view with your meal.

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Mong Kok
Mong Kok
#About the Densest District in the World

Mong Kok district is a place that holds the title for the most densely populated living quarters in the world. This is a small district in Kowloon in Hong Kong that is worth a visit to see how half a million people live only 1 square mile.

This district is also called the shopping district for electronics and computers in the city center. There are streets with small shopping centers and many stores for gadgets, phones, smart watches, and all kinds of electronics.

The meaning of the name Mong Kok is "Point of Prosperity," what does not always work with the density of the district. On the weekends the streets become walkways and entertainment for many people. There are many street performers and artists, and vendors of all kinds, selling knick knacks and food and decorations.


Try coming here on weekends, when the streets turn into pedestrian walkways.

There are really good stores here for electronics, on Nelson Street.

The store broadways, next to the metro station exit E2, is a great place for electronic and photography items.

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Hong Kong Space Museum
#About the Museum that Deals with Space and Astronomy

The Hong Kong Space Museum is an experiential museum that fits families and children that are curious and inquisitive, and always thirsty for more knowledge. There are a lot of things to do with the science and technology, from a variety of angles and fields, with a focus on exhibits, that provide information and research in the fields of astronomy and space.

In the few exhibit halls, the planetarium, and movie theater at the museum, you will see a variety of different fascinating displays, movies, and be able to experience different things. All through meeting and seeing hundreds of subjects like space, computers, robotics, communication, energy, and physics.

In the museum, with the dome-shaped like an egg, you can learn and research the world of astronomy. In the planetarium, you will get to experience interesting views of the solar systems and the stars in the galaxy of the Milky Way. There are also models of the solar system, a space shuttle, and information displays of the Chinese space program.

One of the special experiences here is the simulation of walking on the moon. With a system of springs that are tied to a person's body, here you can experience your body weight on the moon, only 1/6 of your body weight on Earth.

Another great experience is the solar telescope in the Solar Hall. From here you can observe the sun.

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אֵאוּרִיקַה - האנציקלופדיה של הסקרנות!

העולם הוא צבעוני ומופלא, אאוריקה כאן בשביל שתגלו אותו...

אלפי נושאים, תמונות וסרטונים, מפתיעים, מסקרנים וממוקדים.

ניתן לנווט בין הפריטים במגע, בעכבר, בגלגלת, או במקשי המקלדת

בואו לגלות, לחקור, ולקבל השראה!

אֵאוּרִיקַה - האנציקלופדיה של הסקרנות!

נראה שכבר הכרתם את אאוריקה. בטח כבר גיליתם כאן דברים מדהימים, אולי כבר שאלתם שאלות וקיבלתם תשובות טובות.
נשמח לראות משהו מכם בספר האורחים שלנו: איזו מילה טובה, חוות דעת, עצה חכמה לשיפור או כל מה שיש לכם לספר לנו על אאוריקה, כפי שאתם חווים אותה.