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Frici Papa Kifozdeje

Frici Papa Kifozdeje
Frici Papa Kifozdeje
#About the Successful and Affordable Goulash

The popular restaurant Frici Papa Kifozdeje offers a meat soup called Goulash, the best Hungarian dish there is, at a fair price, in home-made quality. You can find goulash in other restaurants, but here the prices are fair, and the goulash is excellent and homey.

The Frici Papa Kifozdeje restaurant excels in the traditional Hungarian kitchen, and maintains the simplicity and low prices. With the atmospheres of a worker's restaurant, traditional decorations, local and loyal crowd, and fast service - Frici Papa Kifozdeje offers a local and authentic experience, in the style of past times, to goulash enthusiasts and many Hungarian and European dishes.

With the culinary and pricing advantage, Frici Papa Kifozdeje in the 7th district, is not perfect. There are no options for vegetarians, no beer on tap, and platings is simple. If any of these things are important to you, try another restaurant on this app.

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