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El Corte Ingls
El Corte Inglés
#About the Largest Department Store in Barcelona

A few minute's walk from the prestigious Passeig de Gràcia and from La Ramblas Avenue, you will find the mall of El Corte Inglés, considered the most prominent department store in the city of Barcelona.

El Corte Inglés has 3 locations in the city, and the central one is near the Catelonia Square. El Corte Inglés is not a cheap place, however during the months of January, July and August there are great sales around the city, and especially here.

The store offers the usual variety of clothes, like shoes, cosmetics, furniture, a large supermarket, a gourmet restaurant as well as a fast food place, and international chains.

Among the fashion icons you will find Prada, Tomy Hilfiger, Escada Sport, and Gant.

Even if you did not come to the city for shopping, we recommend visiting the complex and the restaurants on the sevenths floor. With the glass walls in the complex you will be able to see Barcelona from above. On this floor you can eat cheaply, at self-serve restaurants, or spend a little more and dine at fancier restaurants with a terrance.


At the Information Desk on the ground floor you can receive a 10% tourist discount card, bring your passport with you.

In the mall is a ticket store for soccer matches and performances in the city.

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Turkish Market
Turkish Market
#About the Market Next to the Cathedral

Just like everywhere else, a fun thing to do in Varna is to visit the markets. Though it is not as big as similar markets around in the world, the Turkish Market is the largest market in Varna and is a really fun place.

Located only a few dozen meters away, and only a five-minute walk from the cathedral, the market is a very nice place to buy fruits, vegetables and shop at souvenir shops. There are many different products like clothes, shoes, toys, lingerie, home products, gifts, spices, candies and local food products to take home.

In the Turkish Market you can find food stands with great kebabs and Bulgarian burekas called Nitza. In general there are nice bakeries here with wonderful, warm and fresh Bulgarian pastries. Some are baked with delicious Bulgarian cheese, which is better here than any else in the world.


The market is full of pickpocketers, so make sure to hide your wallet and valuables in a secure place.

Take a minute to take a look at the leather jacket bazaar. These, in contrast to the many fakes in the market, are generally high-quality products and cheap compared to other places.
The Grand Mall
The Grand Mall
#About Varna's Grand Mall

Grand Mall is Varna's largest shopping mall, and one of the newest ones to be built in the city. It is located near the center of the city and next to the main bus station. The mall has over 200 stores.

On the first floor of the mall you can get equipped with many things to take home in the large supermarket here. Prices are cheap compared to other places in the city, especially when compared to shops for tourists.

On the first two floors of the Grand Mall there are dozens of stores of well-known international brands, including Zara, H&M, Nike, Adidas and Lee Cooper. There are also quite a few less familiar but also successful stores, such as Carrefour, Massimo Dutti, Humanic, Playlife, Bata, Sport Vision, Intersport and Misaki.

In the food court you will find many different restaurants and eateries, different styles and types of food. The real surprise is on the roof of the Grand Mall, where visitors can see a large soccer field set up by the locals at the roof of the mall.

A View from the Outside:



Mall Varna EAD
Mall Varna EAD
#About Varna's Great Shopping Center

Much more than clothing stores and restaurants, Mall Varna EAD, larger and older than the "Grand Mall," offers a variety of experiences and attractions for the whole family. Vistiors can spend a whole day with children of any age, without being bored for a single moment.

In this mall, Mall Varna EAD, you will find activities for the whole family, such as bowling, ice skating and playgrounds. Film lovers will be able to watch movies in one of the eight movie theaters here. If you are thinking about going to see a movie, you should make sure beforehand that the movie you want to see is in a language you can understand...

Among the brands in the mall, you will find NEW YORKER, Puma, Adidas and Assos. Besides the many stores here and the large supermarket, you can enjoy a variety of restaurants and cafes at the Mall Varna EAD. Adults who gamble can even go up to the top floor and bet their money at the casino.

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A Dance:



#About the 5000 Square Meters of Shopping

Parkmart is a five-story shopping center with over 5,000 square meters located at the exit from Varna to Sunny Beach.

In this shopping center you will find a supermarket, restaurants, cafes, ice cream parlors, jewelry and flower shops, hairdressers and more. It is not a huge mall but the atmosphere here is nice and the lovers of shopping will enjoy here very much.

A Closer Look at the Big Supermarket:

Metro Varna
Metro Varna
#About Varna's Great Shopping Center

Metro Varna is a large shopping center, and is branch of the huge Metro chain in Varna.

