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Stone Forest
Pobiti Kamani
#About A Forest Made of Stones Only

The Stone Forest, or Stone Forest, is the name of a rare and mysterious natural phenomenon of cylindrical stone pillars at an average height of 7 meters and a width of about 3 meters in the center of a desolate area.

Bulgarians call the place "Pobiti kamani" which means "stones that stuck them in the ground." Surprisingly, these strange rocks are not solid from the inside, but hollow and filled with sand.

The stone forest covers a huge area of ​​7 square kilometers and is 18 kilometers west of Varna, on the road between Varna and Sofia, one of the first nature reserves to be declared in Bulgaria.

This look is beautiful and unique and makes the visit to the Stone Forest an amazing experience, reminiscent of a visit to a distant star or a landscape from a wonderful fantasy movie.

This "forest" is an unexplained natural phenomenon, unique and unique. It is amazing to wander here along a mile of tall stone pillars. The only trees in this forest are columns made of stone, some of which reach 10 or even 12 meters high.

Many researchers speculate that the site is 50 million years old, but there are quite a few arguments about its origin and how it was created. No one is able to explain exactly how and when the impressive stone pillars that filled the area were created.

# What will you see here and where?
The Pobiti Kamani contains stone columns resembling trees planted in the ground, reminiscent of an especially large and ancient building site. The columns have a variety of shapes, including columns that resemble animals, or similar to fountains.

The site extends over a huge area, where several clusters of natural rocks are unique and different from each other. Some of the most interesting:

The Dikilitash group - where the rocks were best preserved.

The Creyrate Group - a cluster of man-made rock-cuttings.

The "Center-South" cluster - the most popular cluster, around 300 large and small stone columns, rising to a height of 6 meters and centered mostly south of the old road to the town of Devnya, about 18 kilometers west of Varna.

# How was the forest of columns?
The stone forest is a rare geological phenomenon that is still being studied by scientists, and there are various attempts to explain its origins in the process of the rocks' extinction, and it was hypothesized that the sandstone pillars were devoured by sediments about 50 million years ago, below sea level. These great stones, which you will see here today.

There is also another theory that tries to link these stone columns to corals that grew in the sea.

But the better explanation is for methane gas that bubbled into the water after being oxidized by single-celled organisms. This caused the penetration of calcium and magnesium into the sand and from them to the formation of rock resistant and particularly strong. After the sea had receded, for millions of years, the sand around them had been lost, and the strong and durable pillars of rock had been exposed.

Visiting the site towards sunset is a great experience.

They brought a bottle of water, because walking here can be tiring and there are no buffets or restaurants here.

View from above:


And closer:


And a nice presentation:

Chudnite Skali
Chudnite Skali
#About the Spectacular Rock Needles of Bulgaria

When you get close to them, you can see from the distance the beautiful sight of the rocky peaks of the wonderful Rocks. This phenomenon is actually a natural rock block, in which 10 "needles," a kind of collection of high and sharp rocks that reach a height of about 40 to 50 meters and form together a shape reminiscent of ancient castle towers.

This unique and peaceful phenomenon is not far from Varna, on the banks of the Tsonevo Dam, on the shores of a beautiful lake. The mysterious and special sight here will enchant nature lovers among you. The quiet and calming atmosphere here is also unique.

Here you can enjoy climbing on the arched rocks. Nature lovers will enjoy watching the many birds that have turned the rocks into their homes. In the abandoned quarry next to the rock, there are signs of interesting geological phenomena created by the changes that the region has undergone over millions of years.

In order to allow car owners to pass between them, without harming the "needles," the locals created paths and tunnels around this wonderful block of rocks and inside it.


Come with walking shoes that are suitable for climbing.

Even if Varna is warm, it's cooler here. Bring warm clothes.

You can arrive here by car or by taxi from the center of Varna. The road is not paved.

At the end of the visit here, take some time for a lovely view of the landscape on the other side of the lake.

A Closer Look:


Another Look:


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