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Penchs Club
Pench’s Club
#About the Bar with the Most Cocktails

With no fewer than 1,000 cocktails, the Club Pench's has won the Guinness World record in the number of cocktails offered on its menu.

This is a central bar in Varna's nightlife scene, that even without its perfect cocktail menu is an amazing place to spend a drink and drink in the evening, be careful not to go hungry, because the cocktail bar here only serves cocktails.

With the prices of cocktails in Varna, it is a pleasure to drink many, but try not to overdo it ...

A Closer Look:

Hrisantema Casino
Hrisantema Casino
#About the Successful Casino in Burgas

Located in Sunny Beach, the Hrisantema Casino is one of the best casinos in Burgas. Many see it as the recommended casino for gambling and nightlife enthusiasts in Burgas and is considered the most touristy casino in town.

International poker tournaments are held from time to time. 24 hours a day, betting on roulette or more than 100 slot machines. At the tables here are Russian Poker, Blackjack, Caribbean Poker, 3 Card Poker, Texas Hold'em Poker, Omaha, Cubes and Ultimate Hold'em.

The Hrisantema Casino will spoil you with a drink and a free shuttle. Alongside gambling games, they offer a spa, concerts, free internet, organized tours and more.


Bring ID with you.

Bets here are only in euros.

Another Successful Casino Called the "Platinum Casino":

Grand Casino
Grand Casino
#About the Popular Gambling Arena of the Golden Sands

The Grand Casino at the Grand Hotel Casino in Golden Sands attracts many gamblers who come to Varna. This casino, which boasts that it never sleeps, invites professional and amateur gamblers to gamble at its classic gaming tables throughout the week 24/7.

Many play machine games, others at roulette or at the poker club. In the poker room, the largest of its kind in Bulgaria, many of the international tournaments are held in the field.

Grand Casino International is a loose and informal casino. For those who do not insist on gambling all the time, there is a glass wall overlooking the sea.

A Closer Look:

Grand Casino Beograd
Grand Casino Belgrade
#About Belgrade's Magnificent Gambling House

The Grand Casino of Belgrade, is a giant gambling house with hundreds of slot machines, gambling tables and "gambling cheerleading" facilities for guests.

On two giant floors, what can be considered a gambling paradise is interpreted here. This casino is considered one of the largest and most prestigious casinos in Eastern Europe and is run according to international standards.

Just remember - the house always wins!

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The Design:


An Ad:



#About the Greek Colony which became a Bulgarian Resort Town

Varna, which many call the "summer capital of Bulgaria," is a great destination for recreation and a trip for romantic couples and lovers of entertainment, for young people on an economical trip and for the whole family. Situated on the Black Sea coast, Bulgaria's third largest city, it is a pleasant and green place, with comfortable climates, beautiful beaches, beautiful scenery, excellent Bulgarian food and reasonable prices make it a popular holiday destination for tourists.

In Varna, popular markets, resorts, archeology, medical tourism, history, extreme sports, lovely museums, and beautiful, clean and well preserved beaches. Its streets are filled with theresa trees, pleasant parks and green nature, alongside antiquities, architecture and fascinating historical sites, bustling hotels and casinos.

The capital of the Varna district lies on the shores of the Black Sea, on a strip of beaches that stretches over nearly 400 kilometers, with countless golden beaches and sandy beaches. It is a Balinese city, rich in places of entertainment, food and drink, which also offers a wonderful backpacking holiday, especially thanks to the Golden Sands, the resort area outside the city.

Departure from Varna or from the Golden Sands hotels, jeep trips to the picturesque villages outside Varna, will reveal magical landscapes, people living a traditional lifestyle, fascinating natural phenomena and many historical sites that make the city a mandatory experience in Bulgaria.

See all the city attractions click on the tag "Varna".



Findings from the middle of the fifth millennium BC, which were discovered in its surroundings, indicate that Varna is one of the oldest cities in the world. As an ancient city, born in the Chalcolithic period, Varna became a city only in 580 BC. It was then founded as a Greek colony called Odessos.

Later, the city flourished under Roman rule. It flourished both culturally and economically, transforming it into a major central port city that spanned a fairly large area.

