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Crama Domneasca
Crama Domneasca
#Traditional Romanian Restaurant in the Old City

The traditional Romanian restaurant will provide you with an authentic culinary experience. It is located at the heart of the old city and has a historic and mysterious atmosphere.

We recommend trying some of the traditional dishes here: lamb chops, steaks, bread, and more.

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Torna Fratre
Torna Fratre
#About the Romanian Restuarant with the Seafood

Torna Fratre is known for great and fresh seafood that it has been offering for years, as well as traditional Romanian food it excels in.

This is a place to enjoy typical Romanian dishes, like Mititei, the rice and meat rolled into cabbage leaves called Sarmale, eggplant salad, and great Ciorbă soup.

On weekends, from Wednesdays to Sundays, there are folk dancing performances with Romanian music.


Phone: +40-784-111-890
#About the Popular Restaurant with Big Dishes

Vatra restaurant is a restaurant for traditional Romanian food, located near Cișmigiu Gardens, and serving large and delicious dishes.

This is one of the best Romanian restaurants in Bucharest. This delicious restaurant is not noisy like the other more tourist-oriented restaurants in the city.

The meals here are great and should not be missed. For anyone not familiar with the Romanian kitchen, we recommend starting with Ciorbă soup, and then ordering Mititei - a fantastic Romanian kebab, and Sarmale, stuffed cabbage.

Address: Vatra, Brezoianu 23, phone: +40-21-315-8375.


We recommend ordering a table in advance.

On the weekends there are performances of Romanian folk dances.
Carul cu Bere
#About the Ancient Restaurant with the Special Dishes

Carul cu Bere looks like just a traditional beer house in the city center, but in fact it's a famous restaurant, which also offers great beer. Since it was founded in 1879 Carul is one of the most popular places among the city's local residents.

This is a very old and well-established institution that, in the 19th century, hosted the intellectuals of Bucharest, who used to sit here, think about ideas and opinions, and exchange opinions about the times, while sipping beer and eating good food.

Even today it is a pub-restaurant decorated with delicate gold decorations made of wood. The design here is neo-Gothic. Every detail here pleases the eye, from the arches and pillars of the building, through the wooden stairs, the beautiful furniture and chandeliers to the frescoes and the ceiling.

Along with the excellent beer, you can devour excellent Romanian food here, such as the stuffed cabbage and the excellent melon.

The pub-restaurant, by the way its name means "beer cart" or "beer carriage," is considered a very recommended restaurant in Bucharest. Usually there is a folk orchestra in it, which makes the stay even more pleasant.

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Must eat in Bucharest

Artist Resaurant
#About the Romanian Chef Restuarant with the Molecular Twist

The Artist restaurant is a popular place in Bucharest. The restaurant is lead by Dutch chef Paul Oppenkamp, who married a Romanian woman. The chef found himself in a country with one of the most fascination and traditional kitchens there are. He decided to open his own restaurant, right on the ground floor of a historic stone hose in Bucharest.

Today, the Artist is one of the best restaurants in Bucharest, and some would say all of Romania. Chef Paul combines traditional recipes from the Romanian kitchen with his passion - molecular cooking.

Try to let everyone try the different flavors, there is a tasting menu on small spoons. The dishes are great and colorful, and the plating has long ago become legendary in the city. And the flavors? Go and find out!


The restaurant is rather small, so reserve a spot in advance. Phone: +44-728-318-871

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#About the Best Steakhouse in Bucharest

If you are an avid carnivore, you have arrived at the right place. Vacamuuu Steakhouse in Bucharest is a famous place that is known for its excellent meat. In the variety of dishes and also in the quality, there is no competition in this city. A meal here is great and delicious, and is a great example of the Romanian kitchen and smoked meats.

Phone: +40-74-512-958
#About the Cafe

Magellan's restaurant in the old city is located in a beautiful building, well designed. Above all, this is one of the best restaurants in Bucharest.

What's good here? It begins with the great food by the creative and professional chef, as well as the fair prices, wonderful service, that knows to recommend especially good dishes, for vegetarians if needed, and give a general atmosphere of a pampering place.

This restaurant has rightly won the highest reviews from diners (from sites like TripAdvisor) and is just wonderful.

Phone: +40-749-288-588


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