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Golden Hind

Golden Hind
Golden Hind
#About the Ship

On the southern bank of the Thames River lies the reconstructed ship of Sir Francis Drake, the famous 16th century pirate who was also the first Englishman to circle the world.

This ship sailed around the world between 1577-1580. Today it serves as a museum comprised of its five deck floors. When there are no private events, you can tour it with a map and locate the deck, the weapons depot, the staff accommodation areas and more. The crew on duty is dressed in Elizabethan sailor clothes, and the ship also accommodates nighttime activities. Among the sessions you can attend a detective night where you will be asked to solve a murder mystery, or participate in a pirate party. Other activities include enjoying a sailor's meal in the sailor's dining room, spending the night on the cannon deck, or buying souvenirs like sailor shirts and more.

Although the original name of the ship was Pelican, in the middle of the voyage, Drake changed its name to the Golden Hind. The story is that Drake wanted to honor Sir Christopher Hatton, who was one of the chief superiors on the voyage. The symbol of his aristocratic family was a golden deer.

#Sir Francis Drake

Sir Francis Drake was what they call an "authorized pirate." Drake held the ship (which he received from the authorities) and received permission to attack enemy ships and rob them. Although he acted as a pirate, in the eyes of the authorities he was an "entrepreneur" and was therefore nicknamed the Queen's Pirate.

Drake was the first English navigator to circle the world in one voyage. He was the first captain to command the entire expedition. Drake was considered a hero by the English, but the Spaniards saw him as a threatening pirate and called him a "dragon." Philip II of Spain even offered a 20,000-ducats bounty ($ 6.5 million) to anyone who turned him over to the authorities.

Drake’s journey around the world began when the relations between England and Spain were on the brink of war. Drake convinced Queen Elizabeth that he would capture Spanish ships as they left the ports of Peru. The officers on the mission were told that the ships were going to discover the unknown continent of Australia. Only those involved, namely Drake and the Queen, knew that the true purpose was to ambush the Spanish transport routes and rob the gold ships sailing from Peru to Panama.

Due to storms and hitches in the ships, two of the three ships were abandoned. Drake was left alone with his ship and the crew, though all along he was convinced the others were following.
In 1580 the Golden Hind returned to Plymouth. Drake and 50 crew members who survived were on board, along with expensive spices and their plunder. Drake was greeted enthusiastically as "the first Englishman to orbit the Earth." He then pursued a career in politics, as mayor of Plymouth and a member of parliament.

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