Gradually Varna, once occupied by Alexander the Great and others, became one of the most sacred cities for Byzantines. In 1201, the Tsar Calvian conquered it from the Byzantines and became one of the main commercial port cities in the region. At the time, it developed extensive commercial relations with the republics of Venice and Regusa (which was situated in today's Dubrovnik region).

In the course of the millennium, Varna underwent many conquests until, during the first Balkan War, which broke out in 1912, it became a town.

During the Second Balkan War it was conquered by the Romanian army and during World War II it was occupied by the Red Army. The Soviets then changed their name to Stalin.

In the 1990's, after the communist regime in Eastern Europe fell, Varna succeeded in taking its place as a successful tourist city and became the resort town we know today.

#When To Visit?

Even on cool days, the weather in Varna is comfortable and pleasant. It is best to reach Varna and Bulgaria during the spring months, April to June, a time of pleasant weather, even if a drop is less stable. The advantage is that there are also fewer tourists.

From July to September, during the summer and official tourist season, the weather is warm and pleasant, but note that during this period most of the places are packed with tourists.

The tourist season in Varna begins in the spring months (April - May) and continues throughout the summer months, until the end of September, early October.

Those interested in skiing will arrive here between December and March.


You can buy a SIM card at almost every supermarket in Bulgaria.


Prices in Varna make it possible to travel in taxis, even to hire a taxi driver for a number of hours. But one of the pleasures here is to be exposed to the residents of the city and this is done on a walk and a ride in the public transport of the city (where you should beware of pickpockets).

For trips outside the city, you can hire a taxi driver or rent a car (be sure to take photos of the car as soon as you rent it for insurance purposes). For those renting cars- keep to the speed limit because the policemen here get their salaries in traffic tickets.

For most tourists Varna is a relatively cheap destination. Do not be shy about haggling with the taxi drivers here, who tend to demand an exorbitant price for the trip, especially for travelers to Golden Sands beach.

On the bus and in crowded places, guard expensive objects from pickpockets.


The Bulgarian cuisine offers excellent traditional dishes, such as Bulgarian cheese, which is especially tasty in Bulgaria and yogurt, which was born in Bulgaria and accordingly there are 300 types of yogurt in supermarkets.

Try the Banitsa, the very delicious Bulgarian borax pastry through Gyuvetch, a superb dish that includes cubes of meat, potatoes and boiled vegetables and Shopska, the Bulgarian version of the Greek salad.

Another tasty duty is the excellent Bulgarian muskka and without the eggplant. There is also a Byurek pastry, stuffed vine leaves (Sarmi) and also the finest kebab kebabs and their cold zucchini soup.

In the Bulgarian drinks department they drank the Salibova, a good local plum brandy and a "Grosudova Rakia," a great grape brandy. The popular drink in Bulgaria is mastika, made from wood sap.


In restaurants and cafés in Bulgaria, 15% -10% service fees are left at the restaurant. Taxi drivers get 5% tip and organized local tour operators each receiv a tip of $ 3-2.5 per guide and one dollar per driver.

The places worth buying in the city are spread out over and over. There are plenty of shops in the city center of Knyaz Boris I.

There were those who said that "every street in the city of Varna is a market." Indeed, in the area of ​​the Golden Sands, in the Turkish market around the cathedral and just in the streets of Varna, you will find a variety of surprising stalls, with peddlers and artists who offer their wares and often also bargains and surprises.

At the Varna branch of the Metro shopping center, you can have a variety of cheap shopping and Varna's large shopping malls usually have excellent shopping and excursion packages. See all by clicking on the tag "Shopping in Varna".


With a rich nightlife, including bars, restaurants, pubs, clubs and casinos, in Varna you are more organized. There is an endless supply of places of entertainment for young people and young people.

The casinos pamper gamblers with free food and free entertainment, so many see them as a must-see here.

Seeking a turbulent nightlife in clubs, will often find them at the Golden Sands Resort.

Outdoor outdoor performances can be found in the summer at Primorski Park, the Varna Sea Park.

You'll find cultural entertainment at the Varna Opera House and the nearby theater and clock tower.

Other places of entertainment will be found in the tag "Entertainment in Varna".

#Bulgaria Country Code


#Electric Outlets

The required plugs in Varna are Type F, Type C and Type E (see link below with photos below).

