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The Kowloon Peninsula
Kowloon Peninsula
#About the Peninsula with the Elephant Trunk

The Kowloon Peninsula is located north of Hong Kong Island and is the largest peninsula in China. It came under Hong Kong rule in 1860, and today is a main commercial center.

In Kowloon, there is an abundance in stores, restaurants, luxury hotels, entertainment centers and vibrant shopping malls, like Nathan Road, the famous shopping street in Hong Kong. Most things are concentrated in Tsim Sha Tsui (meaning elephant trunk), located on the southern edge of Kowloon and is a main tourist attraction.

Especially popular is the Tsim Sha Tsui East Promenade, on the edge of Victoria Bay. Many believe it is the best vantage point on the skyscrapers of Hong Kong. This magnificent promenade stretches along Victoria Harbor, on the side of the Kowloon Peninsula.

The Star Ferry connects Kowloon and Hong Kong Island, which leaves the pier on the promenade and heads for one of the docks at Victoria Harbor. This shuttle is an attraction in itself. On the cruise, you can see the magnificent Kowloon skyline on the one hand and Hong Kong on the other.

#About the Nine Dragon Legend

The name Kowloon, means nine dragons, was given the peninsula in the 13th century. According to legend, this happened after Di Ping, the Emperor of the Song Dynasty, escaped from China. It was the Mongols that swept China from the north and made him flee quickly.

At the same time, the Emperor spend some time on the peninsula. Legend tells that he looked around and saw 8 mountain ranges. It is traditional to believe in China that inside mountains lays a dragon. Since the Emperor himself is considered a dragon, there were 9 dragons, and since the southern part of the peninsula has been named so, Kowloon, nine dragons.


The cost of a ferry to Kowloon is really cheap.

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Must See
Saint John's Cathedral
#About the Missionary Cathedral of Hong Kong

Saint John's Cathedral is among the most ancient Anglican churches in Asia. It is built in the shape of a cross and is located inside a small tropical garden, among the city skyscrapers in Hong Kong's Finance District.

The cathedral, built in 1847, is considered one of the most ancient gothic Victorian buildings in Hong Kong. Even in an international context, the Saint John's Cathedral is a nice place to pass a Sunday morning. At the end of this spiritual visit, this is a great starting point for the rest of your day in Hong Kong and the area. This is because of the location of the church, near the Peak Tram that travels to Victoria Peak.


Try coming to the cathedral on Sundays. The Anglican ceremony takes place at 11:40 am.

The cathedral is open daily from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm for prayer and meditation.

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Hong Kong Museum of History
Hong Kong Museum of History
#About the Museum that Tells the Story of Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Museum of History is a museum that displays the history and cultural traditions of Hong Kong, from the prehistoric period to today.

The museum reviews the entire history of Hong Kong from different periods, you can learn the history, archeology, and ethnography of Hong Kong. This includes the ancient periods, the days of British rule, and up to today.

In the museum are permanent and temporary exhibits about history, culture, and folklore. Children will enjoy the ancient ship models and navy uniforms of days past. Notice the wonderful reconstruction of a Chinese street, that was redone in a 1:1 scale.

With the help of archeologists, videos, photos, monograms and statues, there are 6,000 different items displayed here from the place's history. This begins in the Neolithic period, and there is also a display of items and documents from known and less-known historical events, like the Japanese conquering of Hong Kong, World War II days, and the return of Hong Kong from Britain to China in 1997.

The museum is placed in Tsim Sha Tsui on the east, near the Hong Kong Science Museum. It was established in 1975 with the separation of the city museum and art gallery: The Museum of Art and the Museum of History.


The museum is good for children who are older, teenagers and adults.

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Disneyland Hong Kong
Disneyland Hong Kong
#About Hong Kong's Kingdom of Fairytales and Legends

Disneyland Hong Kong is a popular amusement park, that opened in 2005 and is located on Lantau Island. The park cost $2 billion to build, and was built on 1,300 square meters that were dried from water.

