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Grunewald Railway Station

Grunewald Gleis 17
Platform 17
#About the Platform at the Railway Station where Jews were Sent to their Deaths

Platform 17 (Grunewald Gleis 17) is located at the railway station in Grunwald, one of the stops on the way to Villa Wannsee and Potsdam. It opened on August 1st, 1879, but no one could have imagined what was going to happen here a few decades later.

The entrance hall to the station was designed by architect Karl Cornelius in 1899. It resembles a castle gate and is built of plastered brick. At the top of the gate is a locomotive shaped vane designed as a nobility symbol.

This place where you stand now is one of the most chilling and difficult places for the Jews of Berlin, in the terrible history they have experienced. Between 1941 and 1945, from this very point, hundreds of thousands of Jews were sent to their deaths. Pay attention to the chilling evidence - the shipping numbers etched on the track, along with the exact dates and destinations of each shipment. The Jews went straight to Auschwitz and Theresienstadt.

Altogether, more than 50,000 Jews were sent to their deaths by the end of the war. Today the platform is a monument to the horrors that have taken place here. On the wall are drawn figures that are going and disappearing, just like the Jews were sent to their deaths.

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