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Al Duomo
Al Duomo
#About the Restaurant with Surprising Dishes

Austria Osteria Trattoria Al Duomo is a restaurant that the people of Verona love, which is evident in the menu which is in Italian only.

The menu here includes interesting dishes such as steak made of horse meat, or spaghetti with meat sauce (bigoli pasta sugo d'asino) and even ravioli with swordfish. Familiar or simpler dishes are goat cheese coated with bread crumbs, served with grilled vegetables. The wine section has a selection of wines that you can order in the glass.

The restaurant is decorated here with Mandolins and other stringed instruments that hang on its walls. For those who love this style, on Wednesdays you can also enjoy live performances of mandolin players here.
#The Restaurant with the Michelin Star and the Crazy Food

If you are in Barcelona and interested in going to an interesting and really delicious restaurant, the Lluerna Restaurant, given a Michelin Star, is a restaurant that combines tradition and great ingredients, with modern and creative dishes that are worth the prices asked, which are not cheap.

This is a chef restaurant, that knows to create surprising dishes, like the marinaded mackerel or the bluefish.

Bon Appetite!
La Mar Salada
La Mar Salada
#About the Creative Restaurant in Barcelona

If once the Spanish restaurant La Mer Salada was a simple and ordinary seafood restaurant, in the past few years it has become a trendy and creative restaurant in Barcelona. Prices are good and the quality of the dishes are high.

The chef Mark Singela, which has been leading the impressive transition knowns to offer exceptional dishes, try it yourself.
Dos Palillos
Dos Palillos
#About the Tapas that Won a Michelin Star

This tapas restaurant is a swirling success. It is not particularly cheap, but it is worth every penny, especially thanks to the creative dishes designed by chef Albert Raurich. The food made by him and his team that are trendy and served to customers have already won this place a Michelin Star.

There are a variety of Spanish tapas dishes, next to tapas whos ingredients are from different places around Asia. Enjoy!

A Closer Look at the Restaurant:


Must eat Places

Must eat Places
Ribeira do Miño
#About Madrid's Great Seafood Restaurant.

Ribeira do Miño in Madrid specializes in fresh fish and seafood. Here there is a huge effort to eat the seafood, because the lobsters need to be taken apart.

The meal here is delightful. You can order family trays of different kinds of seafood, and a seafood platter for a couple.

Ribeira do Miño is one of the most popular restaurants for seafood lovers. The design here is not well invested in, but the meal will be truly delicious.


Payment here is cash only, no credit cards are accepted.

A Closer Look:


A Look into the Kitchen:

Corral de la Morera
Corral de la Morería
#About the Perfect Combination of Flamenco and Food

The Flamenco Restaurant El Corral de la Morería is a real institution in Madrid. This is the oldest restaurant that combines food and a dance show, but how long it has been operating is not what makes this place so famous - the Corral is famous for the combination of great food and fantastic flamenco performances for diners.

During dinner, you can eat from plated tapas, and expensive and delicious dishes, like shrimp, oysters, gazpacho, and more.

The restaurant is located in the heart of the old city of Madrid, designed in a Castellini style, with the feeling that you are in a place a few centuries back. The furniture and lighting add to this atmosphere, that was designed in the 18th-century style.

This restaurant is filled with actors and politicians, who come to feast on the great dishes. Who hasn't eaten here? The king and queen of Spain, the revolutionary Che Guevara, Pablo Picasso, and Hollywood star Natalie Portman.

Prices here are not cheap, but remember that you are paying for good food, and a Spanish flamenco performance at a professional level.


You must order a place in advance!

There are two shows for the performance - the first one is at 8:00 pm with dinner, and the second one is at 11:15 pm, about an hour and a half after dinner.

A Closer Look at the Flamenco Here:

#About the Oldest Operating Restaurant in the World

In Madrid you will be able to dine in the oldest operating restaurant in the world. Botin restaurant (Sobrino de Botín) has been continuously open since 1725, and it is recorded so in the Guinness Book of World Records. The official Guinness certificate can be seen in the restaurant's window. The authentic atmosphere in the place and the ancient building it sits in, will be a true experience.

The menu here is perfect for carnivores. The kitchen offers typical Spanish dishes, like fillet, grilled lamb, pork in the oven, fish, and seafood like fried shrimp. Botin is a little less friendly to vegetarians, unless you can do with only starters, cheeses, and a side dish.

Beyond its long years, the pride of the restaurant are the famous authors that used to come here, among them Green, Scott, Fitzgerald, and Ernest Hemingway. Hemingway wrote about the restaurant in his book "The Sun Also Rises," what made this place a must-see site for the author's fans, who come here from afar.


Order a table in advance, Botin is a very popular restaurant.

When ordering a table, ask to sit in the main hall on the ground floor, or in the basement, to really get a sense of the place, and not be seated in one of the more secluded corners.

