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Muse Cognacq-Jay

Muse Cognacq-Jay
Cognacq-Jay Museum
#About the Museum

The Cognacq-Jay Museum (Musée Cognacq-Jay) is a museum of decorative art items.

The museum was once a private collection of the couple Marie-Louise and Ernest Cognacq. Ernest Cognacq has founded many shops and commercial centers in the city, including La Samaritan, which is characterized by the metal architecture of the new Art Deco wave. They carefully collected the furniture and artifacts from 1900 till 1925. After their death, the collection was handed over to the Paris municipality who presents it to the general public.

The museum is located in the Dunoon House - one of the Mare district villas. The district was built in the late 16th century and was specially renovated for the museum. Hotel Dunoon, impressive in itself is added to the long list of houses and places worth visiting in "Mara" in particular, and Paris in general.

The museum contains an extraordinary collection of decorative art items, about 1,200 items in total, with an emphasis on 18th century France, from European and Chinese ceramics, jewelry and snuff boxes, through paintings by Louis-Leopold Baui, Francois Boucher and sculptures and furniture. The 17th century is also represented, especially in Rembrandt's paintings. The 19th century is represented by the works of Camille Coro, Paul Cezanne and Edgar Degas.

The paintings of Mila are especially exciting, which are displayed on the second floor. They accurately describe the life of the Parisian bourgeoisie in the days of King Louis the 16th and the gardens in which the bourgeoisie spent much of their time. You can also see the furniture and artifacts used by the bourgeoisie during the Age of Enlightenment.

The museum manages to recreate the spirit of the times and that's what makes the visit so special.

A Closer Look at the Museum:


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