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Outside Vancouver

Minter Gardens
Minter Gardens
#About the Wonderful Gardens on Mount Chime

Minter Gardens are spectacularly beautiful gardens with a different look each season and span a wide area, outside the city of Vancouver.

In the Minter Gardens there are 11 gardens, including Chinese gardens, fragrant and colorful flower gardens, thousands of tulips, colorful rose gardens, fern gardens and more.

One of the favorite attractions in these gardens is the statues of large bushes and flowers. Among the sculptured figures and shapes here you can see men and women in a variety of situations, a peacock, a Canadian flag and an amusing flower maze. Within the water-soothing gardens there are also rustling waterfalls and more.

These gardens are about 130 km from the city of Vancouver, near Chilliwack and near the Fraser River Valley. There are a few wonderful gardens in Vancouver itself, but visiting these beautiful gardens and the wonderful way to them, on one of the roads leading to the Canadian Rocky Mountains, is a trip worth making.

The colorful blossoms and spectacular design of the gardens contribute to the view of the place, and this is a lovely corner for those who love nature and flowers and a must-see place for photography enthusiasts.

Sitting on Chime Mountain:


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Ski Towns
#About the Center for Ski Lovers Around Vancouver

About 113 kilometers from Vancouver you will find Whistler, a well-known skii center, known for the excellent conditions! Whistler attracts about 2 million visitors a year, which backs up how good the mountain really is, as both a ski destination and winter vacation spot.

The skiing tracks in Whistler are considered the fastest tracks in the world, an attraction that that brings many here. This has also been the reason for many accidents and even a few deaths. Most activities here are completely safe, especially for beginningers, who learn and listen to instructions.

#What is There Here?

Whistler itself is a little cute skii town, considered a leading mountain vacation spot in North America. There are 10,000 residents, making it more of a city than a small town. Even if in the hills that surround, roads were built for the better of shuttles for skiiers, there are small lodges and cabins, a style of local building.

There are wonderful mountains here, Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain, connected by a cable car named Peak to Peak. This cable car holds a world recod, for the "Longest and Heighest Unsupported Cable Car in the World."

These two mountains are at the height of more than 2,600 meters each. In the winer visitors come here to ski and snowboard, and in summer many come here for dirt biking. Whistler has a huge skiing area, about 33 square kilometers, and 216 square kilometers of tracks and the great snowpark.

#What Can Be Seen Here?

Entertainment possibilities in this town are many and varied. Besides skiing, there are many walks around a lake, a climbing center and an option to visit the forests between Whistler and Blackcomb. You can ride on dogsleds or on snowmobiles, and travel to Eagle Lookout in Squamish.

Besides Whistler, the largest in the area and offering the most stores, restaurants and bars, there are areas of Whistler Creek and the Upper Village, closed off to cars that have great trails.

Whistler is located about 2 hours from the city of Vancouver. The drive to its goes through beautiful views and goes along the beachline, on highway 99 called Sea to Sky Highway.

#Entertainment in Whistler

In Whistler, there are things to do around the clock, especially thanks for the public transportation, that operates here at all hours of the day. Whistler offers places for après-ski, a nickname in French for the act of drinking in pubs, dancing, going to the pool, or many activites taking place in the afternoon, after a day of skiing.

At the center of the town you can find the Garibaldi Lift Company, which is chosen again and again as the best bars here, with the best après-ski in Canada.

If you are looking for different meats, together with good music and quality alcohol, turn to Dusty's Bar & BBQ at the town of Creekside.

There are stories that great and tastly nachos can be found at Merlins, a bar located at the foothill of the Blackcomb Mountain. There is also great live performences and music.

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Deep Cove Park
Deep Cove Park
#About the Natural Park with Kayaks and the Beach

Deep Cove Park, just half an hour from the center of Vancouver, is a beautiful beach village and one of the best places in the area. This is a natural area located on the eastern edge of North Vancouver and is one of the best places in the area for hiking, nature activities and kayaking, canoe and pedal boats.

The entire area is picturesque and enchanting. Even if you find it difficult to buy a house in the village itself, whose houses are the most expensive in Canada, the surrounding landscape is free, spectacular and inviting for green and blue walks.

Deep Cove's sandy beach is not big but it's fun to swim in. Along it there is a paved path, the dock of Deep Cove and in the middle of the marina.

Deep Cove Village Center is a one block street with restaurants, cafes and ice cream. Here we can drink and eat.


Along the coastline there are also some nice parks, which often take place on Friday nights, during the summer season, there are free music performances.

A good meal is worth ordering at the excellent Arms Reach Bistro.

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A View from Above:


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Lynn Canyon Park
#About the Wonderful Place for a Hot Summer Day

Lynn Canyon Park, in northern Vancouver, is in the mountains, about half an hour's drive from the city center. It has a number of very nice walking trails within the forest, a small waterfall, a nice pool and a nice ecological center.

There is a bridge that was built in 1911, and crosses the canyon. After that, a walking path begins between the trees, which reaches to the pleasant pool. From the days of the small pool here, it is pure and cold and you can splash and swim. Some jump, but watch out.

Lynn Canyon is a great place to spend a family outing with the children on a hot summer day. This is a great place for a morning or afternoon break and is only a 10-minute walk from the bridge. In fact, just after the hanging bridge over the deep ravine, there is a dark forest full of moss and ferns. It has organized walking paths, leading to various charming and amiable corners.

Entrance to Lynn Park is free and so is the parking. It is no less impressive than the Capilano Park, which is always full of visitors and goes up quite a bit. Therefore, Lynn Park is known in Vancouver as a charming place and an excellent solution for family entertainment in nature, which is neither crowded nor required.

#What Will You See Here?

Lynn Canyon is a park with natural woodland and waterfalls.

Among the popular spots in Lynn Canyon Park are:

Lynn Bridge - this suspension bridge is 50 meters above the canyon with a flowing river, which also creates various waterfalls.

Twin Falls - two waterfalls near the suspension bridge. Above them is a wide bridge. Watching them is beautiful and you can also enter the water, but slightly below.

Thirty Foot Pool - this swimming pool and bathing area are a popular swimming area in the water, with the measure of pool width rather than depth.

Baden-Powell Trail - crosses the canyon in the center. It's a long, neat trail that passes through many points along British Columbia. Even in the park here, walking along it is recommended. The trail passes through the hanging bridge and other points in the park.


Lynn Canyon is a great place for the warm days.

Admission is free and parking is free of charge.

There are great hiking trails here for lovers of walking.

A map of the park can be requested in the small information center at the entrance. It opens at 10:00 am. You can also try to download a map of the park from the site.

A Closer Look:


And its hanging bridge:


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