Metro stores can be found all over Bulgaria. It is possible to purchase almost every product possible, from its electronics department there are electrical appliances, as well as clothing and footwear, through cosmetics, toiletries and decorative items.

In Varna, the store is far from the city center where most of the hotels are concentrated. Many come here to buy different products at cheap prices.


The best way to get here is usually by taxi.

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Primark Gran Via
#About the Cheap European Fashion Chain

Primark is a British fashion chain that has cheap prices, and a wide variety of clothes for the whole family. This department store has shoes, clothes, dresses, coats, undergarments, and more.

This chain is characterized by many buyers who can make a big mess. Those who love good finds and knows how to spot a treasure in a big pile, will be able to find a lot here.

With 5 floors this is a huge store, nice and clean. Gran Via is a chain in Madrid's main shopping street, with a large variety of men's clothes, women's, children's, accessories, shoes, and more.


Try getting here by morning, because in the evening there are long lines.

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A Promo:


Another Location:

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
#The Gallery that is the Oldest Mall in the World

The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, opened in 1877, and is the world's first indoor mall. The residents of Milan, love it very much and affectionately refer to it as the "Milan Lounge" or in Italian "Il Salotto di Milano".

The gallery is named after the first king of Italy, Vittorio Emanuel II. Even if you do not buy here, you should see the unique design of the ancient shopping center, located on the north side of the Duomo Square.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is one of the most impressive sites in the city. Notice its mosaic floor that a lot was put into. Look at the impressive glass ceiling above you. Take a look at the beautiful frescoes and the shop windows of one of the oldest and central fashion centers in Italy and perhaps in Europe as a whole.

At the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II along with a collection of luxury stores, fashion designer stores and expensive jewelry stores, one can find fine gelato stores, gourmet restaurants, luxury cafes and more.

For a long time, the gallery had been the place where the locals of Milan met. Besides the locals, many tourists and shopping enthusiasts flock to the gallery every day, where the flagship stores of big designers such as Prada, which opened here in 1913 are located, or old restaurants such as the Baffy Cafe established in 1867 and the Savini restaurant, which was established in 1884.

The entrance to the beautiful indoor building from the Duomo Square is through an entrance gate designed as a spectacular triumphal gate, made of marble and granite. From there, the gallery leads up to Piazza della Scala, where the city's famous opera house, the Teatro La Scala, is located. Next to it is Milan's city hall, known as the Palazzo Marino.

#What is Here?

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is a kind of metaphor for the entire city of Milan. In its neoclassical architecture it combines the old and the new and offers in one place the best of fashion, luxury and prestige.
From the world of fashion, such as Prada, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Gucci to expensive jewelry stores, from Swarovski stones to Bransoni's silverware, this spectacular mall features designer stores and the finest brands. Alongside them are art galleries, along with bookstores, cafes and gourmet restaurants, such as those of the famous Gucci, Zucca and Baffy cafes.

#The Sad Story of the Architect of the Gallery

One of the saddest stories in the history of architecture took place here. It is associated with the architect of the elegant and impressive shopping palace – the architect Giuseppe Mengoni. Mengoni won the design competition with his plan of a building that will link Piazza Duomo in Milan to the Piazza della Scala near Milan's Opera House.

Inspired by the historic Passages Couverts of Paris and the Burlington Arcade in London (perhaps the prototype of today's indoor shopping centers), Mengoni proposed in the competition a construction of a commercial avenue with a glass-and-steel ceiling that will connect the squares.

He proposed and won. It soon became clear that Mengoni was in love with this project. He designed it for all its details, taking great care in choosing the materials, the overall design, and the meticulous and uncompromising finishing of every detail in the magnificent building that was built in Milan.

In those days Italy was united and in the light of the turbulent time of those days, Mengoni filled the gallery with patriotic symbols that expressed the unity and the trust he had in the young state. Perhaps it was a mystical feeling that this would be his greatest architectural legacy, but Mengoni gave his life to this project. And not just metaphorically. Because just before the construction was finished, the day before the impressive gate of the magnificent building was inaugurated, something happened. While examining the last touches of the project, Mengoni fell to his death from a scaffold on which he stood, near the arch. So, the architect that was in love with the project did not get to see how his gallery became a great success and how it became, from a project designed to connect two major attractions in the city, to history itself, as the first shopping mall ever.