As is Disney's trademark, Disneyland Hong Kong gives a feeling of a visit to a faraway fantasy land, that Walt Disney designed when he was still alive. Here in Hong Kong, there is also a section for Tomorrowland.

The amusement park here is small and modest compared to other typical parks. Families with small children can enjoy a great day here, like millions of visitors each year.

Disneyland Hong Kong belongs to the Disney Company, and its location in Hong Kong made it necessary for the park to embrace the culture around it. In order to avoid cultural resistance, like what happened in EuroDisney in Paris, characters were added from local stories and legends. The design of the park is in the Feng Shui essence, which is the distancing of bad spirits. While designing the park, the entrance was also moved, so as not to let the Ch'i escape the park.

#What Will You See Here?

You can meet Disney's favorite characters and enjoy attractions and fun rides. Everything here is themed with fairytales and Disney's fantasies, next to experiences from the future, and the Chinese culture.

From the entrance, you will be accompanied by Mickey Mouse to the known rides in the park. In addition, you can see here incredible parades of characters from Disney's stories, and from local Chinese legends.

The four main areas of the park are Adventureland, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, and Main Street.

All the main areas in the park are; Main Street, the United States, Fantasyland, Adventureland, Tomorrowland, Grizzly Gulch, Mystic Point, and Toy Story Land.

Near the souvenir shops and restaurants in the park, you will find the Disney Resort, that includes hotels, entertainment centers, and different sportings facilities.


Most of the attractions here are suited more and are meant for kids.

It is recommended to order tickets in advance, at discount prices and without waiting in line - for one, two, or three days.

Try coming here on a sunny day!

Arrive at the park by 10:00 am, with the park's opening. The place gets crowded very fast.

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Must See in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Space Museum
Hong Kong Space Museum
#About the Museum that Deals with Space and Astronomy

The Hong Kong Space Museum is an experiential museum that fits families and children that are curious and inquisitive, and always thirsty for more knowledge. There are a lot of things to do with the science and technology, from a variety of angles and fields, with a focus on exhibits, that provide information and research in the fields of astronomy and space.

In the few exhibit halls, the planetarium, and movie theater at the museum, you will see a variety of different fascinating displays, movies, and be able to experience different things. All through meeting and seeing hundreds of subjects like space, computers, robotics, communication, energy, and physics.

In the museum, with the dome-shaped like an egg, you can learn and research the world of astronomy. In the planetarium, you will get to experience interesting views of the solar systems and the stars in the galaxy of the Milky Way. There are also models of the solar system, a space shuttle, and information displays of the Chinese space program.

One of the special experiences here is the simulation of walking on the moon. With a system of springs that are tied to a person's body, here you can experience your body weight on the moon, only 1/6 of your body weight on Earth.

Another great experience is the solar telescope in the Solar Hall. From here you can observe the sun.

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Ocean Park
Ocean Park
#About the Amusement Park with the World's Largest Aquarium

Ocean Park in Hong Kong is an entertainment complex, the largest in south and east Asia. This is a huge and wonderful park, that is a wonderful entertaining complex in Hong Kong, for families and children. Children and adults will enjoy the experience alike.

Ocean Park is located on the side of a hill, on the southern side of Hong Kong. A cable railway connects both parts of the park.

Ocean Park is considered the large amusement park on the southern side of Hong Kong Island, an amusement park with many exciting rides, some real beath-stoppers. In addition to the many roller coasters and water rides, you will find the large aquarium.

The large amusement park is the size of 650,000 square meters. It is divided into two sections. First, the largest aquarium in the world, that hosts dolphin and sea lion shows, with rides and varied activities. Next to it, the second section the amusement park full of different things, offering many rides.

#What Will You See Here?

In the two mains parts, Ocean Park offers many activities and different experiences. There are tastes from different "worlds," a world for young children for example, and a peek into Chinese history during different periods.

In the younger part of the park, for small children, you can watch panda bears, crocodiles, different birds, and butterflies. There are dolphin and sea lion feedings, a pagoda with goldfish, a butterfly house, sea lion shows and a shark tank. At the same time, there are also many rides and activities for young children, game stalls, art corners, and magic shows.