A taste of the upcoming trip? - Here's a video that will show you the city in all its beauty:


Another Look:

#About a Square that's Full of Surprises in Amsterdam

On the city's outer ring, a few minutes' walk from Dam Square, you will see Leidseplein Square. It is one of the three largest squares in Amsterdam. The squares are for tourists and full of attractions. It is possible to find restaurants, cafes, unique hotels and the big Amsterdam Casino.

Around the square you will see circus artists, street performers, fire blowers and many more colorful personalities. The variety of tourists that come here also adds to the colorful and vibrant atmosphere. You will hear all kinds of languages here spoken by visitors from all over the world.

On summer days you will find the square alive with people who come here to rest in the cafes or restaurants around, or just wander here to breath the fresh air. On cold winter days, the square becomes an ice rink for children. During the evenings you can pass the time here in one of the pubs, at clubs, or at one of the "Coffee Shops" - stores where weed is sold, which is legal in Amsterdam.

If you are fans of the Ajax soccer teams, notice that the players sometimes, after victories, come and celebrate in the theater building, and mingle with their fans.

Also, the Dutch pronunciation for the name is "Leidsofline," so if you really want to feel a part of the culture, say Leidsofline!

So come on guys, to Leisofline!
#About the Vacation City for Young People and the Pearl of the Black Sea

There is a reason that Burgas is called the Gem of the Black Sea, and has become an important tourist attraction in the south Black Sea. This is a vibrant port city, with casinos, shopping centers, good prices for shopping, and warm Bulgarian hospitality.

Many see Burgas as the ideal destination for relaxation in Bulgaria. Like Varna, it is excellent for family vacations, with nice beaches and pampering hotels. It is the fourth city of its size in Bulgaria, but it still maintains its small town feeling.

The center of life in Burgas is around the maim square - Torikata Square, and the beach. In the city there are older buildings next to modern ones, and it is interesting to wander around the streets towards sunset.

Burgas is also a city for nature lovers, that can come here to enjoy the 4 magical lakes around. These are located outside the city and are stopping points for migrating birds. With a jeep, a rented car or a taxi you can take for the day, you can explore the mountains and picturesque villages, with many surprised, authentic food and great Bulgarian views.

See all the attractions in Burgas by clicking on the tag "Burgas".


Opposite of what might be expected, a visit to Burgas will introduce a city with a rich and fascinating history. Settlement in Burgas began somewhere around the New Stone Age. In the late Bronze Age it became an organized settlement. From digs around Burgas, it seems that trade took place with developed cultures in the area and with other populations in the Mediterranean.

After the Romans conquered the area, in the first century BC, they built the Deultum Fortress, whose ruins can be seen until today about 20 kilometers from Burgas.

A millennium later, with the Ottoman conquering in the 14th century, the name of the city was changed after the Ottoman-Russian War in 1878, Burgas was then included in the Eastern Rumelia region that belonged to the Ottomans. After 7 years Eastern Rumelia was united to Bulgaria.

At the beginning of the 20th century, with the opening of the Burgas Port, a fast-paced development project began over the city and increasing the number of residents. The tourism and financial developments in Burgas were expanded dramatically.

the development in Burgas during the Communist Era was significant, and made it an important industrial center.

Today, along with many tourist attractions in the area, Burgas is one of the largest industrial centers in Bulgaria, and a significant city in Bulgarian manufacturing.



On the southeast section of the Black Sea beaches, less than 400 kilometers from the capital Sofia, is Burgas, the fourth city in size in Bulgaria, and the most important in the southern Bulgarian beaches.

Burgas has a long sandy beach line, along the Black Sea in Bulgaria. In contrast to the Bulgarian coastal plain, where Burgas is situated, the forested mountain ranges that remote villages and ancient monasteries dot are still visible in the landscape.

#When to Arrive?

On cold days, the weather in Burgas is comfortable and pleasant. The recommended time to visit Burgas is in the spring, between April and June, when the weather is nice, even if the weather changes quickly. The advantage is fewer crowds.

In the months of July to September, the official tourist season, the weather is hot and nice, but notice that the city is crowded with tourists.

The tourist season in Burgas begins in the spring (May-April) and continues all summer long, until the end of September, beginning of October.


