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Retro Museum Varna
Retro Museum Varna
#About the Museum of the Socialist Age of Bulgaria

On the first floor of the Grand Mall, the city's largest shopping center, is the Retro Museum in Varna. The museum, dominated by the color red, is dedicated to the period of the socialist rule in Bulgaria.

Don't undermine the quality of the museum because it is located in a shopping center. It is a little ironic that at the center of a typical place for capitalist consumerism, like a mall, is this fascinating and wonderful museum that documents life during a time when the Bulgarians lived under communism. This is during the period of the Cold War, between 1944 and 1989.

From household products, through everyday products, such as cigarettes and food items to toys and games - at the Varna's Retro Museum you will see a variety of tools and items from the socialist period. The music in the background adds to the atmosphere of the period and this time machine will bring you back to Bulgaria in the 60's.

The wax dolls in the museum rooms are also nostalgic, figures of socialist leaders from this era, Karl Marx to Stalin and Leonid Brezhnev.

Very impressive is the collection of "socialist" cars exhibited here. Visitors can see dozens of vehicles that were once used by the communist countries. Among them is the Czech Skoda, the Travent manufactured in East Germany, and from the Soviet Union the popular Volga. Pay attention to the famous Chaika GAZ-13, which drove the Politburo members of the Communist Party and other members of the Communist regime.


Entrance is free for children under the age of 6.

Opening hours: 10:00 am -10:00 pm.

A Closer Look:

Ethnographic Museum
Ethnographic Museum
#About the Museum To Get To Know the Life and Culture of the Residents of the Region

At the Ethnographic Museum of Varna you can learn about the lives of the region's residents. Here you can learn about the way people live and culture.

The one of a king museum showcases a variety of different styles of design from the history of Bulgaria and its many influences from foreign rulers and neighboring countries. There are historical exhibits from the history of Bulgaria in a variety of fields, including furniture, household items, folk clothing, costumes and jewelry, and up to the old and new tools used to produce varied agricultural produce.

Among other things, the Ethnographic Museum is dedicated to displaying exhibits from industries such as wine and winery, fishing, tanning and leather production, honey and beekeeping.

A Closer Look:

Varna Archeological Museum
Varna Archeological Museum
#About the Museum with the Oldest Gold Jewelry in the World

The Varna Archeological Museum, inaugurated in 1888, is a real gem for history lovers and the largest of its kind in the Balkan region.

With a huge display of diverse exhibits and a large area of ​​2,150 square meters, the Varna Archaeological Museum is one of the largest museums in Bulgaria.

Here you can see weapons, pottery, reliefs of tombstones, lamps, glassware and jewelry, along with thousands of exhibits in Bulgaria. They begin from prehistoric times, in the Paleolithic period, ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, the Middle Ages and the 10th century, the Ottoman period, and more.

Here you will find unusual and famous exhibits, like a human skeleton that was discovered in a tomb with a gold container. The iconic collection of the museum is very impressive, and a collection of flint artifacts from the Mesolithic period, considered the largest in southeastern Europe.

One of its kind is the "Varna Gold," the oldest gold treasure in the world. It is the oldest gold treasure ever found, and occupies a special place. It probably originated in the 4th millennium BC. Notice the mythological figures that appear on the ancient treasure.

The guides here are friendly and helpful. The exhibition is arranged in chronological order and will guide you through the history of Bulgaria and the Varna region.

The museum is located inside a building from the end of the 19th century, which used to be a high school for girls.


Opening hours are from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

It is forbidden to take photos in the museum

Entrance for children under 6 is free. And by the way, a separate part of the museum is special for children.

There is a combined ticket to the Archaeological Museum, the Alaja Monastery and the Roman Baths.

A Closer Look at the Most Ancient Jewelry Treasure in History:


The Museum Itself:

Boris Georgiev City Art Gallery
Boris Georgiev City Art Gallery
#About Varna's Art Gallery

The Boris Georgiev City Art Gallery is an impressive and modern gallery for artworks by Bulgarian and international artists, most of them from the 20th century.

No known world-class modern works are here, however, gallery is a modest yet impressive place for modern art, with a strong focus on the Bulgarian point of view on 20th-century art.

After its establishment in 1885, in 1944 the gallery moved to its current placement in the impressive neo-Gothic building, that is as fascinating as its design. In the gallery's garden visitors can also see a variety of works, mostly modernist and special sculptures.

A Gallery Exhibition:


Museums in Varna

Museum of Natural Sciences
Museum of Natural Sciences
#About Varna's Museum of Natural Sciences

The Museum of Natural Sciences is a great museum for learning about the nature of the area. Here anyone can learn about the fauna, flora and geology of the Black Sea region. The museum also includes areas such as paleontology, botany and zoology of invertebrates.

If you love nature and its history - this museum is worth a visit. Its location is in the Sea Garden, opposite the Palace of Culture and Sport.
Naval Museum Varna
Naval Museum Varna
#About the National Maritime Museum of the Bulgarian Navy

Ships, cannons, missiles or helicopters - all of these can be found in the National Maritime Varna in Primorski Park in Varna.

This museum presents the history of the Bulgarian navy, from its establishment in 1879 to the present day. Maritime enthusiasts will be able to see marine transport vehicles, various vessels, alongside equipment and weapons from various periods in the history of the Bulgarian navy.

The place for historical exhibits is not absent here. In the museum there is a torpedo ship called Druzki, when it was discovered that in 1912 this ship sank a Turkish submarine, it gained world fame.

This is one of the most interesting maritime museums. Among the exhibits in the museum you will see ancient anchors found on the grounds of the Black Sea. Alongside them are uniforms and flags of the Bulgarian navy, alongside an impressive display of cannons. You can also see here quite a few historical documents and daily documents, which tell the history of this navy.

A Closer Look at the Navy Museum:


Military Exhibits:


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