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Serravalle Designer Outlet
Serravalle Designer Outlet
#Milan's Big Outlet

The Serravalle Designer Outlet is one of the largest malls in Europe and the biggest in Italy. Even in Milan, considered the capital of world fashion, it stands out as a true shopping temple. There are over 170 stores here.

The designer outlet, whose exact name is "McArthurGlen," will offer you large discounts, which can range from 30 to 70 percent. It is decorated in the form of an Italian village.

In the huge outlet, you will find many of the international and Italian brands, including prestigious Italian designers, who sell here at great prices. From sneakers to designer bags or luxury suits – you will find everything here.

In addition to shopping, there are also a variety of restaurants and dining options.

A Closer Look:

Metro Burgas
#About the Metro Chain that is Cheap and Worth a Visit

The Metro Cash & Carry store in Burgas is a successful location for the giant chain Metro. This is a chain spread around Bulgaria.

At Metro you can buy things like clothes, shoes, cosmetics, food, perfumes, electronics, decorative products, utensils, computers, and household items.

It is best that all the products are sold considerable cheap, and there are always good prices.


In Burgas, there is a huge store located in the industrial area, you can take a cab to the store for a few hours of shopping at a discount.

The store is tax-free - save your receipts and a purchase certificate, and you can get the VAT returned at the airport.

A Closer Look:

Tria City Center
#About the Recommended Mall for Shopping in Burgas

Inside the 3 floors of the Tria City Center you can find brands and designer items at attractive prices.

Tria City Center is of the newer shopping centers in Burgas. There is a wide variety of stores, local products and leading European brands. This is one of the best places in town for shopping. Between shopping you can sit at one of the cafes or a nice restaurant in the foodcourt.

At this modern shopping center around the Trojkata Square you will find 3 floors of stores and stalls, a luxurious atmosphere and international quality. You can buy jewelry, clothes, shoes, and perfumes. The prices of the leading world brands are not cheaper here than anywhere else in Europe, but there are many cheaper knock off products. When it comes to products made in Bulgaria, prices are cheap, and so in the stores here and in the markets around the city.


If you don't like the restuarants in the mall, when you are done shopping you can go for a great meal at one of the nice restaurants outside.

A Closer Look:

Primark Verona
#About the Cheap Fashion Network of Europe

Primark is a British fashion chain that offers, from cheap to very cheap prices, a huge range of clothing and fashion products for the whole family. The department stores have clothes, shoes, dresses, coats, underwear and more.

The branches of the chain are characterized by a large number of buyers and are often not a little messy. But those who love reality and know how to identify will find quite a few here.

At the branch you will find, as in all the other departments, clothing, shoes, bags, jeans, evening clothes, coats, T-shirts, accessories, baby clothes, lingerie and more.

A Closer Look:




Another branch:

#About the Cheap European Fashion Chain

Primark is a British fashion chain that offers clothes at cheap prices, a huge variety of clothes and fashion items for the whole family. The Primark department stores has clothes, shoes, dresses, coats, undergardments and more.

Primark stores are known to be busy places full of shoppers, and many times, a big mess. Those who like to find good finds, can find here a lot.

#Primark Barcelona

The department stores in Barcelona are located at a few places. One is at the L'illa Diagonal mall.

The largest Primark store is at the Diagonal Mar mall, this specific location offers many clothes for children and babies.

Another location is located at the Centro Comercial Splau Outlet, located near the airport, far from the city center.

A Closer Look:




Another Chain:

Citadel Outlets
#About the Small Shopping Center with the Large Discounts

Citadel Outlets is an outlet mall in California, located not far away from Los Angeles center. This is a small shopping mall with large discounts, a place that offers cheap shopping for the residents of California, and its visitors.

The entrance to the mall reminds of an ancient temple, and the place itself is designed as a castle from the Victorian period. This is an outdoor shopping mall, with outlet store by famous and known brands, that drastically discount prices.

Among the 40 or so outlet stores by different brands, you will find here large commercial centers for H&M, Adidas, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, GAP, Banana Republic, United Colors of Benetton, and more.

For those planning to spend here a long time, in addition to the stores, there are great restaurants and cafes.


There is an organized shuttle here from most hotels for a fee, check at your reception.

Parking is free.

A Closer Look:


A View from Above:


A Visit:


A Guide:

Lippo Centre
#About the Commercial Trading Center with Two Iconic Towers Above

Lippo Centre is the name of the two towers with the special and interesting shapes, whose construction was completed in 1988. The project, in the past, was called "Bond Centre," is very prominent in the city.

