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Jaffa Port

Jaffa Port
Jaffa Port
#About the Most Ancient Port in Israel

Jaffa port is one of the oldest ports in the world. It is a port that has been operating continuously since the Canaanite period. It is mentioned all the way back in the Book of Jonah, as the port from which Jonah the prophet fled to Tarshish. The verse: "And Jonah rose up to flee from the face of the Lord, and went down to the sea, and found a ship in the land of Thrashish ..." (Jonah, chapter 1).

It was this port that made Jaffa one of the most important cities in the eastern basin of the Mediterranean Sea. For centuries, the port of Jaffa has been the western's gate to the Land of Israel. For thousands of years, the port has been used by sailors, fishermen, merchants, pilgrims, conquerors, immigrants to Israel and other immigrants to and from Israel.

The port of Jaffa was a port to which all the immigrants arrived in Israel by ship. To which Herzl arrived during his famous visit to Palestine in 1898, commissioned by the Turkish Sultan. Until the middle of the British Mandate, it was the main port of the Land of Israel. In 1920, the first High Commissioner of the British, Herbert Samuel, arrived.

The British Mandate authorities renovated the port of Jaffa, erected a lighthouse, large warehouses, a customs house and an administration building in the international style that today became a disliked building in the port. The British also added a concrete breakwater to the coastal rocks.

On the second floor of the southern building, guides say that the window overlooking the Mediterranean Sea is from Poliker's "Window to the Mediterranean Sea". Of course, there is no connection between the city and the poem, which is not biographical but inspired by the stories of the parents of the composer, Poliker, and the lyricist who wrote the lyrics of the song, Yaakov Gilad.

Today fishermen leave the port of Jaffa early in the morning or at night and return later and sell what the caught on the pier. It is worth buying fresh fish and cooking them at home. If you are hungry, there is a line of more and less picturesque restaurants, featuring the best fish and seafood on the beach.

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