Landing in the Burgas airport is about 10 kilometers from the city. Get to the center of town by taxi, or bus number 15.

To move around in the city there are inexpensive cabs or public buses.

For leave the city you will use the central bus station Yug, in the southern end of Aleksandrovska Street.

Across the central bus station is the train station. From here you can travel by train for cities like Sofia, or over central cities in Bulgaria or neighboring countries.


The Bulgarian kitchen offers excellent traditional dishes, like Bulgarian cheese, and yogurt, originating from Bulgaria, supermarkets carry over 300 different kinds.

Be sure to try Banitsa, a delicious filo dough pastry, with different flavors and stuffing. Gyuvetch is a great dish with meat cubes, potatoes and steamed vegetables. Shopska is the Bulgarian version of a Greek salad.

Another must-try is the Bulgarian excellent mousaka without eggplants. There is also a filo dough pastry called Byurek, stuffed grape leaves Sarmi, Bulgarian kebab Kebanche, and wonderful cold zucchini soup.

In Bulgaria, you will drink Slivovitz, a good local peach brandy, and Grozdova Rakia, grape brandy. The popular Bulgarian drink is Mastike, is made of tree sap.


In Bulgaria you can buy a SIM card with internet at almost every supermarket.


Vacationing in Burgas will let you enjoy shopping 24/7. If you shop in town, on the main shopping streets and the different malls, and not in the tourist area - you will get great prices, up to one-fourth of the price!

Go shopping in the shopping centers in town, like Burgas Plaza, Tria City Centre, or Pirgos Style, where items are rather cheap.

Look around the streets, and on Aleksandrovska Street you will find cheap shopping, and more expensive shops on Aleko Bogoridi.

In the vibrant and colorful markets of Burgas, you will find many stalls and great clothing stores, with shoes, jewelry, souvenirs and more.

Parents say that the chain store Jumbo has great products for children, including things for school.


An evening walk on the promenade is a great opportunity for fun experiences. There are cheap restaurants, casinos (don't forget your passport to get in), entertainment for adults for more options.

For more entertainment recommendations click on the tag "Entertainment in Burgas".


Many come to Burgas for the bettings. There are two large casinos called Hrizantema and Platinum. Other than those there are many smaller casinos.

You can only bet over the age of 18, be sure to bring your passport with you.

You should try to limit the amount of money that you bet over, the rest of the money should be saved in the hotel.

#Money Exchange

Exchange money only at the hotel or with the company called Crown around the city.


At cafes and restaurants in Bulgaria, it is customary to leave between 10% -15% tip for the check amount. Taxi drivers get about a 5% tip, and on organized tours usually the guide and bus driver each receives between $2.5/$3 from every participant.

#Bulgaria Country Code


#Electric Outlets

The required types of plugs are Types C, E, and F.

A Closer Look:


Sites in the City:

Mall Varna EAD
Mall Varna EAD
#About Varna's Great Shopping Center

Much more than clothing stores and restaurants, Mall Varna EAD, larger and older than the "Grand Mall," offers a variety of experiences and attractions for the whole family. Vistiors can spend a whole day with children of any age, without being bored for a single moment.

In this mall, Mall Varna EAD, you will find activities for the whole family, such as bowling, ice skating and playgrounds. Film lovers will be able to watch movies in one of the eight movie theaters here. If you are thinking about going to see a movie, you should make sure beforehand that the movie you want to see is in a language you can understand...

Among the brands in the mall, you will find NEW YORKER, Puma, Adidas and Assos. Besides the many stores here and the large supermarket, you can enjoy a variety of restaurants and cafes at the Mall Varna EAD. Adults who gamble can even go up to the top floor and bet their money at the casino.

A Closer look:


A Dance:


Centrum ern Most
Cerny Most Centrum
#About Prague's Huge Mall

The Cerny Most Centrum (Centrum Černý Most) is a big mall in Prague, it may be a bit far from the city center, but it is definitely worth the way. There is a wide variety of stores, restaurants, cafes, and more. This is a modern and new shopping center, up to European standards, with all the most famous stores and chains, including H&M, C&A, Marks & Spencer, and Decathlon, the only store for the chain in Prague.

