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Jaffa Hill

Jaffa Hill
Jaffa Hill
#About Jaffa's Ancient Hill

Every time it is said that Jaffa is one of the oldest cities in the world, they mean that the oldest ruins were found in archeological digs on the Jaffa hill. This is where the most ancient ruins in all of Jaffa were found. There are ruins dating back to more than 4,000 years. On the southern side of the hill you can see excavations where interesting things were found, like the gates to an Egyptian city from 3,500 years ago. Jaffa was born from this hill.

This hill was a strategic location, good for the protection and construction of fortresses. Its great advantage is that it overlooks the sea and provides a good view for all sides. The remains of a settlement from the end of the 17th century BCE were discovered in an area that is now located in the "Ramses Gate Garden." Some two hundred years later, the great conqueror and founder of the Egyptian empire, Pharaoh Thutmose III, conquered it. According to an ancient papyrus, here one of Thutmose III's army ministers, Tzchuti, preceded the Greeks with the Trojan horse trick. He hid armed soldiers in baskets and gave the baskets to the governors of the Old City, the soldiers burst out of the baskets and conquered the city.

If you go up a little bit to the top of the hill, you will reach the top of Jaffa Hill. From there you will see a fascinating view of Tel Aviv as a whole and the Tel Aviv-Herzliya coastline and on days with especially good visibility Hadera can even be seen.

A Closer Look:

Jaffa Bridge of Wishes
Bridge of Wishes
#About the Bridge that Makes Wishes Come True

The Bridge of Wishes on the Jaffa hill, is a wooden bridge that connects the summit garden and Kedumim Square.

Before the entrance to the bridge you will the 12 signs of the zodiac on a mosiac. Pretty right? - The mosiac was created by Varda Gvioli, Ilan Gelber and Nabot Gil.

When you ascend the bridge, notice the bronze statues of all the 12 zodiac signs along the railing. A local legend says that if you describe your sign on the bridge, hold the statues and look towards the sea while you think about youy wish - your wish will really come true! Try it!

The zodiac statues along the bridge were sculpted by Ester Shlomo and Freddy Pavian. The artistic lightings were design by Michal Margalit.

A Closer Look:

Ramses II's Gate Garden
Ramses II's Gate Garden
#About the Garden that is the Core of Jaffa

Ramses II's Gate Garden, the ruins in front of you, are the oldest ruins in Jaffa. They are located in an archeological dig that was excavated in the 1950's, with many findings throughout history being discovered.

In the archeological dig there are ruins of residents from more than 4,000 years ago. These are remains of a moat, a wall that surrounded the hill from the 18th century BC, during the second Bronze Age. The buildings were originally built of soil blocks that were built on the foundation of fieldstones.

These remains, like others around the region of Canaan, that Jaffa, already back in the day, was under occupation and rule from Egypt.

Digs on the southern side of the hill are archeological digs of remains from an Egyptian city during a later period, more than 3,500 years ago. From this settlement the city of Jaffa was built, and eventually reached the Jaffa we see today.

"Ramses Gate" that you see in front of you, was recreated and built above the stone wall. It exemplified how the gate used to look on the Egyptian fortress that used to be here, more or less more than 3,300 years ago.

The original remains of the gate, by the way, are placed at the Jaffa History Museum. The gate's name was given to it after inscriptions of three of the five names of Ramses were found on it, alongside a series of honorary titles for the king and ruler.

A Look at the Replica Made in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem:


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