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Museo Nacional del Prado

Museo Nacional del Prado
Museo Nacional del Prado
#About the Big Museum of Madrid

Around the Paseo del Prado Avenue, you will find the Golden Triangle of Art - the three important and main museums of Madrid. One of them is the Museo Nacional del Prado, the largest museum in Madrid and one of the largest classical painting museums in the world.

The large collections at the Prado are displayed in an impressive neo-Classical building. The building was designed by architect Juan de Villanova, during the rule of the Bourbon king, Carlos III. Here you will find an impressive variety of creations. There are collections here gathered by the kings of Spain throughout the years, and famous Italian paintings, who the Catholic kings were patrons for.

The museum is massive, and because of that, you will not be able to see all the art displayed here. The museum has more than 5,000 drawings, about 1,000 coins, and medallions, about 700 statues, and over 800 paintings. At all times, only one-seventh of the items are displayed, and therefore it is recommended to see the temporary exhibits when you are planning on visiting.

Take a look at the museum building, which before it became a museum, it was used as a palace.


Entrance is free to the Prado Monday-Saturday between 6 pm to 8 pm. On Sundays and holidays the free hours are 5 pm to 7 pm. The lines are massive so we recommend arrive an hour, even an hour and a half prior.

A Closer Look at the Museum:


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