A visit at the mall is recommended and is worth the trip. There are massive stores here with great prices. Here you can come for a good price shopping trip. Shoppers will find a movie theater here, and those who still have some money to spend at the end of the shopping day, there is also a 24 hour casino here.

A Closer Look:


Another Look:

International Hotel Casino
#About Varna's Successful Gambling House

At the Casino of the International Hotel Casino you can, ummm ... bet. With 200 slot Machine, 6 Roulette tables and almost 20 poker tables and blackjack - this is one of the largest casinos in Bulgaria.

There is free food here, throughout the day, which can be transformed into an enjoyable pastime and an enjoyable evening.

Everyone, including gamblers and gamblers, can enjoy the fascinating anthropological experiences of watching people at the casino. Sit here on the bar and drink beer with pleasure. Watch gamblers rushing to lose their money. Saw their sad faces in a moment of loss and happiness, the rare one, in a moment of winning. Note that the house never loses, but the roulette is almost always busy turning around. Just keep your money and appetite!

A Closer Look:

#About the Evolved Romanian Capital

Bucharest (Bucuresti), the capital of Romania, is the center of cultural life, art, communication, and research of the Romanian people. The city is beautiful, offering a lot to do and a pleasant atmosphere. The impressive architecture and the prestigious reputation that has stuck to the city were based on the fancy designed buildings, with influences from different styles and periods, parks, village views, large avenues and lakes surrounded by big lakes.

Bucharest my no longer by the "Paris of Eastern Europe," in the past years it has been going through a rejuvenation. More and more new sites are being added, cultural, commercial and industrial, that are quickly bringing back the color to the city.

All this is along the magical and ancient history of the city, that begins as an ancient city with many different churches, and continues to the victory gave, the famous avenues, neighborhoods on both banks of the Dâmbovița River, modern museums and vibrant nightlife, and of course many attractions - clubs, fashion, concerts, jazz music, great restaurants, theaters, casinos, and more.

And so, Romania, a wonderful tourist destination in itself, has a capital that offers a lot to its visitors. There is a wide and unique variety of sights through the city, reserved only for Bucharest.

See all the attractions by clicking on the tag "Bucharest".

#History of the City
The tough blows of World War II destroyed the city and damaged it deeply. The age of the Communistic rule did not help its rehabilitation. The toughest blows came from the works of the Communist tyrant Nicolae Ceaușescu, who destroyed large sections of the Old City of the city, including rare buildings, for the good of building a massive and meaningless large building, that severely hurt the look of the city.

After the fall of the Communist and the bringing down of the tyrant, in the city there were remnants of his stupidity and close-mindedness - the City Hall, the wasteful large building, the second largest in the world, a monument to the difficult times that the country suffered under the Communist rule.

Bucharest's efforts to get itself out of the abandoned stage it was in thanks to the Communist rule and a harsh earthquake in 1977, is still not over. And still, slowly Bucharest is becoming a new city, it is renewing, and connecting to its former elegance.

Today's Bucharest is a beautiful and enchanting city, with modern areas and ancient buildings. The modern design is slowly replacing the abandoned walls, the falling apart ruins and the gray design of the former rule here.

#Origin of the Name Bucharest
Legend says that the origin of the name is Bucur, a shepherd who amazed people by how he played the flute. The locals in the city were so impressed, they began calling the city Bucur, after him, which also means happiness.

Free trips are conducted by Walkabout Free Tours, leaving from Unirii Square, and are tip based.

From the Romanian kitchen, try the dish Sarmală- stuffed cabbage with white or dark meat with rice. Mămăligă is also very popular- a sort of porridge with sour cream and shredded goat cheese. We highly recommend the Romanian kebab, called Mititiei, Vinete Salata-eggplant salad, and Ciorbă soup. For drinks, try Ţuica- peach brandy, and Pálinka-fruit brandy.

In Bucharest and Romania don't try the luxury restaurants. The best of the Romanian kitchen can be found in local popular restaurants.

Bus No. 783 from the airport to the city and back operates 24 hours a day, at the price of 3.5 Leu.

A machine of ordering taxis at controlled prices is at the airport.

Taxis from the airport to the city center should cost about 10 euros, and inside the city around 15 euros. Have cash of 5 and 10 euros, so the drivers can say they don't have change.