The unique exterior turns the center into an iconic landmark in the city. The taller of the two buildings is called Lippo Centre 2, and reaches the height of 186 meters, while Lippo Centre 1 is "only" 172 meters.

The centre is located at a great location in the city center. From the buildings, a beautiful view can be seen of Hong Kong park nearby.

The post-modern style of the two similar buildings, designed with reflective glass, is the responsibility of the architect Paul Marvin Rudolph, in cooperation with Wong & Ouyang. Rudolph, whose works are known for their brutal, concrete-based style, designed a very modern complex, completely different from the architectural and design style that is usually identified with him.

An interesting fact in the history of the building has to do with the number of companies who collapsed, or were bankrupted, while renting offices in the building. Local advisors Sahi Feng shui conclude that the building has bad Fend Shui. They tied this reason to the C shaped windows, which reminds of a koala climbing a tree. The Feng shui advisors of the builders deny this and say the building was given approval of wellness.

By the way, the shapes of these koalas gave the centres the nickname "koala buildings."

A Closer Look:


A Look at the Park:


A Visit:

Grand'Affi Shopping Center
#Shopping Center Near Verona

Grand'Affi Shopping Center is a nice and not very large mall. It is a shopping center near Verona. The Grand'Affi Shopping Center has around 100 stores of clothing, shoes, jewelry, leather goods and household items.

The mall is in Mantua, close to Lake Garda. You will find outlet stores with a variety of clothing stores, shoes, bags and jewelry. It is important to note that, despite certain assumptions, it is not particularly cheap. Many say cheaper prices are found in local stores in small towns.


The mall has a large car park.

A Closer Look:

Le Corti Venete
#About the Great Shopping Center of Verona

Le Corti Venete is the largest shopping center in and around Verona. But it is a spacious and family center, where prices are cheap and there are many products.

The mall, located about a 10-minute drive from the historic center of Verona, has about 70 stores of brands and international fashion chains. Among them you will find Zara, Pulll & Bear, Celio, the cosmetic brand Madina Milano and H&M.

More in Le Corti Venete is a large supermarket, many shoe stores, cosmetics, accessories, health and beauty products, leisure products, household products, electronics and more.

In the food complex of the Le Corti Venete mall in Verona you can also sit in many cafés and restaurants.

Mall Galleria
#About the Environmental and Efficient Mall in the City

Mall Galleria is a large new mall, offering comfort and nice shopping experience at decent prices.

In the mall are a huge variety of stores, among them many stores by big international chains and international brands, from Tom Taylor and Lee Cooper, to Bershka and H&M.

Jewelry, fashion, sports products, health products, furniture, electronics, kid toys - in the three floors in this center, on no less than 35,000 square meters, there is almost nothing you won't be able to find.

The Mall Galleria, part of a chain of shopping centers with the same name, is characterized in a multi-story building, that takes advantage of the natural air conditioning, and saves resources, it is the first green mall in Bulgaria.

The truth is, there is not much more to say about this modern and large mall. It is another shopping destination that this city has to offer for shopping lovers, in an environmental atmosphere.

A Closer Look:


Another Look:

Mall Burgas Plaza
#About the Prestigious Mall of Burgas

Although there are only two floors to Burgas Plaza, in the new industrial area of ​​Burgas, this is a very large mall with a large variety of local shops and branches of various international chains and Bulgarians.

The prices at Burgas Plaza are not so cheap, compared to Burgas, but the abundance of products and chips makes it possible to find a good reality here and buy equal purchases.

Apart from the fashion and product stores, there is a huge supermarket on the first floor of the mall, where products are sold at good prices.

For those wishing to rest from shopping, eating or drinking coffee, there is a rich dining area on the second floor, with plenty of fast food restaurants and regular restaurants from various kitchens.

A Closer Look:

La Grande Mela
#Shopping Center Near Verona

La Grande Mela is a shopping center near Verona. A short drive takes you to the place. The mall is impressive and beautiful, with 3 floors and over 130 stores.

The mall also houses cafes, restaurants, a bowling alley, a baby care area, a food complex and cinemas. In the center of the building there is a fun area where there are various performances, various events, fashion shows, games and various competitions. See examples in the videos below.

The owners promise that to La Grane Mela people do not only come to buy, but also to enjoy, because it is not only a shopping center, but a kind of meeting place and experience.

A Closer Look:


Fashion Show in the Mall:


Jumping Competition in the Mall:


A Visit:


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