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Golden Lane

Zlata Ulicka
Golden Lane
#About the Convict's and Author's Alleyway

The Golden Lane (Zlata Ulicka) is a small alleyway that contains houses, all small with small doorways, and colorful from the outside. They remind a little of doll houses, and it's entertaining to think that this was an area for crime and thieves in the 19th century.

Historians say that contrasting its nickname (Alchemist's Lane), alchemists never sat here. Alchemists who were maybe scholars but mainly crooks who tried to make gold for kings in ancient times. If there was a small relation to alchemists it was through Rudolph II, the king in the days the alley houses were built, who housed a few goldsmiths on a nearby street, Vikarska Street, north of St. Vitus Cathedral. In the Golden Lane where you stand, he preferred to house his guards and the palace soldiers.

Either way, in the 20th century authors and other philosophers discovered the area and started moving in. They made this alleyway a destination , and a picturesque place to want to visit.

Among these dwellers, was the Jewish author Franz Kafka, who lived in house number 22 between 1916-1917. You can recognize the house as it is very photographed.


Entering the alley and houses costs money.

At the end of the alleyway you can see a small torture museum and a toy museum, which is recommended to all.

A Closer Look at the Famous Alleyway:


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