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Cafe Einstein
Cafe Einstein
#About the Recommended Cafe Chain in Berlin

If you choose one of the luxurious Cafe Einstein locations, you will find yourself in one of the highest quality, and best cafes in Berlin.

If you navigated our app correctly, you are in the original location of the chain brand. Notice that the cafe is styled in the old Viennese style. In a completely natural way, this cafe turned out this way, with a classical Viennese style, and many Austrian dishes. You have probably already heard about the highlight - The Vienna Strudel.

#What is Here?

The Berliners see the Cafe Einstein chain as the best in town. As such, it offers a variety of coffees and teas from around the world, and many dishes that are varied and have high quality. The expertise of Einstein is without a doubt the wonderful apple strudel, next to a large Vienna schnitzel and a great cheesecake. The coffee here is not only excellent, but aromatic and tastes great, and the beer? Just great!

For dessert, you are welcome to try the royal dessert that is admired here, called Kaiserschmarrn. This is a popular dessert and is liked in all regions of the former Austro-Hungary area, a sort of pancake with jam and delicious fruits. It has different versions from different kitchens, like the Austrian, Hungarian, German, and Swedish cultures.


It's worth it to pamper yourself here, even if the prices are a little high.

The navigation in the app is located to the original Cafe Einstein, said to be the best of them all, however around the city are more branches of the cafe, including at Check Point Charlie, Alexanderplatz, and at Unter den Linden
#About Berlin’s Austrian Sestaurant with the Excellent Schnitzel

This small and popular Austrian restaurant is owned by an Austrian man named Schneller, who decided to name the restaurant after the village where he was born in Austria.

Here you can eat good food, and in some cases even rub shoulders with celebrities. There is a wide selection of wine, and friendly service. Many of the dishes are made from organic ingredients. The restaurant is known for its excellent schnitzel, but no less recommended dishes are the ‘zachar torte’ or the ‘apple strudel.’
#About the Restaurant with the Best Turkish Culinary Tastes

If you are one of those people, that when someone mentions "Turkish cuisine" near them, they right away think of bourekas or shawarma, the Defne restaurant will prove to you that Turkish cuisine contains more pleasures and flavors you have yet to know. The restaurant, is named after the Greek goddess Daphne.

Here you can sample dishes such as tomato or lentil soup, Albanian lamb liver, homemade spinach dumplings, hummus, cheese dishes, vegetarian dishes and much more. Prepare yourself for an adventure of flavors and smells.

Our recommendation?
Let the staff surprise you with the recommended dish of the day.
Max und Moritz
Max und Moritz
#About the Restaurant that is named After the Mischievous Couple

The Max and Moritz Restaurant, located in the Kreuzberg borough, is long standing, and has been operating for 100 years. Customers can taste a variety of German dishes – meats, potatoes, interesting salads and dressings. The restaurant is designed nicely, the whole place decorated with characters from the story of Max and Moritz. In the menu is also decorations with their characters.

Take special care, at the time of this writing the restaurant was not accepting credit cards.

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Must eat in Berlin

Curry 36
‪Curry 36
#About the Best Hot Dog in Berlin

The line in front of this restaurant guarantees that at Curry 36 you can find the most popular hot dog in Berlin. It’s said that the wonderful sauce is what makes it the best.

Germany is after all crazy about sausages, and it is really part of the culture and heritage. Every year, Germans eat about 800 million sausages, which means that Germans eat 1,500 bites per minute.

The specialty here is the winning German upgraded hot dog we know. It's called the "currywurst" and it's a sliced sausage, with a sauce like ketchup, but it's really not ketchup. In fact, this sauce changes from place to place and each stall prepares it in its own taste. Curry 36, say the Berliners, is the best place in town!

By the way, the story of these sauces was born after World War II, when there was no bread and therefore the curry was sold without a bun. But ketchup was not in Germany either. So, without tomatoes and no money to prepare or import real ketchup, the “currywurst” stalls invented sauces that resembled it but were different.

