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Giardino Degli Aranci

Giardino Degli Aranci
Garden of Oranges
#About the Garden

If you were seeking one of the most romantic places in Rome, this is it. The Garden of Oranges (Jardino deli Aranci) also known as the Parco Savello, is located on the Aventine Hill. The garden is not particularly known to tourists and is therefore relatively isolated. If you decide to come here, prepare yourself for an amazing observation deck, overlooking the breathtaking view of Rome.

The garden on the Aventine Hill offers a great view of the Basilica of San Pietro. It covers an area of ​​7,800 square meters. The garden was planted in anticipation of the importation of the first orange trees, which came from San Domenico, Spain, in 1220. Saint Dominic then built his monastery here.

Any man in love in Rome knows that the Garden of Oranges is a perfect place for a wedding proposal. Others enjoy the garden as an opportunity to slip away from the bustle of the city.

The second nickname of the Garden of Oranges, Savello Park, was given after the park was founded here by the nobleman Savolos, born here in 1932. The park was established in the area of ​​an ancient fortress.

A little tip - if you walk from the garden to the Monastery of the Knights of Malta, to house number 3 on the road, you will see a door with a peephole. The opening is known as the "the Aventine keyhole" and will allow you to view a long, neatly trimmed avenue of trees with the Dome of St. Peter in the Vatican at its the center.

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Aventine Hill
Aventine Hill
#About the Hill

Among the Seven Hills of Rome is the beautiful and romantic Aventine Hill. From the top of the hill you can see the magnificent view of Rome.

Rumor has it that it is named after King Avantinus, who was buried at the top of the hill. Another theory holds that the hill is named for Avantinus’ the son of Rhea and Hercules.

The short walk to the green hill is up glass-covered access stairs. The glass prevents the crows from harming the railing. At the end of the walk you will see the green park and enjoy the magnificent view of Rome. This spot is great for a photo of the city. Entry to the monasteries on the Avantine is free, where you can enjoy two hours of quiet and a stunning view.

The famous Orange Garden is located on this hill, together with the keyhole through which one can peek at the special perspective of a tree-lined avenue that converges to the Basilica of San Pietro of the Vatican.

#The Curse of Aventine Hill

An age old rumor has it that a curse lies on this hill because of the tragic story about the two brothers - Remus and Romulus. The twins were very young and very powerful, hunters who led a group of shepherds. They decided to establish a large new city- Rome. However, these two brothers could not settle on who would rule- and asked for a sign from the gods.

Remus, who saw six vultures, was pitted against Romulus who saw twelve vultures. One claimed that because his vision had come first, he was to rule. The other said that his vision, showing 12 vultures, is greater and therefore he is meant to dominate. The final outcome was determined when Remus was assassinated by his brother Romulus, who went on to become the new city's ruler, in the new city of Rome.

This tragic story was treated as a taboo of sorts- no Roman ruler made it part of Rome’s territory due to the curse. In the years between 640-616 BCE it became part of the city, in order to strengthen its defenses. During the 5th century BC, Rome was already spread beyond the Aventine Hill, towards the Field of Mars.

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Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta
Monastery of the Knights of Malta
#About the Monastery of the Sovereign Order of Rome

The Monastery of the Knights of Malta (Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta) is located on Aventine Hill overlooking the magnificent view of Rome. This monastery is the center of activity of Malta's sovereign military order. Together with Palazzo Malta, the region is considered outside the Italian territory and belongs to the Order of the Knights of Malta - a completely sovereign entity.

There is a special, almost fairytale-like attraction for children and adults; it is a keyhole in the garden. This is the locked door in the garden with a small peephole. It is called "il buco nella serratura." Through this hole you can see a charming little wonder. It is a long row of trees with a Vatican dome at the center - the Basilica of St. Peter. The sight of the magical perspective, which has a fascinating composition that any photographer would be happy to display in his photographs, was discovered years ago by accident.

#About the Sovereign Military Order of Malta

The Order of the Knights of Malta began in the time of the Crusades and its roots trace back to European nobility. Its goals are acts of kindness for the needy. The Order operates hospitals, nursing homes and ambulance services all over the world.

Like the Vatican, this unique order is independent of Italy and completely sovereign, constituting a kind of state within Rome. Although it is a political entity that does not control its own territory, it can use political symbols such as printing its own stamps, minting coins, issuing passports and even identifying car plates.

The non-political public activity, which is completely neutral, gave the Order observer status in the UN and over 100 countries maintain diplomatic relations with it.

This elitist Order includes about 13,000 members, most of them Christians, rich, men, and caucasian. To illustrate its power upon the aristocracy here - in the monastery of the Order was baptized Juan Carlos, King of Spain, by the future Pope Pius XII.

In the center is a clinic that is public and provides free health services to the poor who cannot afford treatments.

A Closer Look:

Il Buco Nella Serratura
Il Buco Nella Serratura
#The Magical Peephole in Avantine

In the garden of the Monastery of the Knights of Malta, on the hill of the Avantine, there is a small and special attraction. It's a key-hole you can peer through. It is fixed in a locked door, which has a small peephole. Through this hole you can see a special view of a long tree-lined avenue leading to the center where the Vatican Dome stands, the Basilica of St. Peter.

It is a magical perspective, which has a fascinating composition that every photographer would be happy to display in their photographs. It was created many years ago and was discovered by accident.


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