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Guinness World Records Museum

Guinness World Records Museum
Guinness World Records Museum
#About the Museum that Commemorates the Biggest Records in History

Who did not grow up on the amazing book series, the Guinness World Records? We all remember waiting for the yearly book, and the curiosity about the interesting and fascinating things to be learned, that the book shows.

The Guinness World Records Museum, just like the books, is the place where the best world records are displayed.

The museum was opened to the public in 1991, and has since displayed many records: the largest pizza ever baked, the fastest runner, the tallest man, the shortest women, and more. At this fun family attraction you can compare your weight to that of the heaviest man on Earth, try to break the record for the longest jump, compare your height to the tallest man on Earth, and more.

The achievements that you can seen here have to do with many different fields: sports, space, animals, human achievements, and more. All these are displayed using fun interactive games and trivia, photo galleries and movies.

Guinness Museum for Children:


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