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Hong Kong Science Museum
Hong Kong Science Museum
#About the Great Science Museum of Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Science Museum is a 4-story museum where you can spend many hours of fun. There are no less than 18 exhibition halls, over 500 exhibits and a variety of interactive exhibits where visitors can experience physics, science, technology, energy, the earth and more.

It is important not to be confused with the Hong Kong Science Park, which is the high-tech area of ​​the city. This is another museum, which is a great attraction for the whole family.

In this museum you will find, among other things, a simulator of driving a real car, a wing of mirrors, a demonstration of various physical forces, such as the largest facility in the world that demonstrates potential energy conversion to kinetic energy, or illustration of energy consumption.

There is a display of a variety of physical and scientific principles in the fields of motion, light, sound, electricity and electromagnetism. Children will be able to obtain scientific illustrations in areas such as mathematics, life sciences, geography, meteorology and computer science. Technology is well handled here, in areas such as transportation, communications, energy conservation, food technologies and more.

Children will also enjoy a film editing room where they can learn how to edit them. After shooting with the video camera they receive, they can edit the movie, add effects, combine more videos, and more. This is pure pleasure for the "screen generation..."


The location of the Science Museum, around Tsim Shan Tsui in the east and near the History Museum of Honk Kong, promises an exciting museum day.

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Hong Kong Museum of History
Hong Kong Museum of History
#About the Museum that Tells the Story of Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Museum of History is a museum that displays the history and cultural traditions of Hong Kong, from the prehistoric period to today.

The museum reviews the entire history of Hong Kong from different periods, you can learn the history, archeology, and ethnography of Hong Kong. This includes the ancient periods, the days of British rule, and up to today.

In the museum are permanent and temporary exhibits about history, culture, and folklore. Children will enjoy the ancient ship models and navy uniforms of days past. Notice the wonderful reconstruction of a Chinese street, that was redone in a 1:1 scale.

With the help of archeologists, videos, photos, monograms and statues, there are 6,000 different items displayed here from the place's history. This begins in the Neolithic period, and there is also a display of items and documents from known and less-known historical events, like the Japanese conquering of Hong Kong, World War II days, and the return of Hong Kong from Britain to China in 1997.

The museum is placed in Tsim Sha Tsui on the east, near the Hong Kong Science Museum. It was established in 1975 with the separation of the city museum and art gallery: The Museum of Art and the Museum of History.


The museum is good for children who are older, teenagers and adults.

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Hong Kong Space Museum
Hong Kong Space Museum
#About the Museum that Deals with Space and Astronomy

The Hong Kong Space Museum is an experiential museum that fits families and children that are curious and inquisitive, and always thirsty for more knowledge. There are a lot of things to do with the science and technology, from a variety of angles and fields, with a focus on exhibits, that provide information and research in the fields of astronomy and space.

In the few exhibit halls, the planetarium, and movie theater at the museum, you will see a variety of different fascinating displays, movies, and be able to experience different things. All through meeting and seeing hundreds of subjects like space, computers, robotics, communication, energy, and physics.

In the museum, with the dome-shaped like an egg, you can learn and research the world of astronomy. In the planetarium, you will get to experience interesting views of the solar systems and the stars in the galaxy of the Milky Way. There are also models of the solar system, a space shuttle, and information displays of the Chinese space program.

One of the special experiences here is the simulation of walking on the moon. With a system of springs that are tied to a person's body, here you can experience your body weight on the moon, only 1/6 of your body weight on Earth.

Another great experience is the solar telescope in the Solar Hall. From here you can observe the sun.

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Flagstaff House Museum of Tea
Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware
#About the Museum that Specializes in Tea

The Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware is a museum that specializes in everything having to do with tea, the traditional Chinese ceremony that accompanies it and the tools for making tea. Here you can learn about the history and literary side of tea in the Chinese culture.

The museum is located in an elegant colonial villa, located inside the Hong Kong Park. The villa was built in 1840, and was used in the past as the office of the general of the British forces in Hong Kong. In 1984 the building officially became a museum.

The museum exhibits the evolution of tea, ceremonies and cultural ties and research having to do with teas. There is an impressive display here of varied tea instruments, including ancient ceramic pots that were used by historical Chinese dynasties. You can even see pre-historic tools, that possibly were used to create the drink.

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Museums in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Museum of Art
Hong Kong Museum of Art
#About the Hong Kong Museum of Chinese Art

The Hong Kong Museum of Art is considered the center for art in the city, where you can see 14,000 Chinese pieces of art, historic art as well as modern Hong Kong and Chinese art.

In the cube-shaped building of the museum you will find one of the most beautiful museums in Hong Kong. Here are displayed temporary exhibitions, of paintings, sketches, calligraphy, statues, pottery, and a variety of pieces by local artists.

In the museum is a wide display of other fascinating exhibits. Among them are historical photos, ancient and local Chinese drawings, oil paintings and lithographs from old Hong Kong. Additionally, there is also modern art from Hong Kong. Among the museum displays you can see ancient tea tools, vases and delicate ceramics, as well as wooden carvings and jade, and more types of artworks and ancient Chinese art.


To arrive at the museum get to the Tsim Sha Tsui station.

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