Taxis in Bucharest - take only the yellow cabs with the "Taxi" sign on their car, and a license number starting with the letter 'B'.

Make sure the taxi has the price per kilometer written on the door, and no more than 1.6 per kilometer.

Ask to turn on the taximeter.

At the end of the trip, as a receipt (Bon Va Rog), which many times prevents any tricks.

Tips for drivers can be calculated by rounding up the price.

Cheaper tickets for rides, weekly or monthly tickets are for buses, light rail and metro. They can be purchased at kiosks and need to be stamped each ride.

#Must See
Want to see the most popular destinations? - Click on the tag "Must See in Bucharest".

At cafes and restaurants in Bulgaria, it is customary to leave between 5% -10% tip for the check amount, be sure to add it to the bill and not at the end when you are heading out.

#Romanian Country Code

See the link below, and also by clicking on the tag "Shopping".

#Electric Outlets
The required types of plugs are Types C, E, and F.

A taste of the upcoming trip? - Here's a video that will show you the city in all its beauty:


The Sites and Life in Bucharest:


The City in its Full Glory:

Zlatni Pyasutsi
#About the Great Resort in the North Black Sea

The Golden Sands Resort, a pleasant stretch of beach 17km north of the city of Varna, is a huge 3.5 km beach which is considered the largest resort on the northern shore of the Black Sea, where you will find magical golden beaches, green forests and blue sea Wonderful.

The beach is sought after by many tourists arriving in droves and is also a sought after place for a great family entertainment on the beach. There is no more suitable for seeking the sun.

Quite a few tourists are surprised to discover that the attractive beach, which made Varna so popular in Europe and created Varna's hot summer resort, is outside the city itself.

The beach itself has many hotels, restaurants and hotels, spa springs, a water park, leisure and leisure activities, coffee shops, water sports facilities and clubs, Luna Park and several shops.

But the golden sands is not only big and popular and one of the most beautiful coastal strips in the Black Sea. Apart from beautiful blue waters and beautiful golden beaches, the area is also a must visit because of the wonderful forests on the hills, the hot springs, the nearby National Park and more.

It is surrounded by warm and natural springs, and nearby is the famous Elze Monastery, the rock-cut monastery. It is an enjoyable experience to climb the narrow path and visit the caves where the monastery is located. The children will enjoy it, too.

# What is the origin of the name?
The beach was named Magda for a treasure that Shapirotim buried here and became golden sands. Legend tells of a group of pirates who buried the gold stolen from innocent ships. But the shore, which understood the source of gold planted in it, avenged them and turned the gold into golden sand.

Another legend says that his name comes from pirates who actually found a large gold treasure.

# Sunrise from the Sea
One of the special experiences of the beaches here is the sunrise in the Black Sea. For many it can be a special spectacle of sunrise, where you see the sun rising from the sea. Try at least one morning to wake up early and enjoy the experience.

# Nature Park Golden Sands
The Golden Sands (Zlatni Pyasatsi) is a large natural forest typical of the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria. He wears the beach, the Riviera and casinos of the Golden Sands. It has enjoyable hiking trails along marked trails.

From the "golden sands" beach you will reach it on foot, which goes up from the Melia Grand Heritage. The road crosses Highway 9, in an underground passageway.

Leisure lovers and clubs will also find in the golden sands a turbulent nightlife.

Closer Look:


אֵאוּרִיקַה - האנציקלופדיה של הסקרנות!

העולם הוא צבעוני ומופלא, אאוריקה כאן בשביל שתגלו אותו...

אלפי נושאים, תמונות וסרטונים, מפתיעים, מסקרנים וממוקדים.

ניתן לנווט בין הפריטים במגע, בעכבר, בגלגלת, או במקשי המקלדת

בואו לגלות, לחקור, ולקבל השראה!

אֵאוּרִיקַה - האנציקלופדיה של הסקרנות!

נראה שכבר הכרתם את אאוריקה. בטח כבר גיליתם כאן דברים מדהימים, אולי כבר שאלתם שאלות וקיבלתם תשובות טובות.
נשמח לראות משהו מכם בספר האורחים שלנו: איזו מילה טובה, חוות דעת, עצה חכמה לשיפור או כל מה שיש לכם לספר לנו על אאוריקה, כפי שאתם חווים אותה.