In the second and more challenging section, there are many extreme activities, like dropping elevators, roller coasters and whitewater rafting. There are also rides for those who like the middle ground, less frightening, like the Ferris wheel and long cable car.

In the amusement and ride areas, there are nice and well-maintained gardens. A great escalator takes you up from level to level, and special vehicles for children provide a driving experience and a little action. The highlight has to be gondola-like cable car, that in a few minutes will take up to the top of the hill and to the large aquarium.

In the Chinese World in the park, there are wonderful shows that include traditional dances, acrobatics, and juggling.


Order your tickets in advance and you can simply skip the line.

To avoid the tourist crowds, try coming to Ocean Park right at opening hours.

For a combination with Victoria's Peak, try leaving at 3:00 pm to the cable car station, and go to to the wonderful "Peak" view towards the amazing city, before and during the sunset.

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Great Attractions for Kids

Peak Circle Walk
Peak Circle Walk
#About the Great Walking Trail at the Peak

At Victoria Peak there are walking trails. The nicer of the trails is the Peak Circle Walk that goes around the peak and gives a chance to enjoy the air from the peak and the beautiful view below.

The trail, about 3.5 kilometers, is called the Peak Circle Walk, and it ends at the shopping center at the top of the mountain called the "Gallery."

While walking you can be impressed by the green surroundings, where the rich of Hong Kong live and enjoy walking in real nature, seconds from one of the most crowded and inhabited cities in the world.


If you go on the walk about half an hour before the sun sets in the opposite direction (start at Harlech Road and not Lugard Road), you can enjoy the view of the southern side of the island in the afternoon sun. The surprise will come with the sunset, where you will see the wonderful Hong Kong view in the twilight, and the lights turning on across the big city, preparing for darkness.

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Flagstaff House Museum of Tea
Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware
#About the Museum that Specializes in Tea

The Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware is a museum that specializes in everything having to do with tea, the traditional Chinese ceremony that accompanies it and the tools for making tea. Here you can learn about the history and literary side of tea in the Chinese culture.

The museum is located in an elegant colonial villa, located inside the Hong Kong Park. The villa was built in 1840, and was used in the past as the office of the general of the British forces in Hong Kong. In 1984 the building officially became a museum.

The museum exhibits the evolution of tea, ceremonies and cultural ties and research having to do with teas. There is an impressive display here of varied tea instruments, including ancient ceramic pots that were used by historical Chinese dynasties. You can even see pre-historic tools, that possibly were used to create the drink.

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History of the Museum:


Hong Kong Park
Hong Kong Park
#About the Park that Was a British Base in the Heart of Hong Kong

Hong Kong Park is located at the center of Hong Kong, and is a big royal park, whose size is over 32 square kilometers. This park, established in 1991, offers a great combination between colonial buildings that were used by the British army, and modern designs and structures that you can see across in the city, in the many skyscrapers.

The massive nature park, provides a green breathing space in the city, there are waterfalls and fish ponds, a Tai Chi garden, vegetarian restaurants, many children's playgrounds, big bird cages, and an athletics center.

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Tian Tan Buddha
#About the Largest Buddha Statue in the World

The Great Buddha statue, or the exact name "Tian Tan Buddha," is located on Lantau Island. It is a huge bronze statue of Buddha, situated on a hilltop on the island. Until a few years ago the Buddha was the largest sitting Buddha in the world, and is today one of the largest Buddhas in the world.

The sculpture, which weighs about 250 tons, was built in China, with the contribution of believers from all over the world. The Buddha is shown sitting comfortably on the lotus leaves in the center of a three-story building.

From a religious point of view, Buddha Tian Tan symbolizes the harmonious interaction of the triangle of man, religion and nature.

The statue, completed in 1993, was erected near the Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island. Almost from the very first moment it has become a favorite tourist attraction, attracting tourists from around the world, mainly because of its impressive size and location.

