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Museo Nacional del Romanticismo

Museo Nacional del Romanticismo
Museo Nacional del Romanticismo
#About Madrid's Romantic Museum

The Museo Nacional del Romanticismo of Madrid is a place to see amazing collections of furniture, porcelain and ceramics, musical instruments, kitchen utensils, and more. All these are displayed in the halls and living rooms, that in the 18th century many meetings took place of the Spanish nobility.

The private museum is located in the Chueca neighborhood in Madrid, in a house that was built in the 18th century by a family relative of the Spanish architect and designer Ventura Rodríguez.

Here you can see the long dining table of the King of Spain, Fernando VII, and his restrooms, as well as most items from that period. All these will give you an impression to the lifestyle of nobility from the Romantic period of the 18th century.

In the museum, there is a great collection of interesting art, that includes paintings from the great Spanish painters, including drawings by Velazquez, Zurbarán and the Spanish national painter Francisco Goya.

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