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Experiences in Los Angeles

Dodger Stadium
Dodger Stadium
#About the Baseball Stadium of Los Angeles

The Dodger Stadium, opened in 1962, serves the Los Angeles Dodgers Group. It was built in less than three years and the cost of its construction, which was financed by private sources, totaled $23 million. In fact, it is one of the most famous stadiums in the US and worldwide and the largest in the American MLB League.

A lot of important and decisive games have taken place here - from famous boxing matches to football games, performances and the baseball games for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.

#History of the Stadium's Construction

In the mid-1950's, the president of the Brooklyn Dodgers group, Walter O'Malley, tried to build a stadium in Brooklyn's New York district but could not reach an agreement with city officials to buy the land. In the end, the deal with the city of Los Angeles took place.

The land was purchased from the owners and residents of Los Angeles by the city of Los Angeles, which planned to develop a public housing project here, including two dozen 13-story buildings and more than 160 two-story homes. This is in addition to the college and playgrounds and schools that were rebuilt.

Before the start of construction of the housing project the political climate changed drastically. This happened after Norris Paulson was elected mayor of Los Angeles in 1953. After his election, public housing proposals and projects such as "Ellisian Park Heights" lost most of their support. After lengthy negotiations, the city sold the land in question at a price significantly lower than the original price. The land was purchased with a commitment that it would be used for a public purpose - building a stadium for the city, which was Dodger Stadium.
#About the World Famous Amusement Park

The Disneyland of Los Angeles opened in 1955 and is, just like Disneylands in other countries, home to the Walt Disney cartoon characters. Here you will not only see the characters' walking and taking pictures with children, but a whole show full of stunts and advanced technology. One of the most beautiful shows here is the "It's a Small World" ride - be sure do not miss it. The park has dozens of rides, castles, performances, shopping, parades and hours of pure pleasure.

The whole complex is actually built in the shape of a star, so you can easily explore it and go to different parts of the park: Adventureland, the land of the Wild West, the land of legends, Tomorrowland, and more.

The number of visitors who arrived here today exceeds 650 million.

#History of the Park

Disneyland Park where you stand now was actually the first one built in 1955.

The idea of ​​the park was founded by Walt Disney, who was then the owner of one of the most successful film companies in Hollywood. At the time, he visited various theme parks in the 1930's and 1940's. He had the desire to build an amusement park for the whole family, which would provide a sense of a traveling circus, without the negative elements, which would provide both adults and children with pleasure. It was a time when quite a few people visited his studios and were eager to meet the characters who were drawn from the famous films.

So the initial idea was to open the park near the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, so that visitors could be photographed with the statues of characters from movies. After he began to think about the subject in depth, he realized that the space offered to him was too small to implement what he imagined, especially because he expected the demand for the park to be very large.

In 1953 he bought the territories that are here, in Los Angeles and opened it to the general public two years later. The cost of its construction was $17 million for the park's initial phase.

By the way, as expected, the opening day of the park did not register as a spectacular success. Although the event was closed to guests only, many people forged invitations and entered anyway. The lines were long and hard. It was a very hot day, and due to the strike by all the plumbers in the area, the weather-dried faucets could not be repaired. Beyond that, there was still wet tar on the sidewalks, causing some of the visitors to get stuck in them.

The criticism that was published the next day was severe and Disney was forced to make a new opening day in order to allow journalists to enjoy the experience, and correct the harsh criticism.
#About the Chinese Neighborhood of Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Chinatown is a tourist destination that brings to the stage the Chinese and Asian cultures into American cities. Like in many large cities in the United States where there are many Chinese immigrants, in Los Angeles as well you can find the local Chinatown.

This area you will be able to recognize in an instant, thanks to the different facade of the houses - from skyscrapers and modern buildings, the view will suddenly change to more traditional Chinese style houses. Chinese writings, Chinese products, shoes, and clothes - this is actually a large and colorful market where you will be wrapped in smells, sounds, and the local Chinese community.

If you like the local traditions, you will be able to sit and drink a cup of real Chinese tea in traditional tea sets, buy healing herbs and traditional medicine, clothes, furniture, art pieces, as well as eat at the many Chinese restaurants, and Thai and Vietnamese restaurants.

A Closer Look at the Neighborhood:

Venice Beach
Venice Beach
#About Venice and the Los Angeles Beaches

One of the most famous and charming beaches in California is Venice Beach. This is a must-see site for every tourist, and a place frequented by locals.

Venice Beach is a strip of beach about 5 kilometers longs, with a lively and fun walkway - a place that mostly comes alive on weekends. If you like beach activities, you can find almost everything here. Basketball courts, skating rink, restaurants and cafes, boutique shops, bike lanes, a nice walkway filled with artists, magicians, and street performances.

Actually, this is one of the most interesting places in Los Angeles. You can see it all - people dancing, people skating or rollerblading, professional skateboarders, jugglers, bodybuilders, mass dancing on the beach, and people riding bikes.

If you walk towards the Abbot Kinney area, located nearby, you can see art galleries, and great restaurants. Those who like to walk can continue walking north, to the Santa Monica Wharf, with the Ferris wheel and the great theme park.

Venice Beach did not accident received its name. This beach is located near the Venice neighborhood, that took its name from Venice, Italy. In this neighborhood, there are canals that were dug at the beginning of the 20th century in a swamp area, in order to make the area an amusement park. Until today there are 6 canals parallel to one another and connected by bridges.

On summer weekends the beach is crowded with tourists. You might not want to come here during the evening hours, there are many homeless people and questionable characters that might not be as nice to be around in the dark.


If you decided to go into the water, just know they are probably chilly.

On weekends there is an exciting drum circle on the beach.

A Closer Look at Venice Beach and its Walkway:


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