The statue was moved to the island, broken into 102 parts. After being built here to a height of 34 meters, it has become one of the largest and most impressive of its kind.

The sight of the great Buddha statue is very impressive, but no less impressive is the view from it, when you look out over the huge forest surrounding the island.


Ferry to the island - take a ferry from Pier 7 at the Outlying Islands pier in Central. From the pier on the island itself there is a bus to Buddha.

To the statue arrive many tourists from all over the world, arriving by bus or cable car and after climbing 268 steps.

Entrance to the Buddha statue is free.

Entrance to the exhibition under the Buddha has a small fee.

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A View from Above:

Kowloon Park
#About the Park that Was Once a Poor Neighborhood

Kowloon Park, a nice and popular public park, is much loved by both locals and tourists alike.

There are many attractions to enjoy here. With the great Hong Kong weather, locals and tourists in town can enjoy the activities and nature.

In the park, designed in a traditional Chinese way, are many attractions for all ages. You can find here areas with amazing views, many kinds of flowers, trees, lawns, and birds. There is a small lake, a bird watching station, a playground, a maze, playing areas, cute Japanese gardens, statues, greenhouses and more.

In Kowloon Park, located in an area where once a poor neighborhood used to be, today offers visitors an experience of walking around different gardens.

In the park, there are many ways to be active, starting from walking and running trails, to a sports center that includes basketball and squash courts, ping-pong tables, a gym, and indoor and outdoor swimming pools.


Opening hours every day of the week at 5:00 am to midnight.

Every Sunday between 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm at the statue garden you can see an incredible Kung Fu performance - for free!

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#About the Young and Trendy Region of Hong Kong

Like so many Soho complexes around the world, Soho in Hong Kong is particularly chic and trendy. In its restaurants, cafes and luxury bars, many islanders sit every night drinking cocktails, eating delicacies in Asia's business capital.

In fact, around Soho are the world's longest escalators. They include 14 escalators that rise and fall from a height of 800 meters and facilitate transportation congestion in the city. The escalators take people from the residential area in the mountains e very morning, to the business and commerce area below, by the sea.

The young Soho area was actually constructed around these escalators. It was the topography of the island that made Soho the center of Hong Kong's elite, as the entertainment area developed around the busy escalators.

And so, before the locals come home, from a busy day in the office and after an afternoon beer on the sidewalk, the locals are shopping here for what they need. Therefore you will find quite a few street food stalls around, along with chic shops, art galleries and an active and pleasant market.


The center of attention is below the first escalator.

To Soho, it is also recommended to reach the capital of the afternoon.

For a good coffee shop and restaurant try TeaWood Taiwanese Café & Restaurant. Worthwhile street food you can find at Max's Noodle, featuring excellent dim sum and dumpling.

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Victoria Peak
#About the Popular Vantage Point of Hong Kong

One of the most visited destinations in Hong Kong is Victoria Peak, known as Tai Ping Shan, or simply "The Peak," a green peak 544 meters above the city. It has a spectacular view point, allowing you to view from above the spectacular skyline of Hong Kong, the vast cluster of towers, the sea surrounding the island and the South China Sea.

This is a place from which you can see the contrasts in this interesting city. The place, once an exclusive residence for the wealthy Europeans of the city, is today the city's most famous observation point, offering a two-way view. From one side of the observation deck you can see the skyscrapers of this modern city all the way to the harbor, while the other side is dominated by nature, as the southern Chinese Sea spreads over some of its 263 islands.

The vantage point at the top is the highest and best point to view on Hong Kong Island. This is a place that should not be missed and the feeling here is like on the roof of the world. If you arrive before sunset, you will also benefit from the observation in the dark, which is wonderful and from which even those who are less connected to urban landscapes are impressed.

At the summit itself stands the Peak Tower building, a unique building offering the best view below. It also has restaurants, souvenir shops and a bustling video arcade.

#What Do you See from Here?