A Closer Look:

Casa Revuelta
Casa Revuelta
#About the Best Bacalao Tapas Bar in Madrid

Casa Revuelta is a small and wonderful tapas bar that is an expert in a dish called Bacalao. This is codfish that was fried in a delicious wrap, and here they make the best one in Madrid.
The special codfish, called Bacalao, has no bones, and it slips down your throat easily and without fear. There are a few other dishes served here that the kitchen excels at, like meatballs (albóndigas), bacon slices (torreznos), and intestines (callos).

The dishes at Casa Revuelta are always super fresh, and the owner of the place, not a young man, happily serves the dishes himself. A few of these fried dishes, with a glass of beer, wine, or other drink, is considered one of the cheapest and most delicious lunches you can find in Madrid.

Baco y Beto
Baco y Beto
#About the Great Tapas Dishes in a Small and Perfect Place

Baco y Beto restaurant is a small tapas restaurant, friendly and charming in its design. The food and dishes here are especially delicious. The Spanish kitchen here is a king of gastronomy fusion that is delicious, giving a great return for your money.

Try the great eggplant dishes with the mushrooms and garlic mayonnaise, that is just great!

In the food and in the atmosphere, Baco y Beto is a great place that is nice for a romantic dinner, and less for families or groups. Warmly recommended!


It is not easy to get a table here, Be patient...
#About the Classic Spanish Dish Restaurant

The restaurant Albur, in the bohemian Malasaña quarter of Madrid, is one of the most popular places in the city, where you can sit and enjoy popular Spanish cooking, at a comfortable price.

Here you will find a variety of traditional cooking from the Spanish kitchen, like Paella, great rice dishes that are not expensive, great carpaccio, and different tapas.

The food at Albur is not the best in the world, but it is delicious, and this is a classic restaurant to eat at, with great prices, and great service. Many tourists come here and enjoy their meals.


Order a table in advance, because the restaurant is very busy, especially in the evenings.
Antonio Sanchez Taberna
#About the Oldest Tapas Bar in Madrid

If you are in Madrid, at a certain point during your trip, a local will ask you if you have already eaten tapas at Antonio Sanchez Taberna. Because this is no ordinary place, but the oldest place in the city for tapas, with a history of about 200 years.

Antonio Sanchez Taberna (Taberna de Antonio Sánchez) is a restaurant, but first of all it is a tapas bar, the best tapas bar in the city.

The Antonio Sanchez Taberna is not outstanding in its quality in Madrid. The tapas bars in Madrid have long become a sort of national culinary snack for national gourmet restaurants. Antonio Sanchez Taberna holds a central place in the city, thanks to the legacy of the Madrid locals that have been coming to this restaurant for years.

Antonio Sanchez Taberna was built in the 19th century, and since 1850 it has been a popular tapas bar, the favorite in town. Bullfighters especially come here, and their excited fans. They gather here to meet these cruel Spanish entertainment idols, which are being abandoned by cultural pressure from all over Europe, but still exist here.

This place has long ago entered the Spanish Pantheon. About Antonio Sanchez Taberna, even a Spanish writer has written about, the Nobel Prize winner for Literature, Camilo José Cela.


Though the love towards Antonio Sanchez Taberna, we recommend not eating tapas in one place, but to eat a few tapas at the first place, then go to another, and go on and on - until you are full.

A Closer Look:


Receive a Local Tour on How to Eat at a Tapas Bar:

La Mallorquina‬
#About the Wonderful Bakery from Plaza Mayor

The wonderful smell that is coming from La Mallorquina‬, testifies that you will find great baked goods here.

The bakery, located on the edge of Plaza Mayor, was established in 1894. The old-time bakery is considered until today one of the most loved, and best in Madrid.

Try the Napolitana de Crema y Almendras, this is baked dough, filled with vanilla cream and nuts.

A Closer Look:

Museo del Jamon
#About the Popular Tapas Eatery in Madrid

Those with a small budget and tapas lovers will find what they are looking for at the popular chain Museo del Jamon, meaning something like "Museum of Ham," Madrid's favorite meat.

This chain offers a large variety of delicious and cheap sandwiches, that the people of Madrid love, alongside a glass of wine. There are also great tapas, that cost only 1.2 to 1.5 euros. A beer or glass of wine can cost only one euro each.

Besides the tapas and seafood bowls, there are great meats and hams, the star of the Madrid kitchen.

Next to all of these in the 'Museum,' there is a row of Spanish baked goods that are really delicious.

A Closer Look at the Museo del Jamon:


Another Visit:

#About the Best Steakhouse in Bucharest

If you are an avid carnivore, you have arrived at the right place. Vacamuuu Steakhouse in Bucharest is a famous place that is known for its excellent meat. In the variety of dishes and also in the quality, there is no competition in this city. A meal here is great and delicious, and is a great example of the Romanian kitchen and smoked meats.