A Closer Look:

Good Friends
Good Friends
#About the Most Recommended Cantonese Food in Berlin

Despite the modest façade and simple interior design, "Good Friends" is the best Cantonese restaurant in Berlin. Here you can taste plenty of authentic homemade Cantonese dishes.

The restaurant has a wide variety of dishes, from "Peking Duck" to Cantonese home-cooked food. If the choice of sea cucumber and fish belly is too challenging, you can always choose standard dishes like sweet sour pork or fried rice with shrimp.

The restaurant is loved by locals as well as by Chinese immigrants.

Worth a visit to lovers of Chinese and Asian food in general.

A Closer Look:

Lily Burger
Lily Burger
#About the Hamburger Restaurant that Offers the Best Hamburger in Berlin

The best hamburger in Berlin is called "King Kong" and can be found at a restaurant called Lily Burger. This hamburger is monster sized, about 30 centimeters tall, and is mostly for those who do not strongly care about their health ... By the way, the hamburger is usually shared by several people, not eaten by one individual.

The wild additions that are added here are put straight into the hamburger chop. Try, for example, chocolate Snickers in a hamburger and you'll find out how strange your favorite hamburger can be.

Of course, for your burger you can also add all the side dishes you like or want to try, from egg to cheese. And if all this is not enough, then above the "King Kong,” they can place a Berlin donut, called "Berliner."

To be clear - the result is a sensation all over, both in the stomach and Facebook and Instagram account, because the hamburger is also very photogenic. Enjoy your meal!

A Closer Look:

Bocca di Bacco
‪Bocca di Bacco‬
#About the Great Italian Restaurant

At the restaurant Bocca di Bacco customers can sample a selection of classic Italian dishes and selected wines (Italian, German and French). The atmosphere in the restaurant is pleasant and allows for a real culinary experience. The restaurant is very popular and very sought after, because it offers a selection of classic but also more innovative dishes.

Bocca di Bacco is decorated in a modern style, clean and simple design. Note that the restaurant is very popular with local and international celebrities, so do not be shocked if you suddenly bump into one.


Important! Book in advance so you won’t be disappointed when you arrive.

A Closer Look:


Muret La Barba
Muret La Barba
#About the Unnoticeable Restaurant with Great Food

One could pass the Muret La Barba restaurant dozens of times without even noticing it. From the outside, it is difficult to understand whether it is a pub, wine store or café. To many people’s surprise, inside is hidden one of the most delicious Italian dinners you can find in Berlin.

The menu combines dishes from all of Italy. Lunch menus differs from the dinner menu, and both change weekly. Recommended dishes to try here include the pasta and risotto dishes, considered to be the restaurant’s finest food.

Small warning, service here is not top quality, however the food, will probably be top notch.
#About Berlin’s Indonesian Restaurant

During a visit to the Umami Restaurant, one can sample traditional Indonesian food made from fresh ingredients.

From the outside the restaurant will already attract your attention, mainly thanks to the colorful plants and lighting. If you decide to sit outside, you will have a view of the Prenzlauer Berg Watertower.

The interior design of the restaurant is well thought out, reminiscent of the 1950’s in Indonesia, whether you decide to sit at a table or choose to take off your shoes and sit at the small tables and cushions lying on the floor.

Please note the restaurant has plenty of vegetarian dishes.
#About the Excellent Hamburger Located In the Restroom

You have reached the Burgermeister, the Hamburger joint that has become one of the symbols of the city of recent years.

Do not be alarmed, but the building you are standing in front of was used years ago as public toilets (notice the metal sign that says "Men" still exists there). Today, you can see this place bustling to life in the hyper-atmosphere of the Kreuzberg neighborhood.

You can order your hamburger with any toppings you want - cheese, bacon, barbecue, or tofu. Be cautious, this is an excellent hamburger with equally tasty fries.

Feel free to order a hamburger and sit on one of the wooden benches. Look at the walls of the surrounding houses, which are displayed in a spectacular exhibition of graffiti and street art of the Kreuzberg neighborhood.

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ניתן לנווט בין הפריטים במגע, בעכבר, בגלגלת, או במקשי המקלדת

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