As you ascend to the summit with the tram, you can enjoy watching the spectacular scenery of Hong Kong as a whole. From here you can view from above on Hong Kong at 360 degrees.

From here you'll see the famous Victoria Harbor, the bay, the Kowloon Peninsula and the green areas of the new territories. Next are Lamma Island and the island of Lantau. On clear days you can see from here for dozens of kilometers, to all sides.

The Hong Kong skyline from this angle is breathtaking and shows an incomparable image in the world. During the night, Hong Kong covers a colorful blanket of lights that reflects on the water and offers a spectacular view.

On the hill, on the first floor of the tower, is the Madame Tussauds Museum with over 100 wax dolls.

The experience here is complemented by Ripley's Believe It or Not, the experiential simulator on floors 2 and 3, souvenir shops, restaurants and a small shopping center.

Hiking lovers can find a few hiking trails around the green grove.


It is worth it to get to the top about an hour before sunset and enjoy the view during the day, and also during sunset and at night, when the skyscrapers of Hong Kong are illuminated by a colorful and wonderful light.

Dinner in front of the spectacular scenery is a romantic pleasure and a special experience!

It has to be produced in Tram - about 8 minutes of an unforgettable experience. This is a scenic hike from the Garden Road to the Victoria Summit. Take the 100-year-old Peak Tram, which leaves Garden Road and rises above 370 meters and 40 degrees uphill.

Hiking - Recommended an hour before sunset. Earning the changing landscape from daytime to sunset and evening. The climb is not very difficult, although it also has a 7-minute staircase.

For a free view, head to the Peak Galeria Shopping Center and reach the free observation area.

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Hong Kong Museum of Art
#About the Hong Kong Museum of Chinese Art

The Hong Kong Museum of Art is considered the center for art in the city, where you can see 14,000 Chinese pieces of art, historic art as well as modern Hong Kong and Chinese art.

In the cube-shaped building of the museum you will find one of the most beautiful museums in Hong Kong. Here are displayed temporary exhibitions, of paintings, sketches, calligraphy, statues, pottery, and a variety of pieces by local artists.

In the museum is a wide display of other fascinating exhibits. Among them are historical photos, ancient and local Chinese drawings, oil paintings and lithographs from old Hong Kong. Additionally, there is also modern art from Hong Kong. Among the museum displays you can see ancient tea tools, vases and delicate ceramics, as well as wooden carvings and jade, and more types of artworks and ancient Chinese art.


To arrive at the museum get to the Tsim Sha Tsui station.
Po Lin Monastery
#About the Modern Monastery with the Large Buddha

The Po Lin Buddhist Monastery is located in Ngong Ping Plateau, at the height of 518 meters.

The monastery includes the statue made of bronze, the largest in Asia, and among the largest Buddha statues in the world. It attracts many tourists on a regular basis.

The monastery, a large tourist destination, is on the foothills of the large Buddha statue. The monastery itself was established in 1906, and received its name in 1924, and opened for visitors in 1970.


The entrance to the monastery and the statue is free.

Entrance to the exhibition under the Buddha has a small fee.

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A View from Above:


אֵאוּרִיקַה - האנציקלופדיה של הסקרנות!

העולם הוא צבעוני ומופלא, אאוריקה כאן בשביל שתגלו אותו...

אלפי נושאים, תמונות וסרטונים, מפתיעים, מסקרנים וממוקדים.

ניתן לנווט בין הפריטים במגע, בעכבר, בגלגלת, או במקשי המקלדת

בואו לגלות, לחקור, ולקבל השראה!

אֵאוּרִיקַה - האנציקלופדיה של הסקרנות!

נראה שכבר הכרתם את אאוריקה. בטח כבר גיליתם כאן דברים מדהימים, אולי כבר שאלתם שאלות וקיבלתם תשובות טובות.
נשמח לראות משהו מכם בספר האורחים שלנו: איזו מילה טובה, חוות דעת, עצה חכמה לשיפור או כל מה שיש לכם לספר לנו על אאוריקה, כפי שאתם חווים אותה.