Phone: +40-74-512-958
#About the Cafe with the Best Napoleon Cake in Budapest

If you love Napoleon Cakes (Mille-feuille), you have reached the right place. The famous cafe Roszwurm offers the best Napoleon in Budapest. So much so, that many tourists take slices of the cakes back home in boxes on their flights home.

The cafe is located on a small street across from Matthias Church on Buda Hill.

The prices here are totally reasonable.

Bon Appetite!
Sir Lancelot Medieval Restaurant
#About the Knight Restaurant of Budapest

The Sir Lancelot Medieval Restaurant is labeled as a Knight's Restaurant. The atmosphere here is of the Middle Ages, in a protected castle, with Knight customs around and armor decorating the wall. Sitting by heavy wooden tables, it is recommended to eat with your hands. Silverware, of course, has not yet been invented in the Middle Ages, only the spoon.

Around dinner there will be performances of acrobatics, fire and torches, and even amusing belly dance and in a spirit that, although not always medieval European, can be understood from the entertainment of knights in the Crusades to medieval jokers.

A visit might not provide you with a gourmet dinner, but the food is good and the experience is fun for the whole family, especially for children who love fairytales and stories about Knights.

A Little Experience at the Resturant:

Frici Papa Kifozdeje
#About the Successful and Affordable Goulash

The popular restaurant Frici Papa Kifozdeje offers a meat soup called Goulash, the best Hungarian dish there is, at a fair price, in home-made quality. You can find goulash in other restaurants, but here the prices are fair, and the goulash is excellent and homey.

The Frici Papa Kifozdeje restaurant excels in the traditional Hungarian kitchen, and maintains the simplicity and low prices. With the atmospheres of a worker's restaurant, traditional decorations, local and loyal crowd, and fast service - Frici Papa Kifozdeje offers a local and authentic experience, in the style of past times, to goulash enthusiasts and many Hungarian and European dishes.

With the culinary and pricing advantage, Frici Papa Kifozdeje in the 7th district, is not perfect. There are no options for vegetarians, no beer on tap, and platings is simple. If any of these things are important to you, try another restaurant on this app.

The Sweet
#About the Great Confectionery in the Jewish Quarter

The Sweet is a great confectionery located in the Jewish quarter in Budapest, that offers a great variety of cakes and cookies, wonderfully flavored and not any less pretty.

You will find fantastic cream cakes, Mille-feuille and layered cakes of all kinds and flavors, different mousses, and mini cakes, with an endless variety. You can eat in the shop, and there is excellent coffee as well, or look for a nice spot to sit in the park nearby, and devour the cakes like there is no tomorrow...

#About the Great Confectionery in Budapest

The Gerbeaud Confectionery is a temple of cakes in Budapest. The atmosphere in this place belongs to a different period. Though it was opened in 1858, it reminds a little of the Communist rule.

The European decorations, heavy and rich, including silk curtains, crystal chandeliers and expensive gold decorations. The place was popular among the Hungarian nobility until the 19th century. Empress Sisi, the wife of the Emperor of Franz Joseph, loved to dine here, and until today there is a drink on the menu named after her, the wonderful Sisi coffee, an espresso with a peach liquor.

The place is named after Emil Gerbeaud, one of the most famous confectioneries and most celebrated in the history of Hungary, the one who invented the Gerbeaud cake. Order the cake with the Sisi Coffe and you will be almost royal!

Today, Gerbeaud offers many cakes and baked goods, but the specialty here is without a doubt the Dobos torte- a layered caked with many layers, loaded with buttercream with chocolate between each layer of dough.

Of course, you don't have to stuff yourself with such cakes. There is a huge variety of baked goods, of all kinds and flavors. During nice weather, you can sit outside, on the terrace, and enjoy the dozens of cakes and baked goods.

Bon Appetite!

A Peek into the Confectionery:

#About the Trendy and Delicious Restaurant in the Young Boulevard

Menza is a new restaurant, very popular in Budapest, with lots of great food, not expensive prices and vibrant and retro decorations.

Menzo is located in an excellent spot, right at the trendy Franz Liszt Boulevard in Budapest.

Here we recommend the fried pastries with chicken and mushroom stuffing, the delicious Hungarian soups, and the excellent meats.

Cafe Habana
#The Special Corn in the City

Imagine a hole in the wall, and in front a long line of people waiting for...corn.

Corn!? Yes- this line is for the well-known Cafe Habana's corn, the most special corn you will taste.

This is a place that specializes in Mexican and Cuban food. They sell a variety of dishes, but the corn is definitely the shining star.

When the corn is taken off of the grill, the Habana workers give it the full VIP treatment, they coat it in Mexican Cotija cheese, roll it in spicy peppers, and squeeze lime over it. The result will leave you telling everyone you know of the experience!

A Closer Look:

Katz's Deli
Peter Luger Steak House
Gourmet Sabzi
La Cantina del 15
Ristorante Antica Torretta

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