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Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin
Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin
#About Varna's Magnificent Cathedral

Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin is one of the most impressive and beautiful in Bulgaria and one of the symbols of the city of Varna. From almost every corner of the city the church's golden domes can be seen.

The magnificent cathedral is located in Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius Square in the center of the city. The cathedral is dedicated to Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna, patron of Bulgaria. In this orthodox cathedral sits Varna's bishop.

This is the largest cathedral in Varna, and the third-largest in all of Bulgaria. Its construction began at the end of the 19th century, and was inaugurated at the beginning of the 20th century. Pretty fast the cathedral became the beautiful symbol of the city.

The cathedral is beautiful on the inside and out. Its magnificent façade draws visitors inside into the equally beautiful church. Pay close attention to the impressive frescoes, the magnificent stained glass windows, and the wonderfully beautiful icons.

Even in the early evening it is worth passing by the cathedral and seeing its wonderful lighting, even more impressive than the church's look during the day.

#History of the Cathedral

The cornerstone of the cathedral in Varna was laid in 1880 by the Bulgarian prince Alexander of Battenberg. The cathedral was designed in inspiration of the famous Peterhof Temple in St. Petersburg.

Even before the Ottoman conquest, Christianity was recognized as an official religion in the Bulgarian Empire and the construction of the cathedral was an important stage in the return of Christianity to the city of Varna, a city that was once considered one of the largest religious centers in the whole Bulgarian Empire.

This was the revival of Christianity in Bulgaria after the liberation of the Ottomans, the conquerors of the Bulgarian Empire, who destroyed some of the churches, and turn the rest into mosques.

During the late 19th century and early 20th century the impressive cathedral was built, and was inaugurated in the first half of the 20th century. It quickly became clear that, in addition pilgrims of devout Christianity who flocked to it, it became a focal point of interest for architectural enthusiasts, many came from far away to admire its beauty and its magnificent and invested architecture.

In the middle of the century, many resources were invested in its magnificent interior decoration.

#What to Pay Attention to Here?

From outside the cathedral you can admire the beautiful golden domes, as well as the bell tower. This tower, at a height of 38 meters, visitors can climb the 133 spiral steps leading to a wonderful view, which offers a beautiful panoramic view of the city.

The main attractions in the cathedral are the impressive bishop chair, as well as the three magnificent altars, magnificent stained glass windows, well-preserved beautiful windows, beautiful artistic frescoes and iconostasis, an icon area full of the icon and popular in many churches - the collection of Christian saints here is particularly beautiful.


Entrance is free.

It is worth walking up the 133 steps to the cathedral's bell tower for a spectacular view of the city. From here you will see the panoramic and surprisingly beautiful landscape of the city of Varna.

Opening hours: 8:00 am -6:00 pm all week long.

A Closer Look:

Eco Park
Eco Park
#About the First Ecological Park in Bulgaria

The Varna Botanical Gardens, or Eco Park, as they are called here, is the first ecological park in Bulgaria. It is a botanical garden with plenty of trees, plants, and flowers from all around the globe, represented in various ecosystems here.

Once called "University Botanical Garden," Eco Park offers a variety of plants from exotic locations all over the world, displayed in natural and artificial ecosystems, and hundreds of different species of shrubs, trees and flowers from the surrounding areas.

In the Varna Botanical Gardens visitors will enjoy a beautiful hour of greenery and vegetation from near and far, along with natural flowering and exotic botanical in all its glory. Among the flowers shown here is an impressive collection of different kinds of irises, and a striking rose garden.

Behind the gardens visitors can find a large horse farm. There is a sweet riding club for children, where horseback riding lessons are given. Horse-drawn carriages are also available, allowing for a stroll through the garden.


A View from Above:


The Horse Farm:

Boris Georgiev City Art Gallery
Boris Georgiev City Art Gallery
#About Varna's Art Gallery

The Boris Georgiev City Art Gallery is an impressive and modern gallery for artworks by Bulgarian and international artists, most of them from the 20th century.

No known world-class modern works are here, however, gallery is a modest yet impressive place for modern art, with a strong focus on the Bulgarian point of view on 20th-century art.

After its establishment in 1885, in 1944 the gallery moved to its current placement in the impressive neo-Gothic building, that is as fascinating as its design. In the gallery's garden visitors can also see a variety of works, mostly modernist and special sculptures.

A Gallery Exhibition:

Primorski park
Morska Gardina
#About the Park Seeking Peace in Varna

The Primorski park, in Bulgarian, or the "Sea Garden", which opened in 1908, is the main park in the city of Varna and the beautiful city park in Bulgaria. It originated in a small garden established in 1862 by the Ottoman governor of Varna.

The park, also called the "Sea Park", is located along the city's coastal strip. Indeed, from its elevated position above the waterline, Primorski Park overlooks the Black Sea.

The park, on Primorski Blvd, is a perfect place to relax, take time out and rest on the green grass. With 26,000 square meters, this large and beautiful park is a green area that is considered the largest of its kind in Europe. Along with flowering gardens, there are many attractive corners, statues and fountains. The gardens were designed by the famous Austrian artist Anton Nowak, who turned this park into a charming place for all ages.

The park, which attracts both locals and tourists, promises you, in any case, hours of fun. Here you can have a good time from two hours to a full day.

Apart from his own charm, the park has a number of attractions for children, such as the zoo, the aquarium, the amphitheater, the dolphinarium, the planetarium and the observatory. The children can enjoy the amusement facilities in the large game area and can also cruise the boats in the water channel in the garden.

Entrance to the park is free.

The park is open 24 hours a day, but for those who do not like to huddle, it is best to arrive early in the morning or in the evening.

In the summer there are various events and performances.

After visiting the park you can sunbathe and sunbathe on the public beaches of the city.

The park has cafes and restaurants overlooking the sea.

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The Great Nature:


Lots of Locals:


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